Why I Want To Be Bad 35

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I was so glad that Maxwell did not eventually f-ck Amaka. If konji kills then that would have been pure suicide for me because I was fully aware of what was going on between their two but as Maxwell was my man and I did not want to spoil his show, I decided to play dead and not move so that they would not be discouraged.

Maxwell, although he would rather die than accept it is a player. He is not just any player but that kind of player that your best player aspires to be. How he juggles three girls at the same time almost smoothly baffles me. I had just one girl, Tonia, on my radar and I could not imagine myself adding another girl to the list.

I don’t think I have ever addressed the Mary-Anne incident so let me tell you guys that what happened between I and her was not my intention really. I was just trying to be a nice guy to my roommate’s girlfriend and got carried away. She is a whor-e and chances are that she does not even know that, but I do because why else did she not stop me when I made advances at her knowing fully well that she had a boyfriend who loves her.

Well enough of my past conquest and let’s talk about my perfect morning where the love of my life appears at my doorstep.

“Hello Henry,” Tonia said.

“Tonia!” I exclaimed in shock, she was the last person I expected to see at the door. “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” she asked with her eyes wide open, “Okay oh, I’m sorry I came,” she said and turned to leave but I quickly grabbed her hands.

“You know what I mean,” I said and then pull her closer to me, “I know I pissed you off by saying things I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry but after calling you consistently but being ignored you should understand my surprise seeing you here.”

“Well I thought about it and decided that maybe we were both just having a bad day,” she said.

“So you thought about me?” I asked grinning.

“Don’t let it get into your head,” she rolled her eyes.

I laughed, “Don’t be shy to admit it, you are not the first to catch feelings for me,” I winked as I pulled her into the house.

“In your dreams,” she replied.

As we walked into the house, I saw that only Maxwell was left on the bed.

“Where’s Amaka,” I asked. He pointed to the bathroom.

“Hi,” Tonia said to Maxwell, “Good morning.”

“So you have fallen into Henry’s web?” he asks her.

“Web? I don’t understand.” She replied.

“You ordered him not to call you ever again and ignore his calls only to surprisingly appear here this kain early morning,” he explains, “the only explanation for that is you have fallen for him and can’t get your mind off him.”

She smiles, “I don’t know what you are talking about o.”

“Of course you do,” he said and pulled the wrapper over his whole body. “I’m off to dreamland,” he said as he turned to back us.

“Lazy motherf-cker, your mate don dey farm dey plant yam, you dey here dey sleep like mumu,” I say as I pulled Tonia to the balcony.

I offered her the chair while I sat on the paint bucket.

She looks at the floor and sees ash littered all over with the empty bottle of vodka, she shakes her head and asks, “Do human beings live here or chimneys?”

I laughed. “A lot happened last night,” I replied.

“What happened?” she asked with keen interest.

I consider telling her how Amaka came to my place in the middle of the night to slap me because she was approached by the government over the murder of a man I arranged. Nah! Can’t tell her that, I conclude.

“It all history now and besides, I don’t want to bore you with the details,” I replied and keep quiet for a second before adding, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Go on,” she urges me on.

“What exactly are we?” I asked, “Are we dating already or what?”

My question seemed to have hit her as a surprise because she stared at me vaguely for the next one minute before she collects herself and finally say something, “Do you want us to date?” she asked.

“I really like you, and it’s pretty obvious you like me as well. I think we would make a cute couple,” I replied.

“That does not answer the question,” she said.

“To answer your question I will need to understand your definition of the word ‘date’.”

“You like too much talk oh,” she sighed and I laugh. “How many definitions does dating want to have again na?”

“Dating means different things to different people, what I want to understand is what it entails to you so I would know if I want to do that with you,” I smartly explain.

My reply makes her think for a while. “Dating me basically entails loving and taking care of me,” she said and pauses before she quickly adds, “And it also entails not getting blindly angry at me so that you don’t end up saying things that you don’t mean.”

I think about what she just said and then ask, “So in other words, dating you is all about you you and you alone. My own feelings are irrelevant?”

She giggles, “You know same rules applies to me.”

“In that case my answer to your question is yes, I would love to date you,” I replied with a smile. “I expect you feel the same way, right?”

She shyly nods and stares deeply in my eyes.

“Some people are trying to sleep here so can you guys should kiss already so we can all move on with our lives?” Maxwell say from inside the room. Turns out he was eavesdropping all along.

We both chuckle and I try to lean forward to kiss her but the distance between us makes that impossible. So I stand up, pulling her up in the process and our lips collides. For those few seconds, everything seemed to perfect but we were cut short by the voice of someone I had no idea was still in the house.

“So you to can love?” Amaka asked me and then turns to Tonia, “I’ll advice you to run away from this guy because nothing good can come out from dating him,” she said and then storms out of the house without even waving at Maxwell.

Tonia gave me the ‘explain yourself’ look.



I was starting to regret my decision to ignore seeing Ebuka enter a car that was being driven by a guy that looked like the same guy who had taken Amaka out of the club.

Something fishy was going on and seeing the both of them sit across the table side by side was proof of that. I should have suspected something was out of place as Ebuka was really pushy and unnecessarily trying to be nice to me.

I guess the thought of him just wanting to get to know me better was what made me see the signs. His persistence was not normal. Guys don’t usually take a girl’s number the night before and call her early in the morning to buy her breakfast. They usually give it a little time so as not to see desperate and if we like the guy, we girls just play along and act like we don’t see their little tricks. So I pinched myself for not sensing something was different about Ebuka earlier.

“Ebuka, what’s going on here?” I asked sternly.

“Miss Mary-Anne please calm down, you have no reason to be worried. My name is David, I work for the NSS and I have an offer for you,” the bald guy said.

“What’s NSS?” I asked.

“Nigerian Secret Service,” Ebuka quickly replied.

“I don’t understand what’s happening here, have I done anything wrong?” I ask a bit relaxed to knowing the answer to my question was negative.

“No you haven’t,” David replied. “But I need you help to solve a case.”

“Which case?” I ask mostly out of curiosity.

“The gruesome murder of one of your lecturers, I believe he was popularly known as Agbaya amongst you students,” he replied.  “Did you know the man?”

Of course I knew him, everybody in the school knew him! He was legendary for his several affairs with female students. Even his fellow lecturers knew of his escapades but no one called him to order so his death was very much welcomed as he was a nightmare for most students.

“I think I do,” I replied. “How am I supposed to help you though? I never came in contact with the man so I don’t know anything that can help you.”

“You know a lot than you think you do,” David said.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“You are friends with one of our suspects,” Ebuka replied.

This revelation shocked me.

“Who?” I asked.

Ebuka turns to look at David for confirmation, he gets a nod.

“Amaka,” he plainly replied.

For a few seconds, I let the information register in my head and then burst out in laughter. The both stare at me looking all serious.

“Am I being pranked here?” I asked chuckling, “where are the cameras?” I search around for the lens.

“This is no prank,” David replied, “We have solid reason to think that she either murdered the victim or have information that would help us to find who did.”

I laugh more, “You have to kidding me!” I exclaimed, “Amaka is a lot of things but a killer is not one of them!”

“That’s where you are wrong, we all have killer tendencies and it takes the right combination of motivation, timing and victim to bring it out,” David calmly said.

He was too serious to be joking here, I decided to just give a little benefit of doubt and hear his perspective.

“Okay then humour me. What makes you think she’s a murderer?” I ask.

“We know she was at the hotel as at the time the victim was there and we also know the victim was forcefully hitting on her so that accounts for the motive,” he replied.

For a moment I actually reason that maybe David was right and Amaka is a killer but I just couldn’t picture her butchering a human being.

“I’m sure many other people were at the hotel at the same time Amaka was and if at all he was hitting on her then I am glad he was killed,” I said and then pick up my bag to leave, “you are chasing ghosts and I cant help you,” I said and stand up to leave the table.

“Mary-Anne please don’t be stubborn. Just hear us out!” Ebuka pleaded.

“Thanks for the meal and what are you doing with such company anyway?” I asked.

“Agbaya might have deserved to die but I don’t think that was a decision just anybody could have made, so I just want to see justice served the proper way,” he said.

“Suit yourself and don’t call me again,” I replied.

“In case you change your mind, here is my card,” David gives me a card and I snatch it from his hands before I take of.

“Don’t worry, she will call,” I faintly hear David say with so much confidence.

I wonder why he thinks so.



Having read Maxwell’s text message, I tired calling him several times but his number was not reachable so I gave up.

The text seemed so truthful and had made me curious as to how he planned on explaining kissing some other chick after he confessed he had feelings for me.

I was not mad anymore at him so I was ready to hear his explanation.

“Can you imagine that bastard wanted to leave us and run away o?” Ayo asked as we sat on the dinning table eating food that I had cooked. Greg had gone to school and my parents were at work so it was just two of us in the house.

“When I used to tell you that that guy was fake and had no true feelings for you, you thought I did not know what I was saying shey?”

“I never expected that from him, I wish the police lock him up in a cell and not accept bribe sef,” she said.

I laugh, “na this our Nigerian police you dey talk about? I’m sure Tunji is at his house smoking weed with those two policemen as we speak.”

She sighs out of frustration as she sees the truth in my comment. “If it was Ghana eh, they might still take bribe too but would make sure the guy bankrupts after that,” she said.

“Well, this is not Ghana,” I replied.

We eat in silence for a while before I think of another information to pass to Ayo.

“We are going back to school tomorrow after church,” I said.

“Why na? Have your school called off the strike?” She asked.

“Yes o, exams have been pushed nearer sef maybe to punish us for the riot,” I inform her.

“Okay oh, no wahala. I no even like this area again.”

“Because your sweet heart is not so sweet after all shey?” I teased, referring to Tunji.

“Na you sabi,” she plainly replied.

I was about to tease her further but the door bell stopped me.

I opened the door and saw Susan standing there.

“Good afternoon, please is Greg around?” She asked.

I feel Ayo eyes staring at my back so I turn to look at her, “tell her to come inside,” she mouths at me.

“Come inside,” I instructed her.

She walked into the house and saw Ayo so she greets her as well.

Ayo stood up from her chair and pulled out another chair from the dinning table.

“Good afternoon Susan, come and have a seat. We need to talk,” She said.



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