Why I Want To Be Bad 36







Seeing Henry’s love life blossom irrespective of all that was going on was all the motivation I needed to make contact with Funmi. So I called her phone but she did not pick, I reasoned she was still pissed at me so I sent her a text message.


Hey sweets, I’m really sorry about what you saw the other day but I have a very good explanation. I have something really important to discuss with you so please call me as soon as possible.


I received a message almost immediately and was so happy that she had at least replied, only for me to open the text message and see it was actually from Henry, the message was simple and plain as it had just three words in it; Abeg comot room.


On reading the text message I waited for exactly four minutes, yes! I timed myself, before I finally made a comment.


“Guy, I wan quickly reach Ray J side. I wan go reason am unto that stuff wey we been talk about,” I said to Henry as I threw a shirt over my body while standing at the front of the mirror. I noticed my abs were not as sharp as they used to be.


In reality, I was not going to Ray J’s house and I most definitely did not talk about anything that concerns Ray J with Henry but I said it anyway and I will tell you why.


Just incase you are thinking maybe it was because of the difference in our rent let me clarify that by stating that we both paid equal halves of the rent so nether of us had an upper hand in that aspect.


However, I left for just two reasons.  Firstly, the sacred unwritten Bro Code states that if one bro is about to get ‘some’ and another bro is obstructing this progress, the ‘another bro’ is expected to stop the obstruction with immediate effect without arousing the girl’s suspicion. Secondly and most importantly, I needed to talk to Funmi in person as she had refused to pick my call or reply my text message.


I left the house once I had sprayed my Explore body spray, it had been my preferred brand for years.


I climbed downstairs to Funmi’s door really feeling optimistic but my heart was broken after I knocked for a while and had to accept the fact that she was not home.


Where could this girl have gone to? I thought sadly.


So now, I was stuck outside the house with no legit plan of where to go nor what to do so I sat on the staircase and started browsing random websites, mostly Wikipedia though as I like to learn about new stuffs.


Being forced to sit on the staircase taught me two things, firstly, I did not have much friends in the lodge and i noticed there were more people living in the lodge than I thought as I had to reply almost a million greetings from the people that passed me.


I was getting uncomfortable as more people kept on passing and forcing me to keep on adjusting in the process, in my plight to look for something better to do, a silly idea popped in my head.


I decided to fulfil my promise and call Mary-Anne.


“Hello, are you home?” I asked as she picked the call instantly.


“Not really, but I will be in about five minutes, what’s up?” She asked.


“Okay, good. I’m on my way to your place now so hurry up,” I hung up.


I had initially planned on not honouring my promise but you see what they mean when they say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop?


I got to her house minutes later and just like she was a psychic, she opened the door just as I was about to knock.


“You can be creepy sometimes,” I said as I walked pass her into her all too familiar house.


She laughed, “I saw you enter the gate through my window and when I heard footsteps walk towards my door I figured it was you,” she explained.


I nodded and sat on her bed.


She locked the door and chose the chair as a more suitable spot for her to sit.


“So what’s up?” She asked.


“Nothing much. Good afternoon by the way,” I replied.


“Good afternoon,” she replied, “You know I wasn’t really expecting you to actually call me.” She rolled her eyes.


She was right to think that but since I had called anyway I decided to play along, “I am a man of my words, you should never doubt me,” I said.


She chuckled, “yeah, right!” She exclaimed sarcastically.


I laughed, apparently she knew me a lot better than I thought.


“So now that I am here, what now?” I asked, moving on.


“Well, for starters I think I owe you an apology for kissing you just like that the other day,” she started to say. “I don’t know what came over me to make me think that kissing you would wipe my slate clean.”


“It’s cool,” I replied plainly.


“And I also know no amount of apology is enough for what happened between me and Henry,” she stood up and knelt before me placing her palms on my lap, “but I really hope you would find a place in your heart to forgive me.”


“Please let’s just leave that gist,” I replied. I was getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.


“Maxwell, I want you back,” she looked up to my face and I saw a drop of tear roll down her face.


Crocodile tears, I thought.


“Mary-Anne I’m sorry but that ship already sailed. Let’s just be friends,” I offered so she would just let it go. It seemed like we were just going in circles and I was starting to get irritated.


“I don’t want to be just friends with you, I can’t live with that,” she replied, tears were rolling more freely now.


Usually, tears, especially hers used to mean so much to me but watching her cry now was just plain irritating. Why was she being so fake?


“Maybe Henry was right after all when he said you are just a bitc-h,” I said angrily hoping that would make her realise that whatever I had for was long dead.


“After literally seducing me, Henry had the guts to call me a bitc-h?” She asked drying her tears with the back of her palm.


“That’s not what is important here,” I said, “You and I are over. I only came here just to fulfil my promise and now I’ve done that, can I leave?” I asked regretting my decision to call her in the first place.


She took was quiet for a bit, took a deep breath then stood up and went to open the door.


“Yes, you can leave!” She yelled.


I was surprised as I did not expect it to be so easy but I stood up and left her house.


I stopped at the door and looked at her, searching for the best last words I could say but she looked away.


I deeped my right hand in my pocket and walked away.






Someone once described love as a rollercoaster, in her words she said ‘love is like being on the best rollercoaster ride ever. In the very beginning, you climb in and think ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this, what the hell was I thinking, maybe this isn’t such a good idea, blah, blah, blah’ except at some point, it’s too late for backing out because you’re moving. And you’re climbing and then spinning and looping all crazy and the thoughts are that you’re pretty sure you’re going to survive because how many deaths are there, really, from people falling out of rollercoasters? But you don’t really know because you never really paid too much attention to rollercoaster fatality statistics because you weren’t into riding rollercoasters. Until now. And every twist and hairpin turn is exciting and you realize you’re enjoying every scary minute and you start to just let go and trust…no, you start to truly believe…that you’re definitely going to make it. Except there’s always that ‘gotcha’ turn when the bottom drops out and your stomach lurches, but then you’re back flying again and you’re laughing your head off because you made it and you’re alive and this is all the most real stuff there is. And the ride begins to slow just a little bit, and the turns and twists are more like echoes of the stomach-turning ones from before, but you’re okay with that. You’re okay with everything. And  you’re pulling into the place where you started from, smiling, happy, enriched, and knowing you’re right where you always wanted to be.’


I totally agree with her because staring at Tonia, I felt every bit that way.


I stood up and went to the kitchen to drink some water and by the time I turned around, Tonia was at my back. She was wearing flat sandals, short jean shorts with her pockets below the hem, and a tight tank top revealing her amazing curves


“Shit!” I exclaimed in shock, “you scared the living hell out of me.”


“Why would you be scared when you know its just the both of us in the house?” She asked.


“I didn’t hear you follow me,” I replied.


“You know that now we are dating, I must warn you.”


“Warn me? Hmm… Should I be scared?”


“That depends on if you break my heart or not,” she replied. “So I recommend that you make the right decision.”


I laughed, “Are you threatening me?” I asked as I walk closer, towering over her so as to look more intimidating.


“If that’s what you want to call it,” she replied and pushed me away backwards. “I know you are taller than me, you do not have to flaunt it.”


I walk forward and grab her arm, pulling her close to me, letting her feel how hard I was getting and just how much he wanted her. “You know no one threatens me and goes scot free?” I ask as I raise her head and kiss her nose.


“So what are you going to do about it?” she asked.


“You want to know what I would do about it?” I asked raising her head, trying to level it with mine.


She looks at me with desire in her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. She was about to press against my lips, both of our mouths open, close enough to capture our warm minty breath. Just as she was about to press against me, I placed a hand around her throat and pushed her back to the ground. I got on top of her pinning her hands above her head, kissing her lips, and sucking on her tongue. I moved my hand off her throat and pushed it up under her shirt feeling her perfect perky tits as I kissed her causing her to squirm. I moved her back slightly and tied her hands down to stakes that were in the ground then ripped her shirt off of her grabbing her tits. I went down on her chest biting and sucking her perky nipples as they tripled in size. Her screams and moans heard only by the two of us.


I reached down and unbutton her shorts sliding them down her legs as my fingers rub over her moist pussy. I unbutton my trousers as she lay restrained on the ground and I pressed the tip of my throbbing cock on her tight wet pussy. Pressing against her I rub my cock over her wetness getting the tip of my cock wet enough to penetrate her. I finally thrust in her, penetrating her wet pussy. My cock filling her and stretching her as her body began to relax from the amazing pressure and feeling of my big cock. I lean forward pumping my hips into her as my mouth latched on to her nipples, biting her hard as she screams. As my teeth pull her nipples away from her body, her screams continues from my thick long hard cock thrusting harder and deeper into her. She begins pushing back into me rolling her hips towards me loving how good I felt deep inside her.


Her screams transitions to moans as her pussy engulfs my huge cock, gripping and massaging my shaft in her. Her cum provided the lubrication to enhance the friction between both of us. She begins moaning with pure ecstasy as she started to fuck me back, grinding in perfect rhythm. Both moaning, our eyes locked as I kiss her and put my hand back on her throat. She pushes up into me moaning and screaming, she is going to cum.


I lean forward and order her to beg me to fuck her, I like rough sex and plan on using this as an excuse to take it to the next level.


“Please fuck me harder. Fuck your little slut. I am your whore fuck me harder,” she moans. I grab her face and slap her like a whore as she releases a moan and a subtle smile.


Her begging makes me slam harder into her as I instruct her to cum with me. To my greatest surprise she gets more vocal, telling me she is going to cum. Her pussy clenches my hard cock pulling it deeper inside her. “Fuck my hard cock”, I order her. “Come on, you little slut, fuck my cock like you mean it. Fuck it like the little slut that you are.”


She begins to cum as her body contracts and massages my cock. As she constricts my shaft, I start to cum with her, exploding ribbons of cum deep inside her tight pink pussy. We moan together as my mouth takes her nipples, my teeth clamped on her nipples as my cock explodes inside of her.


With her body exhausted and tired I released her restraints and turned her over on all fours. She cleans and sucks my sensitive cock as I grew in her mouth. Her beautiful eyes looking up at me wanting to please me as I grab her hair and pull her deeper on me. She gags slightly but takes it with her eyes watering looking up at me. Her tongue under my cock, out of her mouth, taking me deep.


Once I am hard again, I pull her face off of me and turn her around. I spank her curvy ass, pull her hair, and takes my spit covered cock and slams it into her cum filled pussy. Some of her cum pushes out of her and I use my fingers to rub the cum into her tight ass. I push deep inside her, one hand pulling her hair, the other spanking her and tracing her tight ass with my cum-covered fingers. She screams with pleasure.


I moan in her ears, “I see you like it rough as well. That’s good because I am only just getting started.”




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