(UPDATED 9-06-2016)

This blog contains a couple of the coolest stories you can find on the internet, the various genre available makes it even more special.

The stories are mostly series and an episode of each one of them is posted at intervals by me, so you can simply bookmark this page for easy access.

Completed stories are marked with a *

Listed below is a list of stories in progress, the links and a summary:


B•I•T•C•H – Written by Chistar *

Plot: “B•I•T•C•H” (Babe In Total Control of Herself) is arguably the best romance story ever written, its about the journey of two ladies named Zainab and Jummy. Zainab on one hand, develops trust issues after a failed marriage and decides love isn’t for her. While Jummy on the other hand, is a free willed lady who finds love just when Zainab looses her husband. The twist here is they are both best friends. Would Zainab eventually find love again? Would Jummy love last? Click HERE! to find out.

 •Why I Want To Be Bad – Written by Chistar *

A Jambite. A God fearing play boy. A hardcore cultist with a heart. A smart whore. A naive girl. All telling their separate stories which some how happens to be interwoven. Why I Want To Be Bad would keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.

click HERE! to read now.

An Evening With Eva written by Kayemjay *

Plot: “An Evening With Eva” is a modern day thriller story, if you like the popular TV series ’24’ then you need to read this, trust me when I say you would forget to have your lunch while reading this, thank me later.
Click HERE! to read more.

CELL 6 – Origin – Written by Chistar

Plot: Thriller at its peak. This is my first official Thriller story and its da bomb in one word.

My Complicated Love Story – Written by Chistar *

Plot: This is an 80% non-fictional memoir of me, in other words its based on a true life story of my “so called” complicated love life. Its comedy, action and suspense filled and you would literally beg for more by the time you are done… Trust me.



Thorns in my Boot – Written By Awoleye Dominic

Plot: If you are into stories that has to do with the miltary then it do not get any better than this. Thorns in my boot addresses the travails faced by Ojo, a Nigerian soldier. You would thank me after reading this

click HERE! to read now.

• Since I’m aware that not everyone likes to read long ‘series like’ stories, I have taken the liberty of creating a “short stories” category for you guys since I don’t want you to be left out in the fun, a short story would be posted from time to time, so you can check in at intervals too.
Click HERE! to read them.

PS: • All stories are copyrighted under the Nigeria copyright law and the permission to post stories not written by me have been granted by the authors. Remember that plagiarism is a crime punishable under the Nigeria Copyright Law, so if you don’t fancy relocating to an uncomfortable cell at kirikiri prison, just read and subscribe but don’t steal.

• Disclaimer – except when stated otherwise by the author, all stories are to be considered as fictional – the plot, characters, setting, quotes and all the contents are all figments of the authors imagination, any similarities to anybody – living or dead is purely a coincidence.

You can contact me by sending a mail to for more info.




5 thoughts on “Stories

  1. bakra adesewa

    watssup chistar.sorry i hvn’t been ere frequently.i have been a lot busy.buh am free 4 nw which means i will b puntual 4rm nw on.nd as for ur new story cell6,i was just able a read d protologue.i dnt know y.babie ghagha

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