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Emptor-466x372George’s eyes almost gorged out of their sockets as he beheld the very busty lady standing restlessly by the roadside that balmy afternoon. He stomped his brakes furiously and parked right in front of her, although he covered her almost entirely with the dust that rose as he forced his Infiniti CRV to an unprepared halt, the lady remained unmoved. Georgesmiled and gestured an apology,feigning remorse, yet he wasn’t going to let the next vehicle take that chance.

It was when the dust successfully subsided, that he noticed the lady has also been gifted with a very noticeable beauty. Her curves had been brilliantly outlined in the beautiful, extra-tight red gown she wore. Her face wore perfect makeup, nothing appeared too much, everything was just as George would have wanted for the weekend.

He wind down and broadened his smile, admiring the lady who had, along the line rose her right hand – in safe impulse, over her face to prevent inhaling the dust. A sheepish frown emerged on her face as she let the hand down stylishly.

“Where to?” He requested in his softest gentleman voice, as if he didn’t know that such ladies didn’t have a destination.She – like many of her kind – was just looking out for a prey that would volunteer to bag her burden throughout the weekend. Of course, such Samaritan task wasn’t going to be without justifiable reward. George was lucky, everything before now had revealed that the weekend which was just starting was going to be a glamorous one for him, with the attractive figure now leaning on his car, his conviction peaked.

If she was answering his questions, George was absolutely unaware because his mind and eyes had drifted quickly towards the balloons that jiggled stiffly through the little U shape opening of her blouse above her midriff. The view was quite noticeable from the way she bent over. When she noticed the way he stared absentmindedly, she stood from his car and frowned to buy back his attention. Her decision was successful.

“You are not listening to me at all sir.”

“Ohh!” George sniffed, “what did you say again?”

“I just want to see a friend in a nearby junction”

“Let me give you a ride,” he suggested conclusively. Her pretentious attempts to refuse the offer was met with an expected coercion and she finally hopped in beside him.

He drove ahead, and she simply pointed stylishly in any direction she felt better with. Until he became completely intolerable of the situation and his left hand played quietly on her laps. She slapped him off.

“Excuse me Sir! I am not that type of girl.”

“Oooh! Linda.” He felt sincerely sorry that his approach was a big mistake, “I’m sorry, but we have been driving for over ten minutes and we haven’t gotten there, and you know your beauty is irresistible.”

She cocked her nose and pretended for a few seconds to be fascinated by events on the street. “Sorry sir, but I am not that type of girl at all. My friend’s house is just around the corner. We shall be there soon.”

There was a little quietness. George could tell that she was madly praying that he said something.

“Ookay,” George slowed the car in a parking lot, he pointed and said,“here is an hotel. Let’s just say we stop here for the weekend and you go home with 250,000 Naira thereafter.”

“Wow!!!” She screamed excitedly, her expectation was obviously far below that, but there was no way George could cut that down now.

“Is that a yes?” he pretended.

“Make it 300.” She attempted, realizing that she shouldn’t have been too readable.

“No way!” he insisted, and that was how the jolly weekend started for the sharp rich guy with a completely endowed lady all to himself in one of the most comfortable hotels in the city.

There was almost nothing that he did to her that she didn’t respond positively to and in fact with greater enthusiasm. They both learnt new things, like new styles, approaches and foreplays. He was not only completely engrossed but overwhelmed by her expertise so much so that after the first round, he threw away the sheath and damned the consequences.

After ten hours of superb actions, they both drifted into a deep slumber.

At around two a.m, he woke up naked to a blaring telephone call, and excused himself to the bathroom to speak to the caller. It was at his disappearance that Linda stood up quickly, and she retrieved a black charm which she had quietly slipped underneath the bed before the intercourse, as instructed by her herbalist. She brought it out to see if this man’s potency was good enough for the ritual she was completing to heal her husband’s impotency.

“If the small white foam attached to the top of the black charm is wet,’ her herbalist had instructed, “it means that your chi has brought you success. The man you meet would gradually become impotent and your husband would be completely healed.”

Linda pressed her thumb hard against the white foam, droplets of water rolled down her arm. She thanked her stars and threw the charm quickly inside her bag.

In the bathroom, George pulled out a red handkerchief which he had cleaned the lady’s part with without her knowledge during the intercourse. He laughed and recited some memorized incarnations on it. It was the same procedure he followed whenever he slept with a woman. That was what kept him wealthy.

Before his return, the woman he had just slept with would have been transformed into a mysterious chameleon! Linda – if that really was her name – would not be an exception.





(c) Levus


One thought on “CAVEAT EMPTOR!

  1. Anonymous

    Lmao!!!! This story line is awesome… So George became impotent and She became a sacrifice. May God have mercy on our souls

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