Why I Want To Be Bad 29







“You know say you no need fear anything or anybody for this school abi?” Skinny asked. He was sipping directly from a bottle of beer as he spoke.


“But what if the workers at the hotel decide to talk?” I asked. That was my major concern, I have heard so many stories about Nigerian prison and that’s not a place someone should look forward to.


He laughed one of those sinister laughter evil people laugh when they see their evil plans taking place without a hitch.


“No worry about that one babe,” he said coldly.


I decided that maybe he was right and I was just over reacting. I stood up to go to the kitchen to get a beer and just as I came back to have my seat Skinny took a glance at his wrist watch and suddenly remembered he had somewhere he had to be.


I was so relieved that he was finally about to leave.


“Take my number, you go need am,” he suggested before going on the call the eleven digits.


Once he had made me dial the number so that he too would have my number he was gone.


I walked to the table and dropped the scissors I had placed in my back pocket.


Once again I was all alone in my house.


It was evening already, I did not even notice when time went by so fast and I noticed the Whatsapp messages had stopped coming so my phone insistent buzzing had stopped. I could not be more thankful.


I scanned through the messages quickly and learnt that the police had finally controlled and dispatched the crowd. Two students and one police were fatal victims of the riot. Apparently the riot had turned into a war as students who had guns started shooting back at the police, they had to call for reinforcements and once the reinforcements came hundreds of people got injured in the process but eventually the police had dispersed the crowd.


I was sad because of the death of those students and I knew staying at home would only make me think endlessly and maybe make me to start to panic again so I decided to go out and do something fun to get my mind of the issues that burdened it.


I wore a jean and a top before I left my house.


I almost ran into Mary-Anne as I walked out of my house in a rush, I could barely breath in there.


“Are you going out?” Mary-Anne asked.


“Kinda. What’s up? Were you coming to see me again?”


“Sorta… I’m bored to the teeth and trying not to think about certain things.”


“Well, that makes us two. I’m going to look for somewhere to chill as well in an attempt to run away from my thoughts.”


She chuckled, “can I tag along?”


I thought about it, I could really use some company. “Sure,” I said excitedly.


She watched me locked my door and then we both walked out of the compound.


At first I was not sure of where we should go to but then I some girls walked pass us looking all flashy and that gave me an idea.


I stopped a cab that was about to zoom pass us and directed the guy to take us to a fairly popular lounge around school.


As we drove pass school area, the air was still a bit choking probably due to the tear gas that was released in the area and the road looked like somewhere a serious war had happened. This sight saddened me.


We got to the lounge few minutes later and I was glad to see that the riot had not stopped people from turning up as we were welcomed by a burst of extremely loud music.


The atmosphere was electric as people danced all over the place to a reigning Nigerian pop song.


I looked around for somewhere to sit and noticed that all the couches were taken so we had to manage the stools at the bar.


“You drink alcohol right?” I asked Mary-Anne. I had to literally scream into her ears before she could hear me, all thanks to the massive speakers.


She nodded I response so I went on to order for a bottle of Vodka, a drink Maxwell had thought me to love.


I took poured a shot into Mary-Anne’s glass and then poured in mine.


“Why don’t you propose a toast?” Mary-Anne asked me.


I thought about it and then smiled as I figured out the perfect toast, “we drink to a night where all our problems, whatever they might be are forgotten.”


We clinged our glasses before downing the contents in one quick gulp. I filled our glasses once again and downed the contents again but Mary-Anne was probably not as excited as me as she didn’t rush the second glass but that was not my problem, the goal was to get drunk as fast as possible.


“So tell me, what’s on your mind that you don’t want to think about it?” I asked after downing my third shot.


“I’ll rather not talk about it,” She replied.


“Let me guess, boyfriend issues?” I pushed on, I knew that’s the only thing girls like Mary-Anne thought about.


“Kinda,” she replied rather reluctantly.


“Maxwell or Henry?” I asked. I knew those why the only two guys she had things with. I figured that out when she was at the hospital.


“I’m not sure of what exactly you are asking me here,” she replied as she took her second shot.


“I know that you are fucking both of them,” I blurted totally forgetting she was not supposed to know I knew about her and Henry.


Damn you alcohol!


She instantly became pale. She poured some vodka into her cup and drank it all, “how do you know that?” She finally asked.


“Because I and Maxwell used to fuck although we stopped a long time ago and won’t mind fucking Henry as well, so tell me, what’s he like in bed?” I replied. The alcohol was clearly taking effect.


I had obviously struck a nerve as she became more pale and then went on to take three straight shots of vodka totally emptying the bottle in the process


“Bartender bring another bottle,” she instructed then looked at me mutely for a while before replying, “he’s a beast in bed!” She exclaimed.


We both bursted out in laughter. That was so unexpected from her.


“So what’s the problem?” I asked her when we had collected ourselves.


“Maxwell found out about my one night stand with Henry and refuses to forgive me. I love the guy so it’s driving me crazy,” she explained.


“How did he find out?”


“I don’t know o, I guess he saw something suspicious and then asked me if its true so I told him the truth.”


“Babe I must say, I used to think you are some kind of loner but it turns out you are a nasty bitch, we would make really good friends,” I suggested.


“It’s not like that jhur, the Henry thing was an accident!” She lamented.


“So you just tripped and fell on his dick right?” I laughed.


“That’s exactly the question Maxwell asked me when I told him it was a mistake,” she said, “I just mean that I did not exactly plan to do what I did.”


Before I could reply, a guy, dark skinned with no single strand of hair on his head walked up to me and asked if I cared to dance with him. He was so handsome and he’s baritone voice made it impossible to turn down the offer.


He took my hands and led me to the dance floor. I staggered a bit and nearly fell but his hands were there to save me.


“Seems you’ve drank quite a lot?” he rhetorically asked, “You don’t have to bother dancing with me if it would be too much work.”


“Nah, I’m fine,” I said as I gained back my stamina. He was too handsome for me to reject the offer to dance with him.


“Well, show me what you’ve got,” he said as he spanned me around and came closer to me, o could feel his breath on my neck as he exhaled.


His hands started wandering and for some reasons I did not want that just yet so I grabbed both his hands and pushed him to the wall where I went down on him. As my arse caressed his laps, I could feel his rod get erect, just as I had expected.


“Do you want to go somewhere more private?” he whispered in my ears.


“Sure,” I said. People naturally do not make the best decisions when they are drunk.


He took my hands and led me out of the lounge down to the car park where his car, a 2015 Range Rover Autobiography stood out amongst other cars. I had hit the jackpot!


I hopped in without taking second thoughts and he drove off without saying a word to me.


We drove for a while and I was starting to worry where he was taking me when he suddenly pulled to a halt right in the middle of the road.


“Your name is Amaka right?” he asked.


I could not remember telling him my name. “How do you know that?” I asked all surprised.


“I work for the Nigerian secret service and I think you have some information concerning the murder of one of your school lecturers.”


I immediately started regretting my decision to leave my house.




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