THC – A Dealer’s Tale

THC cover


Hello guys, I present to you a new series titled ‘THC – A dealer’s Tale’.


THC is the first of it’s kind as it is a serial story, just like almost any other story being posted on this blog with the only exception being that it’s being told on the world foremost micro blogging and P setting (if you know what I mean) platform – Twitter.


THC is a story being told from the eyes of a seasoned drug dealer who has earned bragging rights as his bank account statement is in absolute greens. He takes us back in time to where he first started, how he first started, the challenges he faced and most importantly how he conquered them all. But you know in life, new problems always seems to come around just as the old ones leaves  so you are in for a highly twisted plot filled with suspense and you are for sure going to learn a couple of things from this tale.


The story would be hosted every Monday and Thursday evening by 8:00PM prompt on my twitter timeline @Chistar_ and kindly use the hashtag #THC to join the conversation.


The premier chapter come up tonight – 20/06/2016. Kindly Retweet if you are thrilled.


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