My G.C.E result came out and I cleared all my subjects with A’s and B’s. My first semester result also was published and I passed all eight subjects with good grades. Amaka had gone back to Abuja; she will be around by Easter break.

School resumed again and I continued to double between school and my Okada business. I purchased the Joint admission and Matriculation board’s form and applied for admission into the University of Nigeria U.N.N as first choice and the Enugu state University of Science and technology E.S.U.T as second choice, I chose Business administration and Management as my choice course to study.
I went to the Golf course on a Saturday morning in March to see the G.O.C. I went early enough and waited at a bar for his arrival. My C.O arrived first, I went to greet him but he became hysterical the moment he saw me.

So you are a Criminal indeed! He shouted.

I looked back to see if he was addressing someone else.

I am talking to you Barger! He said again pointing his finger at me; you came to meet me with your girlfriend whom you claimed was a Lawyer last year! You people came with a forged document from a Kangaroo Court to deceive me right? You think we will not know? You have forgotten that my R.S.M read law too? That man has a diploma in Law and can decipher between authentic legal documents and fake! Look here Mr. Man! The next time you cross my path in this world, I will jail you!

I opened my mouth to speak but my tongue was clipped somehow, I could not utter a word as much as I tried to.

If I hear kparan! From your mouth, I will shoot you down here right now!

He charged towards his car and brought out a Silver plated 16 Cartridge revolver; I will bore sixteen holes in your chest if you don’t scram from here right now! He shouted. As I turned back to run for my life, about five uniformed Soldiers were upon me with the butts of their riffles and their boots, I ran wildly but they chased me wildly too and at the end I was dumped into a ditch totally battered. As I struggled to sit upright inside the ditch, my Bike was rolled and pushed upon me inside the ditch, something hard hit my head, I saw flashes of coloured lights and I passed out.

To Be Continued


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