THC – A Dealer’s Tale

THC cover


Hello guys, I present to you a new series titled ‘THC – A dealer’s Tale’.


THC is the first of it’s kind as it is a serial story, just like almost any other story being posted on this blog with the only exception being that it’s being told on the world foremost micro blogging and P setting (if you know what I mean) platform – Twitter.


THC is a story being told from the eyes of a seasoned drug dealer who has earned bragging rights as his bank account statement is in absolute greens. He takes us back in time to where he first started, how he first started, the challenges he faced and most importantly how he conquered them all. But you know in life, new problems always seems to come around just as the old ones leaves  so you are in for a highly twisted plot filled with suspense and you are for sure going to learn a couple of things from this tale.


The story would be hosted every Monday and Thursday evening by 8:00PM prompt on my twitter timeline @Chistar_ and kindly use the hashtag #THC to join the conversation.


The premier chapter come up tonight – 20/06/2016. Kindly Retweet if you are thrilled.

#WIWTBB – Who is Your Favourite Character?


Why I Want to be Bad has been running for over a year now plus my almost ten months absence (yes, I know that was not nice), but lets look on the brighter side, i’m back and have so far made quite a few good updates and i believe that you guys have started to form solid opinions about the characters and that’s what brought about the idea of this poll.

Each character has in one way or the other affected the progress of this story and I’ll like to believe that while some people have chosen to love certain characters, others have chosen to hate certain character, and for this reason I’ll like to know what you guys think about the characters.

So kindly respond to the poll below.

An Explaination and A Job

Hello guys,

Yes, I have changed, yes, I I don’t post as often as before, yes I’ve been writing Cell 6 and My Complicated Love Story 2 since like forever, yes, I have a big head etc.

I agree to all accusation up there and its all my fault but I have a reason, a quite good one.

I am a writer, and allow me to flatter myself to say I’m a fairly good writer at that and I really want to entertain you guys but I’m human and I’ve got my flaws.

I am at that point in my writing career where my “head is full.” Don’t mistake this phrase with the popular Writers Block, let’s just say I’ve over tasked myself to write and well… Its complicated.

Bottom line is I’m at a point where I’m considering quitting writing but you guys mails which I surprisingly still receive still keeps me going so I’ve decided to fight the urge to stop writing and do the exact reverse.

And this brings me to the job part of this post. I want to compile My Complicated Love Story and create an E-book out of it but the work is really “rough”, thus I need a proof reader. If you are interested, send me a mail to

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to post My Complicated Love Story here, on my blog since I’ve removed it from Nairaland. I also plan on continuing My Complicated Love Story 2 and Cell 6 simultaneously, I’ll confess that Cell 6 is a really tasking story for me so its going to be posted at well spaced intervals because I don’t want to fuck up the plot.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say, I’ll be posting random short stories too. So keep you fingers crossed.

Welcome Back To Sochistar’s world.

… Before I forget, I’ve got huge love for shoes, clothes, accessories, bag et all. Just got me a new shoe, its called Wallabies, made by Clarks. Just had to share it with you guys, that’s the picture up there… Hehehe.



Everybody loves a good movie. We have all at one point or the other downloaded a movie and deleted it immediately or gone to the market to buy a movie that we ended up feeling the urge to break the disk after we watched it (that is if we actually endure watching it to the end) but at the same time, we have also watched that movie that we couldn’t help but watch all over again and would probably never get tired of watching.

I’m a very selective person when it comes to movies and a lot of things and easily get bored, as a result of that, I hate Nollywood with passion (to the extent that I blocked African Magic on the cable at home), their plots are too predictable and their graphics are thousands of miles from the word “good” (don’t get me wrong, I know with the introduction of Phone Swap, Last Flight to Abuja, that Chiamanda Adichie’s book that is now a movie and a couple of other recent movies Nollywood seems to have improved a little in the graphics scene but I still hate Nollywood).

Anyway below is a list of my top 10 movies that I’ll probably never get tired of watching even if I become blind.



Yeah yeah! I know you already expected this movie to be on the list so I may as well just go ahead and write about it first.
George R. R. Martin, the authour of A Song of Ice and Fire which also happens to be the original book version of the movie is in one word, a genius. The dude is extra creative and he showed (he is still showing) it in the book. The movie is being broadcast on HBO and thus HBO is the creator or at least that’s the term Wikipedea uses *rme*.

Game of Thrones is set in the Fictional Seven Kingdom of Westeros, and the series follows the struggles of the noble families as the try to get power and rule while sitting on the Iron Throne (the funny thing about this Iron Throne is that you might think its just a figurative name but its really made of Iron in reality or at least that’s what HBO wants us to believe… Lol).

Game of Thrones is one of those movies that its best to not try and predict or like a character because once you do, the Character might just be killed in the next episode, but irrespective of that, I’m still rooting for two people to win the “Game of Thrones” though, even if they might die soon. They are Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi as most of you might know her… You know that chick that has dragons right? Yeah that’s her (SPOILER ALERT!!! You guys remember Jon Snow the bastard shey? Well he isn’t really a bastard, in fact he is everything far from a bastard as he has both Targaryen and Stark’s blood flowing though his veins, don’t ask me how I know just keep watching). And secondly, Arya Stark, this babe visually experienced as her dad, mum and brother was killed so as a result of that I’ve always pitied and at the same time loved this chick but assumed she wouldn’t last long because of her rather infant age but I was wrong… Dead wrong! Have you guys seen the season 4 Arya? My baby Arya has actually had her first taste of blood that last scene of episode 1 was da bomb and her smile as she rode her pony? Epic!!!


This is the first and only Indian movie on the list and I’m pretty sure most of you all are like, “what the fuck is a movie where a dude attempts committing suicide and his friend starts to sing and dance in the middle of the road and everyone around suddenly knows the exactly song he is singing with the dance steps,” well 3 Idiots isn’t just an Indian movie… I like to refer to it as “The Indian Movie.” Most scenes of the movie is set in the Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best college in India. In my opinion, 3 Idiots is majorly a comedy movie but my sister thinks its a love story and she is sorta right in her defense. The movie basically covers the adventures of three friends, I really can’t say much about the plot if I plan on writing on other movies so you just have to watch it to get the full picture.


Imagine a movie where Elves, Dwarfs, Hobbits, Wizards and of course, Humans all coming together to fight an evil force? Epic right? Well that’s exactly what Lord of The Rings is all about. Rings of powers which were supposed to somehow maintain peace and order of Middle Earth (I don’t exactly get how that works though) were made and shared amongst men, dwarfs, wizards and elves and then in secret, a ring that could rule them all was made by the Dark Lord Sauron who then tried to use the ring to enslave all living creatures and he nearly succeeded until a last alliance between Elves and Man was formed to fight against Sauron’s army… Long story cut short Sauron was defeated but the One Ring which should have been destroyed that day wasn’t destroyed. Few years later, one thing led to another and Frodo Baggins, an Hobbit was sent on a mission to go an destroy the ring in no where else but where it was made, Modor (just so you know, that where Sauron lives)… So yea, that’s basically the whole plot.

I totally love Legolas (an Elf) and Gimli (a dwarf) who are among the lead characters in the movie. They somehow managed to keep calm and make jokes when at the face of death.


Nobody who has watched this movie can sincerely tell me that he/she didn’t feel at least a little remorse while watching certain scenes in this movie. What really makes a great movie isn’t about setting and breaking box office records but its ability to somehow affect the emotions of its viewers and no movie has actually done it better than Titanic (many has tried though).

The plot theme is one of love and portrays love in a rather extreme way as Jack (the lead male character) gave Rose (the lead female character) his life jacket even though she was already sitting on a platform that floated on the water (they were both somewhere in the atlantic ocean after the ship had sunk), in my opinion that is the world’s dumbest act but then again, what do I know?

In fact, writing about this movie makes me angry so I’ll just stop here, go and watch it if you haven’t.


Do you believe in magic? Are you a fan of Michael Angelo? If your answer is yes to either of both questions then you need to see this movie… In fact even if you answer is no, you still need to see the mudafcking movie!!!

The movie features our very own The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg as the ring leader of a gang of Magicians known as the Four Horse Men. The plot is quite complicated and I can’t really summarize it but please I’m on my kneels begging… Go and watch this movie.

So that’s all I have for you guys for now! Watch out for my top 5 songs of all time later on.


The question up there might be on most of you all mind, well, I’m here! I told you guys that I’ll be very busy once I get to school, and busy is what I’ve been. Now, I sincerely apologize for my total absence from you guys (not the writing scene cause I still write for quite a few blogs and other platforms) and I’m pretty sure you guys have forgiven me.

Anyway, I’ve been up to a lot of things writing wise, thanks to you guys support and publicity, I hardly have time to write my own story. And yea, a story of mine is currently being shot as a movie (I’ll tell you guys about this when the time is right), I’m still looking for more movies scripts offer though, so if you know any way I can get my stories down there kindly let me know.

Also, after considering how much that has gone on in my Love Life since the conclusion of My Complicated Love Story, I felt that there is need for a part 2 to the Story and maybe a part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and so on and so forth, so I picked up my phone and typed a few paragraphs. I’ll post it later on this week so you guys can either ginger me to continue or just let laying dogs lie. I’ll likely title it “My Complicated Love Story II (the story has only just begun),” so anticipate. There are new and interesting characters in my Life.

CELL 6 – The Origin is still on board. Since its very different from my preferred genre of writing, I’m having difficulty in writing it, I’m done with just two episodes and the prologue and I’m scared of actually posting it for several reasons. One of them being I’m not sure I can vouch for my consistency since my exams are starting next month and I plan on graduating with a 1st class (can I hear an amen?). And another reason being I’m scared I might not execute the story properly and therefore spoil my reputation in delivering high suspense and fun to read stories.

I want to build my Twitter/blog fan base, so if you love me and you are on twitter, follow and mention me on twitter so I can add you to my list. What would you gain from joining the list? You get a twitter mention whenever I make a new post with the link to the post.

On a brighter note, did you guys hear that UNIPORT, my current school, came first overall in the just concluded NUGA games? As in, the kind of gap we gave UNILAG who are the second eh! I had to reload the page twice to be sure that I didn’t open the olympics page or something like that. As in I’m still wondering how we happen to bag 63 gold medal while the second closest school got just 13 or something that, as in what were they doing when we were carrying all the medals na?. Anyway I guess that’s why we are refereed to as Unique Uniport… Greatest Gba Gba! Greatest Gbo Gbo! Ever Conscious Kpoin!!!… (If e dey pain you, knack your head for wall, lol.)

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now. I’ve got lectures by 9am this morning so I’m going to try and grab some sleep right now. Your comments and responses are highly welcomed because I’ll need them to know that you guys still have my back.

Till we meet again, I remain your one and only CHISTAR, the only Star with a “chi.” Get it? If not, forget it. Lol.

Why The Hate?

Cr7 ballon

As most of you already know, Madrid’s own Portuguese won the most prestigious individual award yesterday and as a solid Real Madrid fan, I couldn’t help but scream and clap as soon as his name was mentioned as the winner.

In my opinion, and as a lot of you might agree; the award was a sure bet for CR7 this year as his only real competition this season was Ribery. Don’t get me wrong, Ribery is an awesome player and his club side happened to win every cup they qualified for thanks to him but he isn’t just RONALDO, besides the he won the UEFA best player of the year award along side other prestigious awards so he should be satisfied with that.

Enough of the plenty story and now to the topic, Ronaldo won the Ballon d’or so why the hate?

He scored more goals than any of the other nominees and individually his performance has been sublime since the beginning of the season.

A lot of people saying on twitter and on other social media platforms that he wouldn’t have won it had Messi not been injured, I don’t want to sound childish but “shey na Ronaldo injure am?” Abi shouldn’t fitness be part of the criteria for the award winner?

I still recall when Messi won it for the third time last two season and people (especially Barcelona fans) were like “he deserved it” even though Real Madrid won the La Liga and Ronaldo also went as far as being the top scorer that season… I sincerely still don’t know and understand why Messi won it that year and not Ronaldo but let history be history.

Ronaldo won it this year and he merited it fully so can all haters do me a favour and shut their traps? Thank you and bye.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – count down to CELL 6 & Art work.


Hello blog fam,

How are you guys doing? I hope cool because I think I pretty cool myself.

Anyway, I just have some few informations to pass to you guys.

Firstly, as most of you know, I’m still a student in one of those Federal Nigerian Universities and due to the fact that we were on strike for over five months, I was able to focus on writing and I’m glad I did because I was able to complete three Mega-series, a few short stories, tonnes of articles and I got an awesome fan base(you guys) that’s larger than some people who has been writing for years. You guys might have heard this a lot but sincerely speaking, you guys are the major reason I write because what’s the point of writing if no one would read it and tell me how good the article/story is or how bad it is.

Why am I saying all this school trash? Well, school has resumed finally and after spending a week plus I’ve seen that there is no way I would be able to keep up with the daily updates I used to do if I want to graduate with a good result, so I’m sorry but as from now on, posting of series would be once or twice weekly pending on how the week goes. Just to be clear, from now on, I’ll be posting new episodes of my series every FRIDAY so mark the date on your calendar. Other random posts or surprise serial posts would still be posted whenever I’m able to and if you have anything you want to contribute to this blog, I have an open ear, you can comment on this post or send me an email to

Secondly, the first episode of the long awaited CELL 6 – Origin come up this friday, yay!!!, I hope you all are as excited as I am because it going to be explosive.

Thirdly, the art work of the anticipated CELL 6 – Origin, is just above this post and it was designed by yours truly, kindly tell me what you guys think in the comment section.

Fourty, you guys should be nice and tell your friends to tell your friends about my small blog so it can grow.

On that note, I want to say a happy new year and have a blessed week.