Why I Want To Be Bad 34







A wise man once said; One of the most effective ways to know if you are on the right path to achieving something great is by accessing the challenges you encounter in the process. If there are many obstacles then you are probably on the right path and vice versa, ceteris paribus. Granted, this assumption is not always accurate but many at times it is.


If the statement above can be used as a yardstick for my current predicament, I’ll say my sleep is very important. How else can you explain why something always seems to come up whenever I try to sleep?


The information I happened to have just gotten access to was however very important as well. Apparently my roommate and closest friend was a killer and I do not even mean that in the literal sense. He actually fuck-ng killed a human being with his own hands… well, not exactly with his hands but does that really make much difference?


That was not quite the kind of news one would look forward to hearing about his closest friend but as it happened to be my case the unasked question was what was I going to do about it? I clearly had two options since I was already involved whether I liked it or not; I could be a good citizen and report the revelation to the police or I could be a good friend and stick with Henry. I had decided to go with the latter.


Having made my decision, we needed a plan just to make sure we did not end up in a prison cell. But to device an effective plan, we needed to have access to all the data and that posed a problem as the details were still a bit shaky. We could not be entirely sure if the self-acclaimed secret service agent was indeed what he claimed to be and if he was, how much he knew and his true motives. Also the question of how many other people had useful knowledge concerning Agbaya’s death was something we needed to find out


As our facts were still very rusty I had advised both Henry and Amaka to simply lay low while we await further contact which I was sure was bound to come eventually.


Having crossed that hurdle I was faced with another, Amaka.


I am a hopeless romantic and what that entails for me is that if I ever catch feelings for you, I will always have a soft spot for you.


I really was just trying to be a nice guy by offering the big bed to Amaka even though I sure as hell needed the bed more than her but it had been a while we spent quality time together and it took a little bit time apart for me to realise I was more into Amaka than I had thought.


“Good night babe,” she said to me as we laid on the bed.


Hearing her call me babe after so long sent shivers down my spine. She was the only one who called me that and sure made me happy, plus she was drama free.


Damn! I’ve miss this girl, I thought as I threw my arms over her hips. She sure was still as curvy as my memory serves me.


“Good night Sarah,” I said. I found out her name was Sarah a while ago when I saw it written boldly on one of those big green files our school gave every student once you did your clearance, it usually contained her school documents, Letter of Attestation, Affidavit and stuffs like that.


She was namesakes with my mother so that alone made it stick and at the same time, I used the name to store her number on phone.


“Sleep tight,” she whispered.


She had clearly not changed her brand of deodorant as she still smelled the same way I had always love. I placed my lips on her neck and kissed her, my eyes closed subconsciously. She did not react or move so I was not quite sure if I should continue. I did not want to give her the wrong impression but what really was the wrong impression anyway?


I decided to push my luck. I went on and kissed her ear, she confessed to me that that always turned her on. It was her weird fetish. She moaned lightly and waited a bit before she turned to face me. Even as there was little light in the room, I could feel her eyes searching mine for something.


I leaned closer to her and locked my lips on hers, she was still for a bit but finally she kissed me back.


As we kissed, I felt her hands slide to my back and she pulled me closer to her. She kissed me more desperately.


As we kissed, she slipped her hands down, in between my legs and slowly grabbed my crotch. I shrugged. She started caressing it and I could feel a sensation as my feeble manliness was slowly getting erect.


Suddenly she stopped and for a few seconds I did not feel her but then I felt as she slipped her hand under my boxer-shorts. She search for the shaft and pulled it out anxiously like she had always been waiting to do that.


She started stroking it, I moaned with each stoke and was starting to worry that Henry would be woken up. She broke free from my lips and pushed my back down furiously. She went on her kneels and bent over until her lips met with my rod. She kissed the cap and then licked it all the way down. She went on to repeat the action till she had tasted every spot. By this time my manliness has stretched to full length.


She stroked the shaft a couple of times before letting it slide down her mouth and started sucking it as she maintained a rhythmic strokes. I felt like I had been taken from this world to another. If heaven was a feeling then this was definitely it.


You know when you want something so bad but the feeling of guilt just won’t let you be? That was how I felt as thoughts of Funmi started flooding my head.


“Please stop,” I weakly whispered.


She continued. Stroking and sucking even more, the protruding veins on my manliness were pulsating in response.


“Amaka, please stop,” I reluctantly said with my eyes tightly closed. I sure as hell did not mean a word I said. The flesh was indeed willing but the spirit was at crossroads.


I placed my hands under her jaw and raised her head, freeing my manliness in the process.


“I want you! I really do, I swear but I just can’t.” I said as her brown eyes stared at me. “I’m sorry.”


She shrugged of my hand and then laid back on the bed, returning back to her former sleeping position, “No, I am sorry,” she said.



The next morning a knock at the door woke us up from sleep.


“Who be this idiot wey dey knock for person house this kain early moor moor,” Henry murmured as he stood up to open the door. I and Amaka stared at him curiously.


“Abeg check who e be before you open o,” I suggested. The last thing we needed was some unwanted person storming into the house unexpectedly, I had the secret service agent in mind.


Henry nodded in response and peeped through the peep hole. As he saw who it was, he walked to wardrobe and quickly wore a shirt before he opened the door.


“Boogie abeg no vex say I no bring the kappa yesterday,” I heard the person plead. “I been no get rubbers to reach your side.”


“Souja boy, you dey mad o, you wan dey try me abi?” Henry asked.


“Boogie no be so, dem never born my papa well to try you, I swear say na just this morning wey I raise money to come here,” he said.


Henry stared at him for a few seconds the sighed, “Where the kappa?” he asked.


The person stretched forward a phone and handed it over to Henry. “Na him be this, I even charge am full,” he said.



Henry snatched the phone from his hands. “I don tell you make you stop to dey obtain people anyhow for road but you no wan hear. Our two go get serious problem if I hear say you obtain person again o,” Henry warned.


“I don hear you,” Souja boy replied and stretched forward his hand to anchor Henry, Henry took the hand in his and said something I did not quite hear before he locked the door.


Henry walked towards the bed and threw the phone at me, “if you like, loose guard again,” he said.


Before I could reply another knock was heard at the door.


“Wetin this bastard want again na?” Henry asked as he went back to open the door thinking it was Souja Boy once again but he was wrong.


Standing at the door with her four inches heels was Tonia.


“Hello Henry,” she said.






It all felt so surreal to me. How can you go to see a guy and he runs away, leaving you at the mercy of uniformed men with big gun. Whatever happened to gentleman-ism?


“Stop there!” The fair man screamed as he leaned over to grab Tunji but he missed by an inch. He tripped in the process.


Kpa Kpa!!! I heard the loud sound of a gun roar in my ears. My eyes were on Tunji so I saw as he froze in his steps and quickly bent over as if he was expecting a third shot. I got to learn that this uniformed men are a lot faster than they look as the dark one sprung towards Tunji and cleared his feet off the floor in a flash, Tunji lost his stamina in the process and fell with a loud thud, he almost hit his head on a lone stone.


He further went on to start kicking Tunji and the fair one joined him almost immediately.


“Oga abeg! My head! Ah! My leg! Abeg no vex!” Tunji pleaded as the black boots continuously got registered on his body.


“Thunder fire you! You. Wan. Use. Your. Papa. Mate. Play. Shey?” The dark one said, punctuating each word with a kick.


“Okay oga abeg no vex, make we talk, make we reason,” Tunji said.


“You get five hundred thousand naira to talk?” the fair one asked as he bent over to slap Tunji with his back hand.


Ayo chuckled at this point reminding me that she was still at my side. “Oga beat am well well for me,” she said.


I laughed as I watched her dramatically said swing her hands twice as she said well –well.


“Senior man, abeg no follow her mouth,” Tunji pleaded, “make we talk na.”


The fair one raised a clenched fist and was about to punch Tunji when the dark one held his partners hand and calmed him down. “Make we hear wetin hin wan talk,” he said.


The fair one glared at Tunji as he laid on the floor all bruised, “Na God save you today say Aburo dey here o, I for waste you now now,” he spat at Tunji.


The dark one offered Tunji a hand to assist him stand up, “if you like no talk well, this my friend ready break your head for here as e dey so.”


They pulled Tunji back to the truck holding him firmly on his belt. I and Ayo walked closer and the fair own turned around to ask, “Wetin una still dey do here na, gerrahia!” he barked. I wondered if he was always this angry as we hopped back to my house.


I got home to see I had three missed calls and two text messages from Yaba-Tech and Maxwell respectively.


I read the text first and found out that school had uploaded a new adjusted academic calendar on their website. I quickly visited the website and I first saw an article where the school management denied the death of any student even though other reliable sources had stated otherwise with pictures as proof, they also said that each student was going to pay a rather ridiculous fine for the damages. From the calendar, I gathered that school was going to resume in two days with exams starting at exactly a week later. Great Yaba-Tech!


I was far from ready for the examinations but did not want to think much about it just yet so I went on to read Maxwell’s text message.


Hey sweets, I’m really sorry about what you saw the other day but I have a very good explanation. I have something really important to discuss with you so please call me as soon as possible.






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