Those were the important events that happened within the last three years and now in July 2002, the new Civilian President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo I inaugurated a commission to unite Nigeria by creating a forum where all sectional grievances are tabled and solutions proffered with the sole aim of reconciling Nigeria as one, the forum was called Justice Oputa panel chaired by Justice Oputa, the father of the controversial celebrity called Charlie Boy. The panel was inaugurated in the year 2000. It was in the heat of this, that Amaka wrote a petition to the commission on my case with the Army.

The petition was withdrawn by the Army and sent to the G.O.C to look into the matter as a matter of urgency. The G.O.C called her econet wireless mobile line and invited us to his office the next day. I was to come in my Army uniform so I starched and ironed my uniform of over ten years, it had become very tight when I wore it the next morning and drove with my wife to Ayo’s salon to cut my hair. That was the first time Ayo saw me on uniform and he was shocked, he did not know my story but I promised to tell him everything once I am through with the G.O.C.
We drove to meet the G.O.C at 10.00am and we were ushered into his office upon arrival, the arrogant stripped faced Soldier was not on duty but a young Corporal.

The G.O.C and the Colonel G.S (General Staff) were expecting us; they stood up and shook hands with Amaka before offering her a seat. I saluted and stood at ease behind Amaka.

So what is your story? The G.O.C asked Amaka immediately she settled into her seat.
Amaka brought out a twenty pages letter detailing my story and handed two copies to the G.O.C who then gave one copy to the Colonel G.S

To Be Continued


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