Tottenham through, Arsenal agree Morata deal?? and more.

Morning everyone, boring night of football yesterday cause.. Who really watches europa league??!!! . Anyways the europa league is finally through with the round of 32 (wtf is that!!). Tottenham were able to overturn their first leg deficit and progressed at the expense of Dnipro with an aggregate score

Tottanham 3 – 2 Dnipro

Lloris made a last minute super save which probably won them the tie. 2 goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and the Tottenham fans were in absolute delirium, you’d think they had just played Bayern or Barcelona. Smh

Juventus went through with a clinical 2 – 0 win at Trabzonspur with goals from Arturo Vidal, who seems to be getting better daily and Pablo Osvaldo. They’ll go through and face Fiorentina. It’s a real shame though that we won’t be seeing the talent of players like Pogba and Vidal in this years champions league.

The games I’ll be looking forward to in the round of 16 will probably be

Juventus – Fiorentina
FC Porto – Napoli
Tottenham – Benfica

Last day of the SUG week in my school, was fun while it lasted though, Campaign rallies and all. Reminded me of the Messi (football) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) fans beef of like 3 years. Madrid fans spend time digging up pointless stats and noise about why Ronaldo should win and the football fans just there looking at them calmly cause we all know who’ll win.

In transfer news, rumour has it that Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata and all that’s left is to make a deal with the club. I take all Arsenal news with a pinch of salt.

That’s me done for today, ‘REAL’ football continues tomorrow with the major leagues resuming. Have a good day.


A warm welcome to soccer gists

Welcome to the first post in the football section which timely coincides with the champions league round of 16 games. My name is Chocc and I’ll be taking you round the football world with a bias to the EPL, giving a lot of concise analysis of football in general.

Okay, enough of that… Yesterday was crazy!!!. I mean what has Ancelotti got that team on?? Chistar was just laughing throughout the game which was very sad for me, cause I won’t hear word for the rest of the week 😦 . BALE, Ronaldo and Benzema all scored 2 goals each with a consolation goal from Huntelaar. Seems like the 96 million man is coming around..finally. You pay that kind of money for a player and you expect that kind of performance week in week out.
Final score: Shalke 04 1 – 6 Real Madrid.
So there’s a quarter-final place done and dusted.

Chelsea yesterday had a mixed night, most fans expected a drubbing cause of the horrible play of Galatasaray in the opening minutes, some will be happy with a draw though as Galatasaray are no push-overs either.
Final score : Galatasaray 1 – 1 Chelsea
That scoreline will probably be good news to Manchester city,Arsenal and Liverpool fans as it means Chelsea will need to field a full strenght side at Stamford bridge to ensure qualification. This will impact negatively on the strenght and freshness of the team for the EPL final run-in, with the second-leg sandwiched between home games against Tottenham, a trip to a resurgent Aston Villa and a visit from Arsenal

In other news manchester united are still not back…LOOOOOL. At first I was laughing at the United team but now I just feel sorry for them. 6th in the EPL, expecting a miracle in the champions league with an aging squad, very average players who are past it, a clueless manager (don’t quote me on that!!!), you’ll forgive me if I fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some europa league games today,Boring stuff except if you play 9ja bet.. Then they’re interesting… Very interesting. That’ll be all for today. When’ll my next post be??!! Tomorrow of course.


I have a small confession to tell you guys. Everything I told you guys in My Complicated Love Story 1 was true, but the truth is I didn’t tell you guys the complete story, I left quite a huge chunk of important details that I thought wasn’t important but judging from the events of the past seven months, I think I was wrong. I think I’m already talking too much, let’s get back to the story. So to make up, I’ll tell you guys just what I missed in the next few episodes.

PS: this is just a sneak preview to keep your mouth watery… I’ll probably start the story properly after I finish CELL 6 – Origin… So anticipate!!!

– 1 –

Love? Don’t try that shit! Ever again.


I’ll never really get to fully understand how Wizkid does it, Sarz mixes a crazy beat and Wizkid screams yaaga! On it and thus we have a club banger.

The notorious three; Urch, Tayo and I, were victims of this Wizkid’s “jazz.” We found ourselves dancing like hypnotized “Cele” church members to one of his most famous song at the VIP section of Liquid Lounge and Bar, PH.

To everyone, It seemed like a normal friday night filled with drinks and semi-nude girls walking around, but to us, it was a lot more than that. It was more like a celebration of a successful vengeance that was plotted by yours truly (me) and was successfully pulled off with the help of my two roommates.

“The babe go drink dettol as soon as she reach house,” Tayo said, he had to screamed because the music blaring from the speakers was ridiculously loud.

“Tah! She no go fit reach house self. Na for that Choba junction she go stand so trailer go jamb am,” Urch quickly added and we all laughed out so loud as we headed to the closest sit to rest a little before the round two started.

“But, Anne really screwed me up oh!” I said. Those were the first words that came out of my mouth that evening.

“If to say I no see this thing happen with my eye and person tell me say that Anne babe fit do you like this, I for no believe oh.” Tayo said.

“Oga! Calm down. Shey you know the girl before wey you dey talk all this one? You dey do like say you no know say Anne na family friend? Na girl wey her mama know my mama!” Urch replied with a surprising annoyed tone that made me wonder if he was the one that the girl had played or me.

“But all this one na history jhur! We don treat her fuck up! She go know say you no fit do our nigga anyhow and go like that.” Tayo said.

“Abi oh! She no go fit tell her friends the story self!” I added and a long uncontrollable laughter followed suite.


I know you are wondering what the fuck I’m talking about and the major question on your mind now is “who is Anne?” Right?. Let me take you back to the very beginning, where it all started.


SEVEN MONTHS AGO (Right before the 2013 ASUU strike started.)

At this point, I and Sandra were still dating and were both deeply in love, or so I thought. It turned out that even after how much we had been through, we weren’t just meant to be together and we finally decided to go our different ways after several ups and downs.

So here I was, a happily single guy with no girl in my life, laying on my bed in the bedroom with my laptop at my front and ear piece plugged in, watching Games Of Thrones when the door suddenly swings open and the person who walks in is no other person but our fourth room mate, Cynthia.

“I’m here!” She said in an annoying, comical tone that I assume was funny to her.

Now when I say Cynthia is the fourth room mate, I don’t mean she officially lives with us but, Cynthia turns out to be Tayo new girlfriend who has unlimited access to our house and spends hours when ever she come… Obviously, you should know she comes everyday.

As soon as I looked up and saw who it was, I increased the volume of the movie I was watching and tried my possible best to ignore her, but sadly she is one of those people you just can’t ignore.

“Michael!” She called out my name. I acted like I didn’t hear her, silently pray she would carry her body odour and go away.

“Michael!!!” She called out in a louder tone, but I some how still ignored her.

She walked closer to me and forcefully pulled out the ear piece from my ears.

“You don’t use to hear in the afternoon?” She asked.

OFFENCE NUMBER ONE: you don’t ever pull out my ear piece from my ears when I’m watching Games Of Throne or listening to Kendrick Lamar murder a beat.

You know that urge you get when all that would be in your mind is “God why don’t I have a gun?” That was exactly how I felt. My stare alone spoke volumes and she understood she had done something wrong.

“I just wanted to ask if you know where Tayo is,” she explained without me even asking.

Ode! You no know say the guy don dey avoid you since? I thought.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled.

“Okay, if he comes home, tell him I came over.” She replied and walked out before I could think of a perfect yoruba curse that would fit the situation.

Just so you know, Cynthia was Tayo first girlfriend right after he and Queeneth broke up. She is his course mate and seemed like a nice girl at first, but after a while, she became the opposite and started to irritate both Urch and I, and the funny thing is Tayo soon got tired of her too so he started sending her signals but she was so dumb that she didn’t see the signs.

Anyway, I let out an elongated sigh as soon as she was out of sight and attempted to continue watching my movie but the vibe had been killed so I shut down the laptop and decided to use the little time I had to prepare for lectures. The time was around 10am and my lecture was by 11am.

I was in and out of the bathroom within minutes. I had no intention of dressing to kill since I had just one lecture that day so I simply put on a chinos trousers with my two years old All Stars on my feet and a Ralph Lauren top, my pure silver Movado wrist watch was there to give the outfit a massive “Ghen-Ghen” boost and with that, I majestically bounced out of the bedroom straight to the sitting room after grabbing a notebook and that was I first saw her.

Sitting on the one and only couch we had in the house, was perhaps the most beautiful girl – living or dead, God had ever created. She didn’t have on the best of out outfits but her simple blue jean and yellow Polo seemed to fit her just perfectly.

I stood transfixed for almost a whole minute staring at her and trying to convince myself that she was just human and not a goddess of some sorts, when Tayo turned back and broke the spell by asking, “o boy, you don dey go class?”

Before he spoke, I didn’t even notice he was sitting on a chair just right at the front of the girl. I also immediately wondered how Cynthia passed the sitting room and didn’t see Tayo

“Yea,” I replied. “I don even late.” I added intentionally.

“Na Abuja Campus you dey go abi?”

“Yes… Any better?”

“Not really, just that my friend here is heading that way and I don’t want her to walk alone because I don’t trust all this uniport boys.” Tayo replied grinning.

“Oh! Okay na, she can come with me, if you trust me enough to take care of her.” I replied, trying to absorb the shock of the fact that Tayo just actually spoke good english and not pidgin to me.

“Sure, I trust you. That’s why I’m telling you self, so…”

“Why are you both talking like I’m invisible, aren’t you going to at least introduce me or something?” The girl said, cutting Tayo of.

“Oh! Sorry for that.” Tayo apologized. ” Michael meet my friend, Anne. Anne meet my flat mate and padi of life, Michael.” With that, I walked closer to Anne and shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” I said and let out the killer smile I had practiced for days with a mirror.

“Same here.” She replied and smiled back at me. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating if I say that six seconds (yes, I timed it) of her smile, would have been enough to raise even Lazarus from his grave

Right there, in the sitting room and presence of God, Tayo and the devil, my fate was sealed. It was official that I was stucked to Anne, and I know many of you are just like me and don’t believe in love at first sight but I started to believe on that very spot.

Now the problem is… Anne wasn’t the one for me, or so I thought.



The question up there might be on most of you all mind, well, I’m here! I told you guys that I’ll be very busy once I get to school, and busy is what I’ve been. Now, I sincerely apologize for my total absence from you guys (not the writing scene cause I still write for quite a few blogs and other platforms) and I’m pretty sure you guys have forgiven me.

Anyway, I’ve been up to a lot of things writing wise, thanks to you guys support and publicity, I hardly have time to write my own story. And yea, a story of mine is currently being shot as a movie (I’ll tell you guys about this when the time is right), I’m still looking for more movies scripts offer though, so if you know any way I can get my stories down there kindly let me know.

Also, after considering how much that has gone on in my Love Life since the conclusion of My Complicated Love Story, I felt that there is need for a part 2 to the Story and maybe a part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and so on and so forth, so I picked up my phone and typed a few paragraphs. I’ll post it later on this week so you guys can either ginger me to continue or just let laying dogs lie. I’ll likely title it “My Complicated Love Story II (the story has only just begun),” so anticipate. There are new and interesting characters in my Life.

CELL 6 – The Origin is still on board. Since its very different from my preferred genre of writing, I’m having difficulty in writing it, I’m done with just two episodes and the prologue and I’m scared of actually posting it for several reasons. One of them being I’m not sure I can vouch for my consistency since my exams are starting next month and I plan on graduating with a 1st class (can I hear an amen?). And another reason being I’m scared I might not execute the story properly and therefore spoil my reputation in delivering high suspense and fun to read stories.

I want to build my Twitter/blog fan base, so if you love me and you are on twitter, follow and mention me on twitter so I can add you to my list. What would you gain from joining the list? You get a twitter mention whenever I make a new post with the link to the post.

On a brighter note, did you guys hear that UNIPORT, my current school, came first overall in the just concluded NUGA games? As in, the kind of gap we gave UNILAG who are the second eh! I had to reload the page twice to be sure that I didn’t open the olympics page or something like that. As in I’m still wondering how we happen to bag 63 gold medal while the second closest school got just 13 or something that, as in what were they doing when we were carrying all the medals na?. Anyway I guess that’s why we are refereed to as Unique Uniport… Greatest Gba Gba! Greatest Gbo Gbo! Ever Conscious Kpoin!!!… (If e dey pain you, knack your head for wall, lol.)

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now. I’ve got lectures by 9am this morning so I’m going to try and grab some sleep right now. Your comments and responses are highly welcomed because I’ll need them to know that you guys still have my back.

Till we meet again, I remain your one and only CHISTAR, the only Star with a “chi.” Get it? If not, forget it. Lol.