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#B•I•T•C•H: Jummy’s delima (ii) – Episode 33.

And I’m back. In today’s episode, Jummy is still facing he delima, would she eventually make the right decision? You would find out soon. Enjoy today’s episode of your favorite series – #B•I•T•C•H.



Taofeek, the ideal model. Average height, that kind of height that makes one not to be able to say for sure if the person in question is tall or short. He was originally fair in complexion but due to excessive tanning he now had a mexican light brown skin. His accent was purely American, the only thing Nigerian about him was his name and probably he way of thinking, apart from that, one would easily guess he was a foreigner.

When Zainab had decided to migrate to Nigeria, he had been the only one who had supported her, all her friends had begged she stayed, get a good job, husband and start a family of hers in Canada, even her parent had once suggested she went to do a sanity test to know if she was okay mentally.

“Zainab, you want to leave all off these?” Her father said to her on the last day of her stay in Canada, spreading his hands out wide and moving it round to signify the magnitude of his house and Canada as a whole. “You really want to leave all off these for a country where there isn’t even stable power supply?”

“Daddy, I’ve made up my mind. I’m Nigerian, and not can change that no matter how many years I stay here in Canada.” Zainab replied with a tone of finality and watched as her father left her room disappointed. The truth behind the whole migration was the fact that Zainab wanted to be taste independence and see how far she can go all by herself, staying in Canada meant that she would end up in one of family’s company as a Manager, in her words, “that was too easy.”

Her dad instructed the drivers not to take her to the airport, so she had wanted to call a cab when Taofeek stepped in and offered to drive her to the airport, through out the journey, he had asked her just one question. “Zainab, are you sure about this?” And of course, Zainab had replied in the affirmative, that ended their conversation.

Zainab had gotten to the airport fifteen minutes later and after thirty long minutes of queuing, she was on the plane.

Looking back all of these, Taofeek smiled at how well his junior sister had progressed, she had become such a popular actress and tv personality that her shows and movies were aired all over the world, Canada included.

A sudden, but continuous knock at his room door snapped him back to reality.

“Come on in,” he said directly since he was more than certain it was Zainab and he was right.

“T-Maze, what’s up na?” Zainab said with a wide grin, T-Maze was a nickname she coined for her brother with the “T” meaning for Taofeek and the “Maze” meaning how complicated and never straightforward her brother could be.

“I’m fine, how your life dey?” Taofeek said in his admirable American accent, Zainab chuckled at how funny he sounded, mixing pidgin and queen’s english in one sentence, he joined her in laughter.

Zainab then walked closer to him and sat by the bedside. “So, seriously, what’s up?” She asked with a straight face.

“I’ve answered you before, I said I’m fine,” Taofeek replied, still smiling.

Zainab wasn’t surprised by his reply, she knew he was never straightforward, “okay, so to what do I owe this august visit?”

“Actually its October, not August and do I really have to have a reason to stop by my sister’s house?”

“I don’t know what you people at Canada call ‘stop by’ but here in Nigeria, you don’t call traveling from Canada to Nigeria a stop by, its called a journey.”

“Yea yea, whatever.” Taofeek replied and laid on his bed.

“Taofeek, I’m serious here. I’m elated to see you here but what exactly are you doing here, don’t you have a company to run or something like that?”

Taofeek kept quiet.

“Taofeek na! You are killing me with suspense here, how can you just show up at my house by this time of the night without informing me and with such a small suit case like that,” Zainab said, pointing to the trolley bag which leaned on the wall comfortably, “I deserve to know.” She concluded.

Taofeek turned to face Zainab and replied, “nothing is wrong Zainab, just like you, I want to taste independence, I’m tired of father looking over my shoulder and patiently waiting for me to do something wrong so he can scold me. For crying out loud! I’m a man! A fully grown man and dad still treats me like a twelve years old all because I’m solely dependent on him.”

Zainab sighed, she now knew her decision of leaving Canada few years back was the right decision, “so you just packed up your things and left?” She asked.

“Not really, I told a few friends, and I’ll call mum later on, to tell her about my whereabouts because I’m sure she would be dead worried by now.”

Zainab didn’t know what exactly to say, she knew her brother was complicated but this his action had given ‘complicated’ a new meaning. She started weighing all her options mentally, checking the loose ends and precacautions, after a long period of silence, she finally broke the silence, “so what do you plan on doing now?”

Taofeek sighed, “I guess I’ll look for a job, I have a really heavy and hard to resist C.V so I don’t think that would be a problem and I’ll be out of you hair in no time,” he said with a warm smile.

“Nah, I don’t mind you staying,” Zainab said and her brother gave her an inquisitive look, “as long as you do some little chores of course.” She added and they both laughed out loud, Taofeek had expected her to say something like that, they sure knew their selves well, if they weren’t siblings, they would have made the perfect couple.

“So what’s up with that your friend, Jumoke?” Taofeek asked, “she looked like a kid who her mum had just seized her favorite toy.” He added.

“Oh! That? She just had some men issues, she has gone now anyway.”

“Okay.” Taofeek started grinning widely and winking at Zainab.

Zainab smiled back, “what is it now?”

“So who is Henry to you?” He asked in a mocking tone grinning widely than before.

Zainab giggled and stood up from his bed, “I’ve got to rest, I’ll need to wake up early tomorrow morning.” She said avoiding the question and walked out of the room as Taofeek laughed out his ass, and rolling on the floor.

* * * * *


It took Jummy several tossing and turning before she finally decided to stand up from her bed. With one glance at the wall clock, she knew she was late for work already and no charm can change that so she mentally decided not to rush, after all, what was the point of being an assistant manager if she can’t go late to work at times?

She went straight to the sink at the bathroom and pasted her toothbrush, she looked at the mirror at the front of her and saw her eyes were both swollen already due to excessive crying the previous day, she paused for a bit but almost immediately continued with brushing her teeth..

When she was done, she removed her pajamas and dropped it on the floor before sliding under the shower. In no time she was done with freshening up and here came the trick part, she realized she was hungry.

She put on a black jean and red top, then picked up her car keys and walked out of the house, she need to go and get her breakfast since there was nothing cooked in the kitchen and cooking that morning wasn’t even an option considering her current emotional state.

She drove to the third avenue from hers and cruised into the road, she stopped at the front of an ‘akara and bread joint’. They air in the environment was distinctively different thanks to the appetizing aroma of Iya Uche wonderful akara.

Jummy stepped out of her car and wasn’t really surprised by the small crowd that seemed to be increasing by the second.

She walked past the people who were already there straight to Iya Uche and leaned closer to her, “abeg give me two hundred naira akara and eighty naira bread.” Iya Uche turned to see who was talking and saw it was her long time customer, she smiled and nodded as Jummy went back to her car to wait for the akara to fry well. She had sliced bread at home, but there was something about the agege bread Iya Uche sold, it was as if it was baked specifically for the akara she fried and until you eat the two together, you won’t get the complete satisfaction it gave.

As Jummy waited, an unexpected but familiar figure jogged passed her car. She opened her door immediately to make sure it was who it was.

Wearing a short and arm less top with an electronic device that was probably meant to calculate the distance he jogged strapped to his waist, Taofeek looked more like the ideal kind of model sugar mommies would pay anything for.

“Taofeek!” Jummy called out to him as he passed by.

He didn’t reply until the third call, he stopped abruptly and turned back to see Jummy waving furiously at him.

He smiled and jogged back to the car, “hi, what are you doing here?” He asked.

Jummy just pointed at the Iya Uche’s joint across the road in response and smiled, “I’m sure Zainab didn’t cook before she left for work so I insist you join me.” Jummy said.

“Errr… You don’t have to worry, there are some eggs and more than enough bread at home,” he replied.

“Did you miss the part I said I insist?” Jummy smiled, “you are my friend’s brother and I think it would be only right to host you properly, and trust me when I say this bread and akara is more that proper. Wait a minute.” Jummy said and walked to Iya Uche, she instructed the woman to double the order and Iya Uche did as instructed, she packaged it and gave it to Jummy. Jummy handed over a thousand naira note to Iya Uche and asked she kept the change, Iya Uche was more than excited, the change was more than twice the original price.

Jummy just smiled and walked back to her car, “hop in, we are going to my place to eat. I think you’ve had more than enough exercise this morning.”

Taofeek just smiled and hopped into the car, he needed the company and from Jummy’s description of the meal, he was curious to taste it.

In less that five minutes, they were in Jummy’s house and ready to eat, Jummy had brought a full pack of an orange juice and two glass cups.

The both sat on the dining table and went down to business, devouring the meal. Taofeek was more than impressed with the akara, he hadn’t tasted akara in years and for a first time in a long while, this was surely nice.

“So how long are you staying?” Jummy asked, trying to start some petite conversation.

“Errr… I’m based here now.” He replied.

“Oh! You are tired of Canada too just like Zainab?”

“Not that, I just want to try other options,” he replied, for some strange reason, he was free while talking to Jummy.

“Hmmm.. All this ajebor children, you people left yanky to come and suffer with us in Naija, so stupid.” Jummy replied with a grin.

Taofeek was sure about what to say next so he just smiled and changed the topic, “how about you, do you have to go to work this morning?”

Jummy became alarmed, she had forgotten she still had to go to work that morning, “oh shoot!” She exclaimed and ran to the bedroom to prepare, “when you done eating you can leave, don’t worry about the mess, I’ll take care of that.” She screamed from the room.

Taofeek laughed at how weird Jummy was, how was it possible she forgot about work? He thought and just sighed. He packed half of the remaining akara and poured it into the bread nylon. He intended on continuing his meal when he got home.

“I’m going!” He screamed before he left the house and boarded a bike to his house.

One thing was sure, he definitely like Jummy’s character.

* * * * *

Jummy finally got to work by 10:00AM, which was earlier than she had imagined, she had thought it would be around 12 or maybe 11 at least.

She walked straight to her office grinning for no reason, the day had started quite well and she was optimistic about the rest of the day, but that was all about to change as she walked into her office.

She was confronted with the one person she didn’t want to see.

He sat on her seat crossed his legs, he had a wide smile on his face and Jummy could believe she had once thought that smile was warm and nice.

“What are you doing here?!” She literally yelled.

“Hello sweety,” he replied sounding threatening calm.

It was John.


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#AnEveningWithEva: The Finale – Episode 30

Hey guys, I know you all want to stab me with a knife for not posting since over five days, I’m so sorry, been as busy as hell! Work takes over four days in my week and other times I’m just tired. Anyway, I’m not going to let that stop me from writing, so expect a new episode of #B•I•T•C•H soon, not giving a specific date, but just bare with me.

Here is the finale of AEWE, I hope you guys enjoy it because I sure did when I read it. I’ll be expecting your thoughts on the series.



Sean was not really happy to be the pawn in the take down operation but they were left with no other option. Eva would not be able to manage it properly and using the Colonel was totally out of the question. Confronting GhostCorp in a head on, direct attack was also going to achieve no positive result. Sean had been the perfect candidate. Sophia was crazy about him, and he had perfectly mastered the art of infiltration. So when Sophia caught up with him in the bathroom earlier in the day, he was glad she fell for the bait. He had worn false flesh-like finger prints on all ten fingers. These prints were designed to serve as false prints so that his real finger prints would not be left anywhere. Most importantly, it served as an imprint device. All he had to do was to put a little pressure with his fingers on any desired spot for three seconds and that spot was marked. No one could see it except you had on a specially designed pair of UV glasses which only the Colonel had at the moment. Sean had been a very important agent for GhostCorp and as such, he knew almost every operation mode that was in the rule book. He was very confident that Sophia would not want to risk creating a scene in an attempt to bring him in. She had only one option: Stealth.

For GhostCorp this meant rendering the desired target helpless and unable to struggle during pickup or takeout. Sean had been the leader of the team that designed the Serum Approach. The other members of the team were Sophia, Tawo and Shina. Together they designed a serum which had a very complex chemical composition. This serum was meant to take out or demobilize intended any target. The serum was so complex that it changes and rewrites its organic structure on its own after eight hours. This meant that there was usually a very unique preparation to be done anytime the serum was to be administered. The side effect was that the serum had no specific antidote because whenever the serum is prepared, the one-time antidote is prepared alongside it, and if not administered in eight hours, the victim dies. Due to the unstable nature of the serum, there was only one antidote for each preparation. Every antidote expired after eight hours and a totally new one had to be created. No single antidote could work for separate preparations of serum. The serum was that deadly. Whoever prepares the serum, prepares the antidote. It was a powerful tool and had served GhostCorp well in the past.

However, Sean had worked hard and put in a lot of effort to develop a universal antidote to all possible chemical structures of the serum. It had cost him a great deal of money and several lives were lost during the laboratory testing but at the end, it was worth it.

Knowing that this could well be Sophia’s line of attack, he had taken the antidote just before peeing. It was a tiny red round tablet which sat on his forefinger. He put the tablet under his tongue and waited for it to melt. Just as it melted and he began to pee, Sophia came in. At first he was scared that she might actually chop off his organ but when she began to whisper seductively into his ears, he relaxed. The two agents came in and overpowered him, injecting him with the serum. He immediately felt drowsy and closed his eyes. Three minutes later, the antidote had battled with the serum inside his blood stream and won. He regained consciousness and felt himself at a very high altitude. He opened his eyes slowly and carefully to catch a glimpse of where he was and who he was with. He opened his left eye just wide enough to see himself sandwiched between the two guards with Sophia in front with the pilot.

They got to Beehive and the agent kept Sean on his shoulder. Sean desperately needed to imprint on the surrounding so that The Colonel would have an idea of where they had been. As they got to the third floor and about to step out of the elevator, Sean carefully put his forefinger on the board beside the button that took them to the third floor. He made sure he did not stretch or shift his body weight so that the agent doesn’t get aware. Sophia was stepping out first and the agent would follow later. That gave him all the three seconds he needed to imprint beside the button that said, “Third Floor.”

Sean’s joy knew no bounds when he heard Sophia order the agent to drop him by the wall. It was an opportunity that he utilized to the fullest. He imprinted on the ground and on the wall around him as much as his deceit could allow him to. At intervals when he got the opportunity, he imprinted on the walls when the agent was not looking. He watched Sophia carefully as she opened a secret door and stepped inside, ordering the agent to follow her. He picked Sean up and carried him into BeeHive.

Carefully Sean waited and plotted, looking for the right opportunity to snap out of his faked comatose. He listened while Sophia killed Agent Nedu, dictated orders and took the life of the young woman who came forwards. Ten minutes later, the General called Beehive. Sophia with the agent tagging along decided to go meet him in the floor above them. That was the opportunity he needed.


The Colonel drove like a man possessed, running the traffic lights and hardly using the brakes. Eva sat beside him strapped in her seat and praying that The Colonel would drive faster. With every second that passed, she feared that she might lose Sean. The Colonel very well knew how important Sean was to the whole operation. He was the key to bringing down GhostCorp. He was also the source of Eva’s morality. He calmed her, steadied her, and acted as a fulcrum for her. He was her anchor. If anything happened to him, she would lose it. She was going to go over the edge, uncontrollable. And in that state she was dangerous. Very dangerous.

The Colonel glanced at her briefly. She was focused on the road ahead, her mind wandering far away. He took his hand off the gear and put it on her left lap, squeezing gently. She looked at him. He smiled at her, trying to reassure her that all would end well. She gave a plastic smile in return and turned her face back unto the road. Still driving at incredible speed, The Colonel took out his Iphone and launched the application that acted as a monitor for Sean. He handed it to Eva and asked her what she could see.

“He is still alive. I think he is in BeeHive. The red dot has not moved.” Eva replied.

“Good. We cannot afford to waste any more time. How many guns do you have on you?” The Colonel asked.

“None.” Eva replied.

“Good. You will have mine. You know how to handle Twin Silverballers?” The Colonel asked with a smile, facing his daughter.

“You need a demonstration?” Eva retorted turning to meet his gaze.

The Colonel smiled. Just as he took his eyes back to the road, a huge tipper carrying gravel appeared from nowhere and turned into their side of the road. The Colonel was already on high speed and could not step on his brakes. In a swift second, he swerved hard to his left to avoid collision with the tipper. He ran onto the low curb, the street lamp breaking the car’s side mirror. Taking his feet off the accelerator and stepping on the brakes slowly, the Colonel swerved back onto the road. There were few cars on the road and the asphalt ahead of them was free. On another day he would have stopped, parked and given the truck driver something he would never forget in a hurry. But this day he had more important agenda to catch up with. He was back on the freeway now. He tested his brakes, checked his steering and studied the car for any form of problems. He did not notice any issues with the car. The sound was fine. Handling was still intact. They were now ten minutes away from Bee Hive. He stepped on the accelerator again, pushing up to 100km/hr.

Eva shrieked.

“The dot is not blinking anymore!!!” Eva cried, handling the iphone to the Colonel.

The Colonel reduced speed, taking the iphone from her. The dot signifying Sean’s location on the GPS was no longer blinking. It could only mean one thing. The Colonel put the device off and back on again. This could not be happening.

“Be Calm Diana.” The Colonel said.

Eva was ready to explode. A mixture of feelings welled up inside her. She watched the Iphone with eagle eyes, hoping that the red dot would come on any minute as the Colonel launched the GPS application. They waited. Three minutes. Five. Nothing.

“Sh1t! Sh1t!! Sh1t!!!” Eva said hitting the dashboard with her fists.

“We need to hurry. He may still be alive. Suck it in Eva. You need a clear head.” The Colonel barked. He increased speed to 120km/hr, trying not to think about what may have happened to Sean.

Eva nodded and bit her lower lip. Different mixtures of emotions were threatening to burst from her insides out. She tried to hold herself together. It was not really working but she just had to. A few seconds later, a message came in on the phone. The Colonel opened it.

“DaVinci, I’m going solo. Hurry. I need you.”

It was Sean.

“Your boyfriend is alive” The Colonel said, passing the phone to her.

The Colonel could see her countenance lifted. Even though he was also relieved and delighted, he kept a straight face.

They got to Bee Hive but parked about twenty meters away from the main building. They walked quickly to the gate, with Eva watching their back. The Colonel took out a small palm torch from his back pocket. The torch was a password decryptor. It had a small screen at the neck which cracks the password once the rays hit the keys. He pointed the torch at the password panel at the gate and saw the keys that Sophia had pressed.

4 9 6 1 6.

He pressed them and the gate opened.

They walked inside the compound, with Eva walking with her back to the Colonel, facing the gate, with the silenced twin Silverballers in each hand by her cheeks. She was watching every spot, every angle, just in case there were in for an ambush. They got to the door leading into the building and the Colonel used his password decryptor again. As they were about to enter, Eva stopped the Colonel pointed to a spot on their far right. The spot had a reddish liquid on the tiled floor.

“Blood” Eva whispered.

They walked slowly and stealthily to the point and the Colonel bent to access the situation. Just then they heard footsteps. The Colonel backed up on the wall and carefully turned so that only a fraction of his left eye could see who was approaching. It was one of the guards that took Sean from the movies. Eva was crouched besides him. In eight or nine steps, the agent would get to them. He turned only his head and whispered to Eva who had got up and was not standing close behind him.

“Agent. 6 steps till he gets to us. I’m going to jump him. If I fail, weaken him.” The Colonel said.

Eva nodded.

The Colonel began the count down with his fingers, showing it to Eva.


After he counted the last number, the Colonel stepped away from the wall and into the path of the agent. The agent was shocked and surprised. Before he could find time to react, the Colonel gave two quick jabs. He gave one punch to the agent’s right lower rib cracking a bone, and then the other punch to his Solar plexus. The agent gasped for air, staggering back.

Just then the radio with the agent cackled to life.

“Mario, where the hell are you? What is taking you so long? The madam wants you immediately. Come in, over.” came a male voice from the other end.

The Colonel didn’t hesitate. He went behind the agent and snapped his neck from behind, letting him fall in a heap. He dipped his hands into the agent’s pockets, looking for anything that might be helpful. He found a bunch of keys, an access card and the key to a G-Wagon. He took the items he found and side stepped away from the corpse. He moved towards Eva.

“Let’s go. We need to hurry” Eva said.

The Colonel nodded, walking briskly away from the scene and quickly through the door. He brought out the special UV glasses that were inside his mafia suit and handed one to Eva.

“Put this on. We should see Sean’s markers from here.” The Colonel said walking ahead of her and wearing his own pair of UV glasses.

The Colonel looked left and right on the floor they were on and his eyes caught Sean’s imprint on the door of the elevator.

“Here. Follow me.” The Colonel commanded.

They walked into the elevator and the Colonel found Sean’s imprint on the panel beside the third floor button. Eva saw it too.

“Bless you Sean.” Eva whispered with an expectant and eager look in her eyes.

The Colonel pressed the button to take them to the third floor, and then turned to look at Eva. He was very worried about her. He knew that she was capable as a field agent and could very well take care of herself. But right now a bit of fear gripped him. He suddenly doubted if she could handle herself given the emotional conditions surrounding this operation. He needed her to think clearly, have a straight and calm head. He had told her countless times. He could not snap at her now that they were very close. He heaved a very long and heavy sigh. Eva looked at him.

“Dad, I will be fine. I have everything going on well right now. Trust me.” Eva said, pointing her forefinger at her head as if to say she’s thinking straight.

The Colonel smiled. Just then there was a short elevator sound to tell them that they had reached their destination.

“This is it Diana. Let’s do this.” The Colonel said, bringing out his silenced .45 automatic caliber pistol.

Eva took out the silenced twin Silverballers from her hips, one in each hand and waited.

The elevator opened.

* * * * *

The General paced the room, eager and waiting. How could Sophia decide to betray him like this? Where did she get the audacity to? Was she working for someone? Did she know something that he didn’t? Different questions ran through his head as he waited for her to arrive. He had taken her in when she was just a kid. Trained her, schooled her, and made her what she was. And now she wanted the Corporation for herself?

“No! It cannot be!” The General exclaimed smashing the glass of water in his hands against the wall.

The steel door opened inwards and Sophia walked in, accompanied by the agent who was acting as her guard.

“Why am I not surprised? You even have the access codes to this room. And is he necessary?” The General asked, nodding at the agent but maintaining eye contact with Sophia.

Sophia ignored his question and moved to her left to the part of the room that had a small round table and two chairs. It was the lounging area of the office where you could relax, have a drink and even take a nap. After she had settled well and poured herself a cup of juice, she said to the General,

“Would you care to join me please?”

It was more of a demand than a request. She had the General by the balls and they both knew it. He could decide to take her out, but that would be detrimental. He needed to know what was really happening. He needed to know why she was going rogue. Was she working for someone? Did she want money? All these questions needed answers. The answers he got would shape his decision. He walked grudgingly to the lounging area and sat opposite Sophia. He had an unreadable look on his face. It was a look that Sophia had seen uncountable times, that it did not mean anything to her anymore. She just smiled.

“A cup of juice, General?” Sophia asked.

The General just stared at her, trying to read her mind. He was trying to connect with her resolve, trying to get some form of emotional weakness, any form of spiritual connection. He was very good at it and had used it on her a lot when she was still his loyal lieutenant. It was not working this time.

“Does he have to be here?” The General asked her.

“Is that important? He is here just in case you try anything funny. I have never trusted you Marcus.” She said, finishing the orange juice in her cup.

“I knew you never have. I was not counting on that.” The General replied.

“You wanted me here. Did you summon me for small talk? Or you would like to really get to the point. I have things to attend to.” Sophia threatened.

The General was fast losing his grip. He was no longer in control. He needed to take control but how? He did not want Sophia dead, at least not yet. He could finish her in seconds. He thought for a few seconds. Maybe he had to. She was proving really difficult. She had to go. But the guard she brought in was going to complicate issues. He could not kill two professionals at once. He decided he was going to warn Sophia.

There was a small button inside his right shoe by his big toe. He squeezed the big toe against the button, sending a signal to Ambrose who was hiding in the store, inside the room they were in. The store was directly to the left of the Sophia. The door opened and Ambrose came out, gun in hand. It all happened in seconds.

Ambrose shot at the guard, releasing four bullets as he came out confidently from the room he was hiding. The bullets hit the guard on the chest, belly and face. The guard fell sideways, hitting his head on the brick wall. Sophia was very well aware of her surroundings. Immediately the door opened and Ambrose came out, she kicked the table from under with her legs, sending the top of the table forwards in the air, hitting the General’s face. In a split second, she took out her .43 gold plated automatic pistol from her hip, turned and shot at Ambrose. The single bullet caught him in the groin area. He screamed, fell down holding his ball5. She turned immediately to face the General who had been hit by the top of the table. He crawled on his back, moving away from Sophia as she walked towards him, pointing her gun at him. He crawled backwards until he got to the wall and could not move anymore.

“Keep crawling!!!!!” Sophia screamed, shooting the wall just above his head.

The General kept still, blood dripping from his forehead down the side of his face.

“The agent Ambrose just killed was my pawn. I knew Ambrose was in here but I did not know exactly where. I was counting on you to want to use him against me. But deep down, I hoped that I was not in the same category as your other fallen Lieutenants. I hoped I would be indispensable. I hoped that I was more than an agent to you, that no matter what your love for me would let you keep me. I served you. I killed for you. I loved you as a father! And this is what I get? You want me dead? Huh?” Sophia said slowly, firing another shot a few meters to his left.

The General just stared at her breathing slowly. He did not say a word.

“Answer me goddamitt!” Sophia said, pointing the gun at the General’s head.
Just then a voice said from the entrance of the main door.

“Drop the gun Sophia. He is not yours to kill.”

Sophia turned to see Sean standing by the door, an SPG rifle in his hands. He winked, smiled and nodded to her to move sideways.

She melted at the sight of Sean.


Sean waited for about three minutes after Sophia and her bodyguard had left Bee Hive before he opened his eyes slowly. The illumination of the room almost blinded him, as he had deliberately had his eyes shut for too long. He got up slowly, turning to look at all the people in the room. He stretched his joints and twisted his upper body. His joints made cracking sounds as he twisted. He felt pity for the young lady who was still on the ground, her lifeless corpse decorating the mahogany floor. He took out a tiny pen from his back pocket. It was a low voltage electrocuting neutralizer. He hit his chest with the pen, sending tiny but powerful electric waves through his body. The electric signals went straight to his heart, neutralizing the tracker that had been previously inserted by the colonel. He took out his phone from the inner bosom pocket of his blazers and sent the Colonel a message. He moved to Nedu’s table, put his hands under the long table and ran them to and fro while his eyes scanned the frightened BeeHive officers.

“This baby should be here somewhere.” Sean said to himself, stretching further beneath the table so that his hands could touch the edges.

“Ah ha!” Sean proclaimed as his hand hit something.

He pulled out an SPG riffle, corked it twice and smiled.

“May I have your attention please?” Sean said, tapping the table with the gun.

The officers in Bee Hive looked at him, many of them very scared. They had just watched two of their colleagues murdered in cold blood without reason and here another gun slinging maniac was calling their attention.

“Who works after Nedu here?” Sean asked, raising his voice so all could hear.

Nobody answered. No one was ready to die.

“I am not the bad guy. All I want to do is to take down this Corporation, so I suggest you start planning new exits, new jobs, and new safe havens. I need to know who works here after Nedu or what you just witnessed Sophia do would be child’s play.” Sean threatened, corking his gun threateningly.

A short man stepped forwards, very chubby, and wearing a pair of huge framed lenses. He stepped out of his chair but remained on the same spot. He was too scared to move.

“Please, don’t be afraid. Do come forward.” Sean urged him pleasantly.

The man walked slowly forward and stopped just a few meters in front of Sean. Sean approached him gun in hand and put an arm around his shoulders. He walked with him back to the table. Putting his hand into his tight right pant pocket, he brought out a flat microchip and handed it to the man.

“This is a virus. It erases every data from the corporation data and writes into the registry of the backup servers, stopping them from automatic data backup. It also cripples the firewalls so that they are weakened to fight against the intrusion. Can I count on you to carry this out perfectly?” Sean asked.

The man nodded weakly.

“What is your name?” Sean asked again sitting on the table and facing him.

“Patrick sir.” The man replied weakly.

“Patrick, I do not plan for any one of you to die here tonight.” Sean spoke slowly and deliberately. Then he raised his voice as he continued so that the whole room could hear his voice.

“Your life and the lives of those in this room depend on this one small favor that I ask of you. Would you please follow my instruction to the letter?” Sean asked conclusively.

“Yes I will.” Patrick answered meekly.

“Could you be more audible for the sake of the rest of your friends here?” Sean said.

“Yes I will!” Patrick said raising his voice.

“Good. Very good. I go in peace. Don’t make me find you Patrick.” Sean threatened, handing the chip to him.

Sean stepped out into the corridor and retraced his steps the same way Sophia came in. As he walked into the enclosure, he put his hand over the keypad and pressed the passcode to take him to the floor above him. Just as the enclosure was about to move, he caught a glimpse of familiar figures in the corridor.

It was the Colonel and his beloved Eva. He quickly stopped the elevator from moving and got out of the elevator. Eva could not believe her eyes as she saw Sean come out from a hidden enclosure on the wall. She ran towards him and jumped at him, hugging him tightly. She kissed him fully on the lips as he held her tight, kissing her back. She held on for a while kissing and hugging him tight. After what seemed like an eternity, she let him go.

“I feared you were dead!” She said, still holding his hands in hers.

“I am here sweetie. Flesh and blood.” Sean replied.

The Colonel approached him and shook him by the shoulder.

“Good to see you Bravo.” The Colonel said.

“Missed you too Davinci.” Sean replied.
“So what is the next step now?” The Colonel asked looking at the rifle in Sean’s hands.

“Sophia has gone up to the control room to meet Marcus. I am going to intercept them there. You will come with me, while Eva will stand guard here at BeeHive to make sure all goes as well as planned.” Sean finished.

The Colonel nodded while Eva hugged him tight again before letting him go. They left Eva in charge of Bee Hive as the rest of them went upstairs to meet the General. As they approached the door, they heard gun shots. They immediately rested their backs on the wall by the door, waiting for the gun battle to subside. Then Sean heard Sophia raise her voice. She was talking to the General. He tiptoed to the door and keyed in the passcode, the door opened noiselessly. Sean peeped first to assess the situation. Sophia had his back to him as she lashed out words at the General. As she raised her gun at the General, Sean stepped in.


Eva was pacing on the floor of Bee Hive, making sure that all the agents were behaving and injecting the virus into the Corporation when she heard sound behind her. She turned quickly to find out what it was that suddenly made the sound but she was not quick enough.

Agent Ope stood at the entrance of Bee Hive with a .23 semi-automatic pistol, smoke drifting upwards from the nozzle of the gun. Eva had ducked, rolled on the floor and fired a shot of her own catching Ope in the neck. Blood guzzled from the hole, flowing like a fountain. He fell on the floor slowly, trying to mumble incoherent words. Eva got up from the floor holding her stomach. Ope had shot her. Blood flowed from the gunshot wound, painting her hand red. She gasped for her as she staggered to the door, trying to exit. As she struggled with her feet walking past Ope’s lifeless body, clutching her stomach and trying to breathe, one word repeatedly came out of her mouth, although barely audible:



“Drop the gun Sophia.” Sean repeated, raising the SPG threateningly at Sophia.

Sophia dropped the gun beside her and kicked it just a few meters away. The Colonel strolled in with confidence, walking past Sean and towards The General. Sophia was looking at Sean, her back to the General. She wished she could just disappear with him and forget this whole blood bath.

Suddenly, the General moved. He pulled out a jack knife from his boots and sprang up acrobatically from the floor. The Colonel aimed at him but did not shoot because Sophia was in the line of target. The General held the knife to Sophia’s neck, pushing it gently against her soft fair skin. A little blood trickled from the contact.

“Drop the guns. Both of you, Now!” The General ordered.

None of them moved. Sean saw the look of fear and helplessness in Sophia’s eyes. He could not believe he felt something for Sophia after all. Sophia did not want to die.

“I said drop the guns motherfuckers!!!” The General screamed, pressing the knife further deep on to Sophia’s flesh. The blood was rushing faster now and Sophia had begun to squint. Sean could not take it anymore.

He bent carefully and dropped his rifle on the ground. He stood and raised his hands.

“Happy now?” Sean asked.

“Your turn!” The General screamed at the Colonel.

The Colonel did not care who died and who did not. He wanted Marcus dead. He raised his gun higher, targeting Marcus’ head.

The General knew that he could not win the battle. Sean saw the glint in his eyes. Everything happened like slow motion.

In one sudden move, the General slit Sophia’s throat with the knife, pushing her on the floor. As he bent to pick the gun Sophia dropped, the Colonel opened fire on him. Sean had already bent and picked his rifle. Standing on one knee, Sean emptied his bullets on the General while the Colonel continued to shoot at him too. The General managed to stagger and get up, trying to shoot. They rained bullets on him, while he staggered. His white starched shirt covered in blood. As he tried to pull the trigger of the gun, Sean gave a precise shot to the middle of his head.

His brains splattered across the room and he fell to the ground. His body was still shaking as Sean and the Colonel walked to him. They rained the remaining of their bullets on him until his body stopped moving. Sean spat on his corpse.

He moved to Sophia and bent down. He held her hand and closed her eyelids. She looked so beautiful even in death. He wished things had ended differently.

Just then an alarm began to sound in the whole building.

“DEFCON4 activated. 50 seconds till self-destruct.” A computerized voice said.

“What the hell is that?” Sean asked.

“Marcus had programmed GhostCorp to end with his death. This building self-destructs once his heart stops beating. We need to move. Now.” The Colonel explained as the got out of the room.

They got to the Bee Hive floor and saw a trail of blood. The followed it and turned the corridor to see Eva coughing blood and breathing heavily.

“This is not happening! Baby, I am here. I love you. Stay with me. Come on. Stay with me.” Sean said, lifting Eva and resting her on his arms while he knelt.

“Se..ee…aaaa…nnnnn” Eva said with labored breathing.

“I looo….ooovveee……” She said but coughed out more blood.

“20 seconds to self-destruct.” The Computer said

“We need to leave Sean. There’s no time.” The Colonel said.

Sean lifted Eva, carrying her in his arms like a wedding bride. They hurried out of the premises with Sean repeated assuring Eva and tears in his eyes, even though her eyes were closed:

“I love you baby. Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.”


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#B•I•T•C•H: Jummy’s Delima (i) – Episiode 32

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10:00 PM. Thursday.

With all the energy she could gather, Zainab gave Jummy a deafening slap. It was so loud that the neighbors at the extreme end of the street heard it and became scared, hoping it wasn’t what they thought it was.

“Are you high on cheap drugs?!” Zainab yelled at Jummy who was totally confused and now counting the stars only her could see. “Jumoke, what’s wrong with you? Are you that desperate?” Zainab asked.

Jummy couldn’t find the right words to reply Zainab with so she kept quiet, glaring at Zainab, the slap had been surprisingly very painful.

“Jummy, I rushed into marriage with Richard and you saw where we ended up. Your case is even worse, not only do you want to rush it, you want to get into it for the wrong reasons.” Zainab moved closer to Jummy, held her hands and looked into her eyes.

“Jummy, don’t do this,” she said sympathetically.

* * * * *


“Any problem here?” Henry asked as he had gotten closer to Zainab, he spotted Taofeek before he walked into his house and thought it might be trouble, so he decided to come and be Zainab’s knight in a shining armor.

Zainab turned to Henry and with a fake smile she said, “non at all, I’m sure you’ve met Jummy, this is my brother, Taofeek. Taofeek this is my friend, Henry.”

Both men stretched forwards their hands and shook it, “nice meeting you.” They both said in unison and just smiled back at each other in response. Taofeek had a warm smile on his face but Henry gave him a cold stare which some how said: “Nigga, you ain’t welcome here.”

By the time they retracted their hands, Henry turned to Zainab and asked in a low tone, so low only Zainab could hear, “You never told me you have any siblings.”

“You never asked,” Zainab replied.

Henry shrugged, she had a good point and he had no reply to fire back so he turned to the small pack of people and literally screamed, “okay, I think I’ll be going to my house now,” he paused and turned to Taofeek, “nice to meet you, hope you going to stay long, because I wouldn’t mind knowing some of those secrets Zainab would never tell me.” A warm laughter followed and even Jummy who hadn’t really been in a good mood smiled a little.

“I really don’t know, but let’s see how it goes,” Taofeek replied with a grin and watched Henry walk back to his gate and enter his house.

As soon as Henry was gone, Taofeek started grinning at Zainab so hard it made her uncomfortable.

“What?!” Zainab asked.

“Nothing, you didn’t tell me you now have a personal security guard or is he the new boyfriend?” Taofeek replied and his grin grew wider.

Zainab smiled and changed the topic, “okay then, let’s go in, I hope you are spending the night here? Its already too late to go to an hotel and its rather stupid considering I have a free guest room.”

“Okay, if you say so.” Taofeek replied, he knew Zainab just avoided the question.

Zainab looked at Jummy and saw the swollen eyes once again, and concluded Jummy obviously had some gists for her. She opened the gate and let Jummy and Taofeek walk into the house while she drove her car into the compound.

By the time she had successfully parked the car and walked into the house, Jummy and Taofeek were already sitting in the palor in total silence. For her brother, it was a normal thing since he wasn’t much of a talker just like Zainab but It was really unusual for Jummy to keep quiet for so long and Zainab noticed it.

“Errr… The guest room is over there… The second door by your left,” Zainab said to her brother trying to take things easy and be in charge of the situation.

Her brother smiled and walked to the room as Zainab directed, pulling a small trolley bag along with him.

As soon as the brother was out of sight, she walked to the couch where Jummy was sitted and dropped her handbag on the floor.

“So what’s up?” Zainab asked.

“Nothing much,” Jummy replied, “how was work today?”

“Apart from discovering Henry now worked at TOP, my day was just casual. Enhen, that reminds me, aren’t you meant to be at China now or something like that?” Zainab asked.

“Yes, I am but the trip got cancelled.”

“Is that why your eyes are swollen? Don’t tell me you cried over it.” Zainab said in a mocking tone, “let me guess, you were hoping to travel to Dubai afterwards to shop right?”

Jummy smiled, “you think everyone is like you? Shopping at every opportunity you get.”

“So why is your eyes swollen?” Zainab asked grinning, “did you finally fight with that Mrs Ogbonaya at your work place and she ended up beating you up?”

Jummy looked at Zainab and she was sure Zainab grin would fade once she told her what was troubling her.

“You are killing me with suspense, what’s wrong with you na?” Zainab replied sounding impatient.

“Its John.” Jummy finally said.

“John? What about him?”

“Its a long story…” Jummy replied, still trying to decide if it was such a good idea to tell Zainab about it.

“Well, you had better start gisting me now before it gets to my bed time.” Zainab replied and braced herself for the ‘long story’.

* * B * *

Jummy sighed and stared at her feet, “well, John and I spent yesternight together at my place.” Jummy started.

“Hmmm, so you guys finally did it?” Zainab said with a mischievous grin, “I was starting to think he was gay self, which normal guy has a girlfriend with your type of curves and doesn’t make a move?”

Jummy rose an eyebrow in surprise, she mentally gave herself a knock for being so blind, even Zainab who wasn’t in the relationship noticed. “Sorry to burst your bubbles but nothing happened.”

“Nothing? As in nothing nothing?” Zainab asked, emphasizing on the nothing.

“Err.. Not entirely, we cuddled and did some really naughty things but didn’t do the koko.”

“Oh! You were forming and playing the hard-to-get card on him?” Zainab asked and tapped Jummy on the shoulder jokingly, “you are one naughty lady.”

Jummy didn’t smile. “Actually, I wanted him but he was the one who refused, he said he wanted us to get married first.”

“Awwww… A nice guy. So romantic.” Zainab replied and blushed for reasons she didn’t even know.

“Would you just let me land!” Jummy yelled, she was getting irritated as Zainab cut in after each statement, it was hard enough that she was literally reliving the whole incidence by telling the story and Zainab wasn’t making it any easier as she made the story seem longer.

Zainab was taken aback by Jummy sudden outburst, but she knew Jummy only acted that way when she was damn serious, “okay, I am sorry oh, I won’t say anything again.”

“Better!” Jummy replied and with a really low tone, she went ahead to tell Zainab almost everything, from when she got to John’s house to the deal and just as she was about to tell Zainab about the statements Samuel made before leaving the room… Kpa!!! Zainab slapped her.

* * * * *

9:45PM, Same night.
At the other side of Lagos.

As John undressed in other to have a shower, thoughts of earlier that day crossed his mind.

He was now wondering if he handled the situation properly or was just being a moron. He had discovered he was bisexual in high school when a certain friend of his who was purely gay made a move at him.

It so happens that the friend and him used to sleep on the same ‘six inches boarding school sized bed’ because John bed has been stolen. He was new to the school and didn’t even know it was possible for beds to be stolen, but after his was stolen… He obviously now knew. So the friend had been so nice to let him share his bed with him until the new bed which he called his parents to send arrived.

They were both lying on the bed one faithful night when John’s friend started. The friend placed his hand on John’s shoulder then slowly started to caress it, slowly moving up and down. Due to John’s tender age and ignorance, he didn’t find anything wrong with this so he let the friend continue and to the best of his knowledge he assumed his friend was just being nice since it was a cold night and the feeling he got from his friend made him slightly warm.

The friend took the risk and slided his hands all the way down and grabbed John’s butt. John was startled, and was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that squeezing the butt had nothing with keeping someone warm, “what are you doing?” He asked.

“Nothing, just playing with you.” The friend replied, “or don’t you want to play with me?”

John considered the fact that the friend may throw him out of his bed if he said no and besides he knew it was a weird kind of “play” but he ignorantly said yes since he didn’t see anything wrong with it and that was how it started, the friend advance to caressing John’s whole body and even kissed him, they went ahead to do it the next night and the night after… Well, the rest is now history.

Back to the present, John walked into the bathroom stark naked and as the warmth of the water hit his skin, he started thinking once again about the earlier incidence.

He knew he at least had strong feelings for Jummy even though he didn’t really love her and he had really planned on telling her about his sexuality situation before asking for her hands in marriage.

He had it all figured out in his head. A romantic dinner on the roof of one extravagant building in Paris, he was sure there was no way she could say no in such situation but now things had taken a different turn.

He dried his body and walked out of the bathroom, “I can’t loose her just like this.” He said to himself.


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#B•I•T•C•H: The deal – Episode 31

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I apologize for not posting on monday as promised, I was busy and didn’t want to rush this episode in particular so that I’ll get it “right,” and hopefully I did. If your are from NL just scroll down to the “B” spot to continue the episode, and I’ll love to know what you guys think of this episode.
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The day was over and the TOP building was getting more scanty by the second and people left for their homes in their numbers.

Zainab was done directing the last show of the day, it was a fashion show so she actually did more of the directing than just standing back and watch as the director in charge of fashion shows did his work.

Zainab had always been a survivor and a “strong” lady who never let anyone push her around and thus her parents and siblings had long stopped worrying about her well being because they knew she was always just fine by herself. As she wrote a report on how the day went, thoughts of her family crossed her mind and she instantly made a mental note on that spot to travel to Canada and see her family the first chance she got, she had no idea why she they crossed her mind but she sure liked the fact that it did.

Finally, after thirty long minutes of transferring excerpts from her notes into the report sheet, she finally gave a sigh of relief as she tapped on the send button on her computer screen and waited for the “YOUR EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT” alert that came up immediately after the message had been delivered. Zainab wondered why she couldn’t just write the report down and on her way out, drop it at the management office rather than email it to them, but rules were rules and TOP sure had their ways of doing things.

Zainab stood up from her chair and with the speed of light, she picked up her handbag and stormed out of the building heading straight to the car park, by this time, the building was so empty that the little drops of water which came from the water dispenser which hadn’t been locked properly could be heard from someone like Zainab who was at a really considerable distance from it.

She had gotten to the car park and was about to enter her car when she was startled by a “hey! Zain,” she turned back, expecting to see E.A who was the only person who used to call her that but to her greatest surprise it wasn’t E.A but Henry.

“Henry!” She exclaimed in surprise, “what are you still doing here by this time of the day?”

Henry grinned, “I’m a grown man, I don’t have a curfew anymore and besides, I wanted to see the most beautiful lady on earth before she left.”

Zainab sighed, “let me give you a tip, flattery annoys me, so please stop it.”

“Do you have a mirror?” Henry asked.

“What does that have to with what we are talking about now?” Zainab asked looking perplexed.

“Everything. I doubt you have a mirror because if you did, you would have seen yourself and know I’m not flattering you.”

Zainab hated flattery but that line got to her and she could feeling her cheeks get red, “aren’t you going home?” She quickly asked in an attempt to change the topic.

“Oh! Yea, that brings me to the second reason why I was waiting for you. I was hoping you would give me a lift?” Henry asked.

Zainab smiled, “sure, no problem. Hop in!”

Henry gave her a charming smile and went round the car to the seat beside the driver’s seat to seat down, she entered the car and switched it on, before she zoomed off, she asked, “where do you stay?”

“Don’t worry, when we get to where I’ll stop, I’ll let you know.” Henry said, he still had the proud grin on his face and he was starting to look more like Boniface, or so Zainab thought.

She drove out of the car park.

* * * * *

There is usually this period just before someone faints where he or she sees two stars and a red comical devil with horns and a garden fork.

As Jummy saw this abomination, she started seeing the stars and the Devil but before she could actually faint, the voice of John snapped her back to reality.

“Jummy! What are you doing here?!” He ask frantically. “I thought you are on your way to China?!”

A thousand possible responses ran through Jummy’s head but non of them seemed suitable for the occasion so she just stared at John and Samuel who had sat down on the bed still naked in silence.

“I… I… Didn’t want you to find out like this.” John added as he saw Jummy had no plans of saying anything.

Jummy was startled by that statement, “what do you mean?!” She asked. She knew what it meant but just had to ask.

John stared at Jummy for a few seconds before walking to the bed side table where a bottle of brandy and two glasses were, he filled one cup and turned to Samuel, “do you care for a drink?” Samuel shook his head to signify no so John took a sip from the glass cup. With the glass cup in his hand, he walked to the other side of the bed and picked up two boxers, he threw one to Samuel and wore the other, Samuel did the same and wore his boxers too.

John then went to sit beside Samuel and pecked him right in the presence of Jummy who was boiling with rage now.

“Well, as you can see, I’m bisexual.” John started. “I was born this way and I’ve gotten used to it, Samuel is purely homosexual though and he doesn’t mind me dating and screwing the opposite sex.”

Jummy stared at him with rage and if her eyes were guns, John would have been long dead. She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She had expected a lot of of apologizes and John chasing her, literally rolling on the floor and begging her with a good explanation but here he was, speaking calmly like two guys being naked in a room is a normal thing.

“Please, don’t get it all twisted. I love you, I really do and would love to marry you someday, what I and John have is just a beneficial sexual relationship, I have urges that needs to be satisfied you know?”

“John, what’s wrong with you?” Jummy said sympathetically, something told her John was either high or possessed by some very powerful marine spirits.

“See, don’t take this to another level oh,” John said slightly raising his voice, “my mum is disturbing me over marriage and grand children issues and I plan on giving her what she want, I could have picked any girl on the street to marry but I didn’t want to live with someone I didn’t have anything for. So when you came around and l fell in love with you, I knew you were the one for me.” John stood up and poured some of the brandy into the second cup, he picked it up and went towards Jummy and offered it to her, she took it but didn’t drink it. “Jummy, I know you love me and I love you too, we can have a happy marriage, you won’t even have to work again because I’ll give you a weekly allowance that’s more than twice your monthly salary at GNP, and also I’ll be the best husband you’ve ever had, I was even going to propose to you when you came back from your trip.”

Jummy could hear the voice of her mum in her head, her mum was as usual, asking her for grand kids.

Jummy took a sip of the drink, “you have to promise to end whatever you have with Samuel or any other guy right now!” She said, she couldn’t believe she just said that but what other option did she have.

John suddenly started laughing, “that’s where we might have a problem. I can’t stop even if I wanted to. You’ll have to take me like this, as you might have seen, I’m pretty good in bed so you won’t even notice and difference between me and a straight guy. The only thing I can promise is, Samuel would be the only guy and just so you know, you can go ahead and date other guys even while we are married, I wouldn’t mind as long as you still remain my wife.”

Jummy took another sip of the drink and wanted to say something but instead, she felt her eyes get suddenly moist and she knew she was about to start crying.

* * B * *

She tried to hold back the tears at first but couldn’t anymore as she bursted out wailing. Her feet felt so weak and couldn’t carry the weight of her body any longer so she slumped with a loud thud and cried so violently with all her soul that if tears could change everything back to normal, her tears would have.

She was crying because she had just watched the best thing in her life turn into her worst nightmare all in a few minutes, she was crying because she had been fooled by John so easily, she was crying because no one had warned her, she was crying because she had been so blinded that she didn’t think of anything fishy when John said no to sex, she was crying because she saw nothing wrong with two fully grown men living in one house and only one did all the hustling, but most of all she was crying because she was ashamed of herself that she was even considering John’s offer.

It seemed like a good deal. She would finally give her nagging mum the grand child she wanted, she would be called a “MRS” and no longer “MISS,” she won’t have to keep up with the who GNP drama anymore with Stephen and Mrs Ogbanaya playing with her like a toy. And to top it all, she would have more money than she could spend, it was indeed a great deal that most ladies would jump into without any hesitation.

John squatted close to her and said, “you don’t have to give me a reply now, go home and think about it but you have to reply me before the week runs out so I’ll know if I should still buy the engagement ring.” With that, John stood up and walked out of the room.

Samuel stood up and walked to the door, before he walked out of he room, he turned to Jummy, “you might have noticed I don’t really like you, I even told John to go after that your friend but he was more attracted to you, should I give you an advice?”

With her eyes clouded with tears, Jummy looked up at Samuel inquisitively, “take the deal, John can have the present Miss Nigeria if he want with the snap of a finger, but he chose you which means you are truly special to him. As he said, what we both have is just a beneficial sexual relationship, nothing more.”

Samuel walked out of the room too leaving Jummy all alone, the deal seemed more attractive now.

She cried for an extra hour and with a huge effort, she called for a cab, she could risk driving in her situation.

The cab came some minutes later and she gave the driver Zainab’s address. She needed to talk to someone and Zainab was the only one that crossed her mind.

* * * * *

As Zainab cruised pass the huge platform the which had “WELCOME TO FESTAC” written above it, she began to wonder why Henry hadn’t dropped yet.

The journey hadn’t been so much fun as Henry hadn’t spoken much and Zainab wasn’t much of a talker neither, that was why she and Jummy made a good team because Jummy did all the talking for her.

She looked at Henry and then turned back to face the road, but then she glanced at Henry again and back at the road, she wasn’t to ask him why he hadn’t dropped but just didn’t.

Henry who had been silently observing her finally asked, “am I that cute?” He smiled.

“Huh?” Zainab exclaimed, who is deceiving this one? She thought.

“You have been staring at me for quite a long while now, am I that attractive to look at?”

Zainab laughed, “you don’t really want me to answer that.”

Henry joined her laughing, “you are a case. Anyway, how your day by the way?”

“Hectic as usual, but I survived. How about yours, I read the report you wrote and I guess you day went pretty smooth, right?”

“Yes, but not entirely though,” Henry replied and switched on a sober look.

“What went wrong?” Zainab asked.

“I was kinda hoping you would hang around all through the day, but you barely spent a minute.”

“Oh! My work is basically to supervise and take notes. I still wonder why they call me a director since all sections has a sub-director already. So when I saw you had it all covered, I didn’t thing it was necessary I hanged around.

“And at the end of the day, you take all the glory,” Henry sighed and added, “a typical case of Monkey work baboon chop.”

Zainab giggled, “and if things don’t go well, I take all the blame.”

Henry just smiled and kept quiet.

Zainab sighted her bus stop just at the end of the road and became worried once more, “aren’t you going to drop? I’ve almost gotten home.”

“Yes, I am, don’t worry about me, I’ve got it all covered.” He grinned.

“Okay oh, Mr I’ve-got-it-all-covered,” she teased and the both laughed.

As Zainab cruised into the road her house was on, her head lamp caught a glimpse of a figure at her gate, she had long fired the former security guard so she wondered who that could possibly be. She kept her thoughts to herself and cruised closer to the her gate.

Just as she was about to drive pass the house before hers, Henry spoke, “I’ll drop here.”

“Sorry?” She asked like she didn’t hear what he said.

“I said you should stop here.”

“Why? Do you live here?” She asked looking confused.

“Yea, for now though. This is a TOP official house and since I’m now on their payroll, the gave it to me to live in. Its a coincidence that we are now neighbors.” Henry winked.

Zainab just smiled and parked the car, she knew it was more than a mere coincidence, but she couldn’t complain, she knew all of this was just Henry’s way of getting her attention and she liked his method… Creative.

She drove to her gate and stepped out of her car to go and open the gate when she saw who had been standing at her gate all along, it was someone who she least expected, “Toafeek!” She exclaimed, “what are you doing here?”

Toafeek grinned, “is that how you greet your elder brother you haven’t seen in years?”

Zainab felt something was wrong because experience had taught her that august visitors never really brought good news with them. Before Zainab could reply a cab pulled up beside her car at the front of her house and Jummy stepped out of it. Her eyes were swollen and she looked like a mess. Zainab knew something was wrong somewhere.

“Any problem here?” Henry asked as he had gotten closer to Zainab, he spotted Toafeek before he walked into his house and thought it might be trouble, so he decided to come and be Zainab’s knight in a shining armor.

Zainab looked at Jummy, then back at Toafeek before staring at Henry, she could sense a long night ahead.


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#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 29

•I haven’t posted a new episode of #AEWE since thursday last week or there about and I’m sorry but I guess its due to the fact that the ending of this great story has to be perfect. This post is probably the longest #AEWE post I’ve posted so read and kindly drop your thoughts, the next post would be the grande finale so anticipate and watch out for it.

•Brand new episode of #B•I•T•C•H comes tomorrow.


Now to today’s episode…



Sophia hid herself well among the large number of people ascending the steps in the viewing room of the cinema. She watched Sean and Eva from the corner of her eyes as they settled in their seats. Sophia walked past their row and turned right two rows after Sean’s. She sat in a chair directly behind them, settling in comfortably. She had no idea what she was going to do or how she was going to proceed. She had no clear cut strategy or premeditated plan. And that was how she wanted it. She knew the importance of planning. Even Ope had suggested that they come up with various attack and defense options just in case things got out of control. Sophia had carefully listened as he presented his strategies for extraction and infiltration. The objective of the operation was to bug the targets, trace them to their nest and then attack.

Sophia had seen a lot in her career with GhostCorp especially since they began to deal with The Colonel. He was always one step ahead no matter how failsafe their plan was. With every check and balance, with every possibility factored in and with every loophole envisaged, they always came second best. The Colonel was always in the know and was usually more intelligent. Initially, Sophia ha felt that there was someone leaking information to The Colonel. However after a series of serious investigations, she arrived at the answer; The Colonel knew everything about GhostCorp and always predicted every possible step they would take. The chip she collected from Ambrose contained every information about GhostCorp prior to BeeHive’s reprogramming. She had no doubt in her mind that The Colonel was aware of their little plan to rendezvous with Sean and Eva.

So she made her decision. She was going to go in with only one plan; to follow her instincts.

Settling in her seat she removed her necklace, putting it carefully in the small purse that she carried with her. The movie started and the room went graveyard silent. Sophia’s eyes did not leave the back of Sean’s head. She pondered different ways to place the bug in him.

Sean felt very uneasy. He was constantly aware of eyes behind him. He desperately wanted to turn and catch a glimpse of his stalker but he thought better of it. He drew Eva close to him, wrapping his big right arm around her shoulders. They cuddled in that position affectionately like long lost lovers. To the normal eyes, it may seem like a lovers’ cuddle. But they did not just cuddle. Sean was telling her how he suspected someone was already onto them. He felt eye peering at the back of his head. He could not just shake away the feeling. He told Eva he was going to use the rest room. If anyone followed after him, then she should follow. Eva pecked him lightly on the cheek and sank herself deeper in Sean’s embrace.

Five minutes later, Sean got up and went out of the viewing room.

Immediately Sean got up, Sophia thanked her stars. Finally she would get the chance to be alone with Sean. She immediately got up and followed Sean out of the room. As she stepped out she asked the guard standing outside the door where Sean took. The guard signaled towards the ground floor. As Sophia began to move towards the same direction Sean had gone, she slowly but audibly whispered to the guard;

“Stop her.”

The guard did not need any further explanations. His orders were clear. He immediately stood erect and at attention, waiting for Eva to come out of the door at any moment. He checked his baton and straightened his starched black police uniform.

Not too long after, Eva got up from her chair and walked through the door.

“No one is allowed to leave the cinemas lady” The guard said stopping Eva as she tried to leave the viewing room.

Eva ignored him and continued away from the door as the guard was talking. She walked fast, forcing the guard to come after her. He grabbed her by the elbow.

“I said no one is allowed to leave the viewing room.” The guard repeated, yanking her towards him with a strong, turgid pull on her elbow.

That was a huge mistake.

As he tried to force her hand behind her back, she punched his biceps with her free hand. She turned and twisted, freeing herself from his grip. He made to grab her neck with both hands but she saw it coming. She clasped her hands together and put them in between his. She opened both hands forcefully, making his arms fly sideways. She punched him fiercely, a left punch on on the chest and a right one in the belly. The guard was dazed but still strong. He made to get up from his sprawling position but she jumped in the air and launched a black flip kick to his face.

The guard fell on his face. He was not moving anymore.

Eva walked-ran into the male toilet. She half expected to see Sean and Sophia making out. But the toilet was empty. She was disoriented. There was a near tear in her eyes as she thought of where else to look for Sean. She had no idea where else to look. She hurried to the staircase, jumping three steps at a time till she got to the second floor. She checked the male and female toilets in the second floor. Nothing. She was worried. She was desperate. As she walked down the stairs dejectedly to the ground floor, hot tears fell from her cheeks. She had looked everywhere in the cinemas and could not find a trace of Sean. Eva knew how ruthless and dangerous GhostCorp was. She had once been an instrument in their employ. Once you were marked, you could not escape. She could not even begin to imagine the kind of torture that Sean would be going through at the moment. Her heart was beating three times faster than normal. She checked where they had parked. The car was still there. She touched the bonnet to feel whether the car had been driven before she got out. There was no single sign of warmth.

After fifteen minutes of fruitless search, she walked back into the viewing room to get her handbag. She expected to see the guard waiting to pounce on her but he was not. Eva could not be bothered. She was already emotionally drained and was already on edge. She walked slowly to her seat, picked up her bag and began to walk out of the viewing room. Then suddenly she remembered something. She opened the small area where she kept the device that Sean had given her and took it out. She walked briskly to the stairs, got to the car park and entered her car.

She was panting as she got in the car. She closed the doors and engaged the central lock. She adjusted the rear view mirror as she peered into it, making sure that she was alone and not watched.

She put the tiny device inside her ear and it glowed green.

“Hello DaVinci. This is Diana. Are you there? Come in please. It’s a red alert.” Eva said, pressing her hand against her ears.

She silently hoped and prayed that a reply would come in from the other end. She looked sideways, turning left and right as she waited for the Colonel to reply her signals. The car park was getting deserted. People were thinning by the second as they went in to see the movie of the night. It was dark and eerie.

“Hello Da Vinci. Come in Da vinci. This is a red alert over!” Eva said, raising her voice.

She was desperate now and almost in tears. She stifled a sob and bit her lower lip. She sniffed and cleaned her nose on the back of her palm. The Colonel doesn’t usually take this long to reply incoming messages.

As she rested her head on the chair dejectedly, two hands came out of nowhere and grabbed her. One holding her mouth and another covering her eyes.

She tried to let out a scream but nothing came out. Her screams were muffled by the palm covering her mouth.

“Shhhhh….Shhhh…. Be Calm Eva. It’s me.” A voice said.

Eva recognized the voice and relaxed. At the same time the hands that were holding her relaxed and loosened its grip.

“Dad?” Eva asked, looking back amazed.

“Shhhhh….” The Colonel said,

“Quiet, Diana.” He finished, taking out the device from her ears.

“What are you doing here?” Eva asked the Colonel feeling relief and worry at the same time.

“I sensed danger when I lost contact with Sean. So I had to come down to see things for myself.” The Colonel said.

“They took him away. We need to get him back. They took him from under my nose. I was a failure. Now I have no idea where to look. Please help me. Let’s get him back dad. Please.” Eva cried.

She had lost every bit of mental and emotional strength she had mastered over the years as a deadly spy. This was a very different person from the agent that killed targets in cold blood and did not care for her own life nor that of any one else. Yet here she was crying her eyes out and acting totally out of order. She was beginning to show that she was going to be a problem if she did not get back to her killer-agent self immediately.

“Diana! Snap out of this! What has come over you? I demand some composure. Now! Or I am going to waste you myself!” The Colonel threatened brandishing a silver .23 semi automatic.

Eva buried her face in her hands as she gradually got herself together. For the next two minutes, The Colonel watched her carefully as she transformed. With a final heave and sigh, she raised her head. The crying Eva had disappeared. There was a deadly glint in her eyes. It now seemed like she had now found a renewed zeal to kill.
“Better Diana. Now, this is the plan. Sean was the bug. We deliberately left you out of the loop. We planned the whole charade and excluded you. We needed your reaction to be real and convincing because of the agents that would be watching you. We were counting on G.C to go after Sean once he went to the toilet which he did. He has been taken by Sophia but I know where he is. He has an undetectable wet bug inside him that works with his heartbeat.” The Colonel said.

He brought out his iPhone, opened an app and showed it to her.

“The bug is directly connected to his heart. Once his heart stops beating this red dot stops blinking.” The Colonel explained to Eva showing her the red dot.

“This is also a tracker. We can find out where they are.” The Colonel finished.

Eva was not interested in any of the technological gibberish her dad was spewing. With clenched teeth, she spoke.

“I am ready Da Vinci. Just tell me who I have to kill.”


The General pushed the button on the table connecting him to Bee Hive.

“Who is in charge of things down there? This is the General.”

There was a momentary pause. Seconds later a voice replied.

“I am now in charge, Marcus. Things are going to change from here onwards.”

It was the voice of Sophia.

* * * * *

Sophia watched the small 14 inch screen on her table as she spoke. The General looked very upset. He had never been confronted by any of his Lieutenants ever in all his time as an enigma in the force. She smiled to herself. The General had no idea she was watching him. She had instructed Ope to rerun the cabling in BeeHive the night before. She had bugged the Control Room where the General now occupied, attaching a very small unique surveillance camera on the wall. It was a very flat device which was adjusted to fit into the light switch.

Sean sat across her on a couch inside Bee Hive. He was disoriented and drowsy. Sophia had injected him with a kind of serum to make him lose consciousness. Sophia had got him quite easily. She knew the kind of attraction she had on him and she had never doubted her ability to use her charms on any man.

As Sean walked out of the viewing room, Sophia had followed him immediately. He walked briskly and descended the stairs, taking a right as he entered the Gents. He entered a cubicle, unzipped his fly and began to pee.

Sophia had entered quietly behind him without him noticing. She held a very small jack knife in her hand, placing it just on top of Sean’s d1ck cap. Sean’s urine ceased abruptly. He could not continue.

“Hello baby. Miss me?” She said softly into his ear, using her tongue to stimulate the edges of his right ear.

“Sophie. How did you find me?” Sean asked. His urine finally found a way of resuming, the barely transparent liquid flowing into the basin.

“I always knew where you were Sean. I only needed to wait out the goons who were always around you. Most especially that Naughty Lady who is always clinging onto you like she owns you.” Sophia finished spitefully, the jack knife lowering harder on his limp d1ck.

“Easy baby. I don’t know you to be a jealous lover. There is enough of me to go round you know.” Sean said in a mock manner.

Just as Sean was shaking the last few drops of pee off his d1ck and putting it back in his pants, two tall men in black suits and dark shades opened the door to the cubicle and dragged Sean out. Sean did not even try to fight. They injected him with some form of serum and he immediately passed out. They dragged him through the emergency exit. Locking the door behind them, the men carried Sean through the staircase behind the building with Sophia following closely behind.

There was a chopper waiting on the landing already fired up and ready for lift off. The two men had bundled Sean into the chopper sandwiching him between them as Sophia sat beside the pilot. Sophia and her crew were midway through their journey when Ope radioed in. One .of the two men who had captured Sean, handed over the phone to Sophia

“Target is visible. Looks disoriented. She’s in the car park. Seems like she is looking for something. What’s your command Sophia?” Ope had asked

“Just keep an eye on her. I doubt that she would be a threat. She doesn’t do when she is emotionally destabilized and that is what we have done. I do not see The Colonel around but you have to make sure that you have your eyes wide open. He is the remaining part of this Take Out operation. As long as The Colonel is at large, we cannot relax. We have not won. He is the only one who can cause us problems now and inflict real damage. That is not an option. However, if you notice anything funny or the least suspicious, do not hesitate. Take her out. Keep your senses Ope. This is a very crucial stage.” Sophia replied.

“Roger that ma. We have found the location of the Colonel. After careful scanning and infiltration of the perimeter, we located their temporary hideout. However, he was not in the building when we got there. I have increased the number of agents and collected a few exhibits. We are totally aware of his ability to blend in with his surroundings and disappear within the blink of an eye. We are leaving nothing to chance. We plan to box him in once we sight him.” Ope said.

“Very well then soldier. Carry on. Keep me informed on all proceedings. Over and out.” Sophia finished, ending the conversation.

It had been a very quiet twenty second flight.

Sophia did not really feel comfortable that she was leaving Ope alone to handle the Colonel by himself but she had no choice. She had a greater demon to face and she had no shred of doubt in her mind that no one else could pull it off asides her. She swallowed saliva and closed her eyes as the chopper descended to eighteen feet above the ground. They were 600km away from Bee Hive. A huge Mack cooling truck came out of a right bend and sped on ahead of them. The chopper moved carefully towards the van until it was directly on top above it. The Van increased speed, moved a little distance away from the chopper and parked in the middle of the road. The chopper moved forwards, reducing its speed as it got to the van. The chopper was back above the van. Carefully, the chopper landed on the roof of the van, its hinges sitting comfortably on the van. . The pilot killed the engine of the chopper. He stepped out onto the roof of the van and bent low, using customized iron restraints to fasten the chopper to the van. When he was done he hit the roof of the van twice and screamed at the driver below them:


The van began to move slowly, gradually increasing speed, carrying the chopper along on its roof. Seven minutes later, they got to the gate of the building where Bee Hive carried out all its operations. The gate was deserted and the surveillance cameras did not scan their vehicle for automatic access. Sophia smiled. All was going according to plan.

The pilot dropped a ladder from the chopper to the ground and got off the chopper first, followed by Sophia and then the two thugs. The second thug carried Sean on his shoulder as he descended the ladder. Sophia waited at the gate as the thugs approached her.

“I guess this is where we part ways. You promised I would get a full reward.” The pilot said to Sophia as the thugs stood beside her.

“Yes I did. And I do not go back on my word, Never.” Sophia said. She nodded to the second thug.

He put his hand inside the bosom pocket of his jacket and took out three bundles of hundred one thousand dollar bills. He handed it to the pilot, who collected it with a very pleased grin on his face.

“Would you like to count them before you leave?” Sophia asked.

“No. That won’t be necessary at all. Thank you. It was nice doing business with you madam.” The pilot said.

“You are welcome. Now leave. I am expecting guests any moment. And remember, do not start ignition till you get to the point where we joined the Van. Am I clear?” Sophia asked.

“Crystal clear ma’am” The pilot answered and headed back to the ladder.

He threw a bundle at the driver of the truck who had been in the truck all along. He climbed the ladder, folded it and signaled to the truck driver to move the truck. The truck reversed, faced the road and slowly picked up speed as it headed back to the high way.

Sophia had carefully estimated the time it took for them to get to BeeHive from the moment the chopper landed on top of the van. It took about seven minutes. She had already set her stop watch as the truck drove away from the premises. She waited patiently for the alarm on her clock to go off. On exactly seven minutes the alarm went off. She took out a small black detonator which had a red button on it. She pressed the button.

The Chopper exploded, its many parts scattering in different directions. The Van was not left out in the combustion as it also burst into flames, the fire consuming everything inside it. None of the men survived.

There was a small keypad attached to the gate which allowed for entry into the building. Sophia entered the password and the gate opened inwards. They walked into the building with Sophia in front and the thugs behind. Sophia got out her .43 gold plated automatic pistol from her hip, corking it twice and attaching the silencer as they approached the door. As they got to the front door and tried to enter, an agent came out from the back of the building walking towards them.

“Good Evening Agent S. What brings you here? Is that not Sean?” The agent said surprised.

The agent was a snitch, one of the numerous spies who were faithful to the General. He had a record of not keeping his mouth shut and running to the General with every bit of new information he got whether the information was relevant or irrelevant. Sophia could not risk the chance.

In the twinkle of an eye, she pointed the gun at his forehead and pulled the trigger. The bullet pierced his left eye, coming back out through the back of his head. Blood splattered all over his face. He fell in a heap. Dead.

Sophia turned to the second thug who was not holding anything.

“Take care of that. And make it snappy. When you are done, stand guard out here and watch out for anything. Let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary” She said, putting the gun back in her hip.

The thug nodded and went to the body. He pulled the corpse by the hands, dragging him behind the building. Sophia waited till he was out of sight then pushed the buttons on the keypad again. The door re-opened and they went in. The thug carrying Sean moved him from his left shoulder to his right one.

“He is heavy, yeah? You’re getting tired?” Sophia asked him.

“No ma’am. Just balancing the pressure on both sides of my body.” The thug replied. He knew the danger of answering in the affirmative. Sean was indeed heavy, weighing almost the same as him. He was actually getting tired, but he dared not say that he was.

They walked quickly to an elevator and rode it to the third floor. The elevator stopped and they got out. They stepped out onto a long corridor with the walls decorated with sparkling white tiles. The ends of the corridor could be seen from where they stood. There were no door, no windows, and no entrances. It was just a corridor.

Sophia smiled. Tawo was smart but not very smart. He had redesigned the building and had the BeeHive floor reconstructed with no entry point. It was the perfect design. No one could enter BeeHive from outside. The agents in BeeHive were geeks, experts and gadget freaks who had no interest in any form of socialization. They lived, breathed and drank secret codes, information, satellite redirection and all other form of technological needs. They had no family. The random times they had to leave BeeHive, Tawo had specifically designed a special kind of goggle which rendered anyone who wore it blind as long as he had it on. Anyone except Ope.

Ope had been able to find a way to bypass the goggle’s programming. And to make matters easier, Tawo had a lot of respect for Ope. He saw him as his successor, the younger brother he never had, and the friend he could rely on. He trusted Ope, perhaps a bit too much. He had told Ope the secret passage into entering Bee Hive.

And Ope had told Sophia.

Sophia walked right, advancing to the end of the corridor. She stood face to face with a brick wall. The thug behind her was beginning to pant now.

“Lay him down over there and stand beside him.” Sophia instructed pointing to the opposite wall behind him.

He did as commanded, gently laying Sean down on the ground, resting his back on the wall. Sophia turned and began to count the tiles from her right.


When she had gotten to the last tile count, she used her finger nail at the edge of that single tile, trying to claw out something. After a few claws, the tile face pulled off like a fake coating. She pulled the whitish skin-like cover off the tile to reveal a transparent screen like panel, the exact same size as the tile. She put her whole left palm on the screen and applied a little pressure on it. The screen lit up and seconds later, some text appeared on the screen with a small box underneath the text.


It was Russian for “Password”.

Sophia clicked on the small box and a small keypad appeared covering the whole screen. It contained entirely Russian characters and symbols. Sophia typed the characters as she had been taught several times by Ope and pressed the activate key. The screen went blank. After several seconds, the wall beside her to her right split open from the middle sideways. It was not actually a wall but a door designed with bricks and tiles to look exactly like the other parts of the wall. No one could tell the difference.

“Welcome agent Tawo.” A computerized voice said as Sophia stepped into the enclosure.

She signaled to the thug and he quickly carried Sean and brought him inside the enclosure. The door closed and the small cubicle spun clockwise 180 degrees. As the door opened Sophia had pulled her gun out and had it behind her. They stepped into the large room which was divided into several sections with lots of cubicles. There were twenty seven workstations in all, with different agents seated before them typing codes, tracing routes, writing algorithms and monitoring surveillance. A few agents looked up to stare at the new entrants but quickly continued with what they had been doing before. They did not seem to be too bothered with who this woman was. None of them was trained in any form of physical combat so accosting them would be useless.

Sophia walked confidently to a big table which was at the extreme end of the room. A man in a sweat shirt and jeans stood with his back to them and his arms akimbo. He was starring seriously at a screen in front of him.

Sophia walked to the table, hitting it a few times with her free hand to get the man’s attention. The man turned and looked at her, staring in disbelief at the person who now stood in front of him.

“Sophia?” The man asked.

“Hello Agent Nedu. Who is in charge of things down here?” Sophia asked, sitting one butt on the edge of the table.

“I am.” Nedu replied.

Sophia pulled out the gun from behind her hip, pointing it at Agent Nedu’s chest. The frightened look on his face almost made her change her mind. He was a handsome lad, someone who could someday satisfy her s3xual fantasies. But she had a job to do. She could always find a boy to indulge her cravings.

“Not anymore Nedu.” Sophia said.

She shot Nedu on the chest, sending him backwards. He fell, hitting the screen on the wall and dragging it down with him as he fell. He was groaning softly, fighting to stay alive. Sophia climbed the table, standing over him like an eagle surveying its prey. He tried to reach into his pocket slowly, with the last strength he had.

Sophia shot him again, twice.

She turned to face the agents in the room who were now looking at her with fear written on their faces. They had all stopped what it is they were doing. Sophia sat on the table, swinging her legs. She removed the cartridge of the gun, checked the amount of bullets left, and inserted it back.

“Have no fear agents. My name is Sophia. I am your new Boss. Does anyone have any objections, questions or comments?” Sophia asked looking round at the agents.

A white chubby lady in glasses raised her hand, getting up on her chair. She wore a pink flannel shirt on top of a black flair skirt with black high heel shoes..

“Oh. We have some one. Please step forward.” Sophia said.

The lady got out of her seat and came towards Sophia, standing six yards away from her.
“What is your name please?” Sophia asked.

“My name is Anna.” The lady replied meekly.

“You are a very courageous woman, Anna. Goodbye.” Sophia said and shot her in the head.

“Any other person?” Sophia asked sarcastically, looking around again.

The room was very quiet. All that could be heard was the silent humming of the servers and the soft breeze from the air conditioners. Nobody spoke.

“Good. Just as I expected. Now that we are clear, I want every single one of you to resume your normal duties. If I find anyone slightly suspicious, that would be the end.”

Everyone went back to their normal duties and acted as though nothing had happened. The thug dropped Sean on a chair and took away the two bodies. She sat on the chair that Nedu had initially occupied, watching a little screen to her left.

Thirty minutes later, the General had called and she had answered. She waited patiently, watching him through the screen. He scratched his bald head and paced the room, his hands held together behind him, deep in thought. After five minutes, he pressed the button.

“Sophia, let’s talk. Can you come up?” The General pleaded.

“I will tell you when I am ready Marcus. Keep your fingers crossed.” Sophia replied.

* * * * *

Eva drove out of the parking lot, moving slowly and carefully so as not to arouse suspicion. The Colonel lay low at the back seat of the car, instructing Eva to take it cool. There were agents following them and they needed to be thrown off track. If they suspected anything, they would corner Eva and have her smoked. That would be the end.

“How many cars do we have on our tail?” The Colonel asked, still crouched at the back seat of the car.

“I am seeing two sedans. They are doing a very good job and they are alternating very well. Only a trained eye would notice this.” Eva replied.

“Good job girl. Now follow the road that leads through bar beach and get to Bonny camp. You have to take Onikan through to Awolowo road and enter the Total filling station there. That’s where we would lose them.” The Colonel said.

“What happens when we get to Total, dad?” Eva asked.

“Let’s just say, I have got friends of mine.” The Colonel replied and continued.

“Just make sure that we get there in one piece.” The Colonel finished.

“How is Sean doing?” Eva asked.

“He is still alive. How long that remains so depends on how soon we can get to him.” The Colonel replied.

Just then, one of the Sedans, a Toyota Quest overtook them and moved into their lane, driving just in front of them. The jeep behind continued to drive closer while the one in front reduced speed drastically.

The Colonel could not pretend anymore. They could not afford to be busted this way.

“Do you notice what is happening, girl?” The Colonel said, getting up and sitting on the chair.

“Yes Dad. They are trying to box us in.” Eva replied with a smile.

“You know what to do don’t you?” The Colonel asked.

“I was born for this Da Vinci. Hang on” Eva replied.

They were in a Ford Mustang which had iron suspenders and a strong metal barricade around its front and rear lights. Eva changed gears and stepped on the accelerator, hitting the car in front of them. The Toyota Quest in front of them swerved left and right, in an attempt to gain balance after the collision. Eva stepped on the brakes, swerved right and overtook the car in front of her. She switched gear again and stepped on the accelerator, hitting the 80km/hr mark on the speedometer.

A Toyota Tundra came out from nowhere, hot on the trail of Eva’s vehicle. It was closing gap fast and would make impact soon. Eva stepped on the accelerator. They had just got to Bonny Camp and were speeding towards Onikan roundabout. Eva was going at 100km/hr now trying to out run the Tundra. The Colonel saw that the Tundra kept gaining speed and was almost close. Eva would not be able to out run it.

“Hit the brakes girl and swerve left when I tell you” The Colonel commanded, taking out a .23 semi-automatic caliber pistol from his socks.

As Eva stepped on the brakes in little continuous pumps making the car jerk forwards a few times, the Colonel pressed a button to wind down the windows. Jerking and slowing down from the huge speed that they were initially driving at, the car gradually slowed down allowing the Tundra to catch up with them. The Tundra came left, trying to hit the rear of the Ford so that the car would skid and spin off the road. The Colonel was watching the Tundra carefully from the rear mirror. As the Tundra almost got to the tail of the ford, the Colonel shouted,

“Swerve! Now!!”

The Tundra narrowly missed hitting the Ford as Eva swerved hard to her left crossing the road. The Tundra failed to make impact with the Ford, causing it to lose control and swerve right. The moment was perfect for the Colonel because the driver was now directly opposite him. He bent forwards at the window and shot two straight bullets at the driver which caught him on the neck and on the chest.

The car continued to swerve right until it fell into the lagoon.

They reversed and turned into Onikan roundabout moving into Awolowo road. Eva sped forwards and the Colonel checked his bullet chamber, winding up the window. A BMW X6 appeared on Eva’s rear view tail.

“We have another stalker. Any instructions?” Eva asked,

“Just head to the filling station as instructed. I will handle things from there.”

Eva sped through Awolowo road, running the red lights and swerving away from slow cars. There were two cars behind her now, trying to catch up with them and they were doing impressively well. In no time they got to the filling station and drove straight into the garage with the door closing behind them.

One of the cars trailing them continued along the road while the other also turned into the filling station, but parked inside. The driver came out and approached an attendant asking that he needed to align his wheels. He used that opportunity to study the garage and hope that the garage door would open and Eva would come out any moment.

Eva parked above a round manhole covered by a metal lid. On the Colonel’s instructions, they uncovered the lid and climbed down the man hole which was supposed to act as drainage but had not been used in many years. The manhole led to a tunnel which in turn led to an opening behind the filling station. There was a car waiting for them as they got out of the man hole on the other side of the tunnel, with The Colonel taking the wheel and Eva getting in beside him.

“Now, we finish this.” The Colonel said as he started the ignition.

They sped off north and headed towards BeeHive.


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Well, MTN in association with M-tech and yours truly presents to you – Naija Life Stories.


What’s this all about?

We are aware that not everybody has the ability to browse the internet daily just to read and follow your favorite stories, and for those who can, we know its really expensive, stressful and not to talk about the issue of bad network. So MTN, M-Tech and Yours truly locked ourselves in a room in other to brainstorm and think of a way to make reading and following your favorite stories easily and after consulting the oracle, we got the perfect solution

How do we plan on doing this?

Simple! By sending you the stories directly to your mobile phone as text messages (both in MMS and SMS formats)

How much is it?

This is the most interesting part about this whole initiative. You won’t believe how affordable it is. *drum roll* For the “chicken” change of 30 naira, you get fresh new episodes of stories sent to your phone for a whole week, YES! You heard me right! 30 box for a whole. Week. I’m horrible in mathematics so correct me if I’m wrong, but I think with just 120 naira, you’ll be covered for a whole month. Isn’t this just great?

How do I subscribe?

This is easy, even an illiterate can do it, just send NLW as an sms to 4900 and you would get a confirmatory text sent to you immediately.

Now, the whole initiative is still being tested so we are starting with a few short stories so as to know what you guys think about it and also gather enough fan base before we start the main series. The only reason I’m telling you guys this before its officially released to the whole Nigeria and beyond is because you guys follow the best literature/ writing blog ever known to man :).

So basically, what I want you guys to do for me is simple.

1) Subscribe to the package.

2) Tell your friends and enemies to tell their children and wives that they should tell their own uncles and aunties to subscribe to this wonderful package.

3) Like I said earlier, its still being tested, so your feedbacks in all forms, be it suggestions, complaints or even approvals would be appreciated and welcomed so as to make it a success.

For additional info, send me a mail to snipesmoney@gmail.com.


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