#B•I•T•C•H: The Story After The Story

So as expected, I got mixed reactions from most readers who said there were some “unfinished” business in the story. I hate to say it out loud but I guess you guys were right. So I decided to write this short follow up on “the story after the story.” Please note that this isn’t exactly part of the story, just clearing the air. View it as an Epilogue. Enjoy.



Well, it pretty easy to see that after her multiple flings and dating travails, Zainab finally found someone who she was compatible with and was willing to go the extra length for her like wise.

Whether she got married to the person or not is a question I can’t really answer. But I can tell you confidently she found true love.

Currently, she still works at TOP and doesn’t miss any opportunity she gets to co-direct Henry’s movie.


Jummy Jummy Jummy… The comedian of the story who love made “less funny.” At the beginning, Jummy was a free spirited lady and comedian of the story, until the issue with John came up.

Jummy finally openly confessed her love to John after all he did to her and well, I think she gave John a second chance, although I’m not sure (I hear rumors that they had a secret wedding). Well, I can’t blame her, its kind of hard to stay mad at someone who took a bullet for your best friend all because he wants to see you happy.

Work wise, things are cool.


When I first created this character. What I had in mind was to twist Jummy’s life a little which I think I did well… Hey! I know I went a little too far but Jummy was too free spirited and happy, I had to give her a reason to cry. I believe life isn’t a bed of roses and it would have been too fake for Jummy to go through the story without any tough challenge.

So the ‘bi-sexual’ issue was just a twist to the story and well, I think I also touched another aspect of our everyday life that can’t be ignored.

Just in case you are still wondering, he didn’t die from the gunshot as it narrowly missed his heart and well, he got to the hospital early enough.

I’ve said all I need to say about his relationship with Jummy in Jummy’s paragraph.

Also, his self owned business isn’t booming yet, but it’s growing at a steady pace.


Just as there is always a hero and villain in every story, I think we can all agree to one fact; Richard was the. major villain in this story.

He pushed Zainab to the length and tried all he could to make her life a living hell, he almost succeeded but I guess at the end, the hero always wins.

He is currently based in Ghana and ironically, he is now an “up-coming” musical video producer still trying to make a name for himself in Ghana and building his brand all over again… Its been hard without finance.


This is one character who unlike 90 percent of my other characters, isn’t a sucker for love. Through out the story, I made sure I avoided mentioning anything about love when it comes to him, well, except his “romantic” breakfast of akara and bread with Jummy.

After the whole kidnap incidence, he got called up to a legitimate company he submitted his CV to and well, he is currently working there and he is well paid. He even has a house at FESTAC just like Henry, Zainab and Jummy.


Boniface is a smart man, so his relationship status is quite obvious.

Currently, his firm is one of the most successful one in the city and yea… He is still a cocky asshole.


How his matter died still amazes me. But I guess you can buy your way out of anything.

He is currently based in South Africa with his family and currently works as a sales man… How ironic.


Stephen finally became a full time manager and was transferred to and GNP branch in Abuja. He still sends Jummy strange messages in which he think are romantic.

PS: for characters I didn’t mention, you just have to fill in the blank spaces yourself 🙂

Thanks for reading.

“CELL 6 – Origin” COMING SOON!!!

#B•I•T•C•H: Hold your breath – Episode 42



Nowadays, people say love is overrated. They say love is an excuse to get hurt. They say love is for the weak. They say all sort of things but they forget that love is sharing, love is forgiving, love is honest, love is peaceful, love is patient and most especially… Love conquereth all.


“You know you shouldn’t have done that, right?” The man with the tool box, who Taofeek now knew as Mr K, said to Mr Dare as he saw that Mr Dayo let Zainab see Taofeek at the back of the bus.

“The girl has been pretty cooperative, the least we can do is give her a reason to remain cooperative.” Mr Dayo replied.

“You could have just let her speak to him not expose our location… The most important rule of this our business is never expose you location!!!” Mr K yelled.

“Why are you being so paranoid?” Mr Dayo said calmly, “aren’t we changing location right away?”

“That doesn’t mean we should…” Mr K tried to say.

“Take a chill pill K, everything is under control. Now can you be a gentleman and drive us to the next location?” Mr Dayo said in a way that sounded like a question, but was more of a order.


Once again, Henry found himself driving like a madman all the way to Oke-Afa. One thing was certain; Taofeek was still alive and Zainab had seen him so it was obvious the kidnappers haven’t noticed the bags they were filled with newspapers.

“Do you have any idea where the church is?” Henry asked.

Zainab lips curved into a light smile, “so you don’t even know the place and you are driving with such confidence.” She leaned back on the chair. “I thought you knew everywhere in Lagos.”

Henry could sense she was trying to tease him so he quickly shut her up, “do you know the place? Yes or no,” he said sternly.

Zainab shrugged, “take a left turn at the next intersection.” She replied.

Henry did as told but then again, he had barely driven for a minute before Zainab instructed him to take another turn and then he saw it.

The church was pretty big and seemed to have over four distinctively big buildings within its compound and apart from a couple of light bulbs that had been left on from the previous evening service, the whole compound was dark and seemed totally deserted.

It was a perfect place for the final drop, Henry thought out loud as he couldn’t help but admit that it he were to be a kidnapper, he would have chosen same place.

They had few minutes left before Mr Dayo call, so Henry suggested they surveyed the area just in case. Zainab didn’t object.

They both walked out of the car and walked into the church.


“Hello!” John said as he picked up the phone call.


“Hello… Jummy?” John said again.

“I need your help,” Jummy finally reply.

“Hmmm… Do you know what the time is?”

“Yes… I need you to come over to my place, please.”

John pondered a little but accepted anyway. “I’m on my way,” he said and hung up.


“Is that your phone that’s ringing?” Henry asked as he and Zainab walked into the main auditorium and heard a phone ringing echoing round the church.

Zainab knew it wasn’t her phone just checked anyway just to be sure. “No, it isn’t. Maybe someone forget his phone in the church or something like that.”

The ignored the first ring, but then it rang again and again and again until the were forced to locate the phone out of mere curiosity, they their greatest surprise, ANSWER! Showed on the screen of the phone. Zainab gave Henry and inquiring look in which he nodded and then she picked up the call, putting it straight to loud speaker.

“I was starting to wonder you would never pick up,” the caller said.

“Errr… Is this who I think it is?” Zainab asked.

“Yes, I had my reason for not calling your phone this time.”

Zainab sighed, “okay, so where is my brother!” She asked almost immediately.

“Hey! Patience dear. You have to give us the money first then we would give you your brother.”

Henry shook his head vigorously at Zainab, telling her not to agree.

“I don’t agree with that! We have made two drops already, the least you can do is give me my brother then I’ll make the third drop.”

There was a short moment of silence as if the caller was thinking or talking to someone before he replied. “Okay, because you have been so cooperative, this is what we are going to do: take the money and go to the church complex, at the other side of the compound. Go to the middle floor and wait. We would make the switch simultaneously and please don’t bring you boyfriend along if you know what’s good for you.”

“Okay, I’m on my way already.”

“Good, don’t hang up.”

Henry was reluctant to let Zainab go alone but he had no option, the threat was pretty clear.

Zainab went alone to the location, just as the caller – Mr Dayo, had instructed.

She looked around and saw nothing at first, just pure darkness, so she said “I’m here,” into the phone and then suddenly, she saw a dim light radiate at the front of the building.

She walked closer to it without thinking twice and then she saw them; two men dressed casually. One wore a blue Jean and a red Polo, while the other wore a a similar blue jean (only darker) and a long sleeve corporate shirt, they both wore black masks.

Zainab heard a beep from the phone she held, only to look at the screen and see that the call had been disconnected.

“I don’t think we would need that any more since we are both here,” the one with the long sleeve shirt said, he was Mr Dayo.

Zainab found herself going straight to the point. “Where is my brother?” She asked.

“Oh! That, are you always all about business?” Mr Dayo asked. Zainab could see his white set of teeth even in the dim light as he grinned widely.

“I’ve got your money here, now where is my brother.” Zainab replied coldly.

“Very well then.” Mr Dayo replied. He snapped his finger and out of the shadow, Taofeek appeared.

Mr K placed a gun at his back and said “no smart moves mister.”

“Now can I get the money?” Mr Dayo said.

“You let my brother go first and I’ll hand over the money.”

Mr Dayo stared at Mr K inquiring and just as if the had a quick but silent conversation with just their eyes, Mr K lowered the gun from Taofeek’s back and pushed him forward.

Taofeek limped forward towards Zainab who let the bag of money slip from her hand and embraced Taofeek tightly. Taofeek placed his arms around her and tightened the hug.

“I was so scared.” Zainab said.

“You don’t have to be,” Taofeek replied. “I’m here now and in perfect condition.” A sudden flow of pain hit the leg that was stabbed and he grunted. “Well, almost in perfect condition,” he added with a grin. Zainab chuckled.

“Awwww… So touching.” Mr Dayo said sarcastically. “I hate to interrupt with this family reunion but time is a highly priced factor in this transaction.”

Zainab didn’t need to be told what Mr Dayo was talking about. She disengaged from Taofeek’s hug and picked up the bag. She walked forward and dropped it at their front the turned to leave. She let Taofeek place his left arm around her shoulder to aid his walking.

They were almost at the door when Mr Dayo stopped them. “I’m sorry, but my partner here, seems to doubt how you were able to raise ten million naira in one night without any bank opened.”

Zainab froze in her tracks. Her hearts started beating so fast and loud she feared the kidnappers could hear it. She took a deep breath and turned. “I’ve got friends who have friends that have friends.” Zainab said, trying to keep her voice leveled.

“That’s what I said to him but he insists we at least, count the amount in this bag.” Mr Dayo replied. “So kindly do us a favors and take a sit somewhere around while we quickly count it.”

Zainab knew she was doomed. The one million covered just two layers of the bag’s content. The remaining three layers below were nothing but outdated newspapers.

She sat down slowly, and Taofeek sat down beside her. Her mind was racing. If only Henry hadn’t suggested such a stupid idea, she thought.


It was easy for John to locate Jummy’s house since he had paid a visit a couple of times.

He parked his beat up beatle at the front of the building and called her. She came out few minutes later and joined him in the car.

It felt strange seeing her twice the same night considering how the first time went but he somehow composed himself and tried to sound as casual as he could. “So what’s up?” He asked

Jummy went ahead to tell him everything Zainab had told her and then rounded up with “I can’t just stay at home and do nothing. But I don’t know what other option I have.”

John sighed and for the next minute he was quite and stiff, like he was in a trance or something then he replied. “Firstly, we would be taking your car since its faster and you might not like what my idea is, but here is what we are going to do…”


Henry was worried. Zainab had been gone for ten minutes now and she hadn’t shown up.

He paced endlessly round the church auditorium and the walked down to the complex. He glanced round the building and it was obvious where they were because only one source of light happened to be switched on.

He decided to wait another five minutes before walking in. Five minutes came and went within the snap of a finger and Henry did the sign of the cross and walked into the complex.

He traced the light to the middle floor and when he got there, he first peeped through the window and could get a clear view of what was happening. He spotted two masked men going through the bag at few meters from Zainab and Taofeek who sat on a chair.

Taofeek seemed obviously injured and weak, he looked like he would pass out any moment from now. While Zainab looked straight at the the kidnappers as if she was hoping for bullets to come out of her eyes and shoot them.

There was no way Henry was to enter without the kidnappers noticing him so he had to think of some other way…. Fast.

He finally decided it was time to call the police, so he tip toed out of the building and placed a call to his friend in the police who was a DPO and the friend said they were on their way. So one thing was certain… Back up was coming, but what use would the back up be if they were all dead before it arrived.

There wasn’t much time left and Henry knew this. He had to do something. He climbed back to the middle floor and tried to get Zainab’s attention from the window.

He made funny sounds like a bird and after a few seconds, Zainab turned to look at the mirror.

He mouthed, “can you sneak out without them seeing you?”

Zainab looked at the kidnappers and was sure she could since they were too engrossed in the counting of the money, but by the time she looked down at Taofeek, he was at the verge of passing out. There was no way she could carry him out without making a lot of noise. “No” she mouthed back to Henry then explained why.

Henry knew they only was was a distraction. He mouthed a plan to Zainab and she didn’t agree to it saying it was risky but he went ahead with it anyway.

He left the window and ran past the front door at the speed of lightening. Mr Dayo saw him run past the door and instructed Mr K to go and deal with him. He looked up at Zainab and said, “at least I warned your friend first.” Then he continued counting the money.

Zainab picked up a hymn book that was beside the chair and threw it outside the window.

Mr Dayo was startled. For the first time that night, he brought out his gun and cocked it. If you want something done properly, you got to do it yourself.” With that, he warned Zainab to stay where she was and he went after the supposed Henry.

As soon as she was sure she was alone, Zainab tapped Taofeek until she got his attention and helped him up and they both headed downstairs: out of the complex.

As soon as she got out, she started heading for the car and suddenly, she heard footsteps running towards her from behind.

“And where do you think you are going to?” Mr K, who was supposed to be chasing Henry asked.

Zainab paused and stood still.

“You see, unlike my partner, I don’t give a fuck about you and I suggested we kill you both but he kept on talking trash. Now, who is going to save you?”

Mr K cocked the gun and Zainab knew it was game over for her and her brother. Two ‘BANGS!!!’ From the gun and they would both be history. Without turning to face Mr K, she braced herself for the inevitable.

And then it happened; BANG!!!

The trigger was pulled.


Henry hadn’t been in the church complex before but he navigated round it with ease.

It was a four story building with two big halls and several offices on each floor. The halls were obviously for special occasions such as weddings while the offices were for workers in the church, although most of the offices were empty. Each hall had four doors; one at each wing.

Henry was a sharp minded fellow, so it was easy for him to understand the structure of the building.

He had no weapon and at this point, he was sure only one person was chasing him. As he ran to the third floor he picked up a plank that seemed to be the broken leg of one of the chairs in the building and he stood behind a pillar, waiting for the person chasing him to come closer so he could hit him with the stick… Or at least, that was the plan.

Mr Dayo, who was now on Henry trail saw him when he slipped behind the pillar and smiled at how stupid Henry was to think he wouldn’t be seen.

He tip toed closer and then jumped right at the front of Henry with the gun placed directly at his front. He was about to wave the plank as planned but Mr Dayo warned him “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” He said.

Henry dropped the plank and rose his hands as a signed of surrender.

“Wise choice young man, but you are to late.” Mr Dayo was about to squeeze the trigger when he heard a BANG!!! Somewhere in the church premises and he was startled.

In one quick movement, Henry hit Mr Dayo on his wrist so hard he almost let the gun slip, then without a second to spare, he use his other hand to snap the gun out of Mr Dayo’s hand and just like in an action movie, the table were turned and the odds now favored Henry as he was now pointing the gun at Mr Dayo.

“Don’t shoot… Please… Don’t shoot, I have-” Mr Dayo babbled but Henry didn’t even have plans of shooting him in the first place, he spinned the gun on hit Mr Dayo’s head with the butt of the gun. He passed out immediately.

Henry was certain Mr Dayo won’t be a problem anymore for the night.

He left the body there and ran towards where he heard the gunshot, hoping the worst hadn’t happened.


Zainab had once read in a book that the bullet of a gun is so fast that you would be dead even before you hear the BANG!!! Sound that follows.

She heard the bang sound and which only meant one thing, she was still alive but she couldn’t say the same about Taofeek. Her eyes were closed tightly and for some reasons, she couldn’t open them.

She patiently waited for the second bang which came almost immediately but she heard a male voice grunt and heard someone fall down, but she didn’t as much feel a scratch.

Two bangs heard and she was still alive? She opened her eyes immediately only to turn and see everyone… Or almost everyone was around.

In a split second, Zainab tried to absorb all that was going on around her. Jummy stood at a distance with her mouth wide opened in shock. Henry was on motion, running towards the mini crowd. John was directed at he front and his eyes were focused on Jummy. Samuel was holding a gun in his right hand and smoke emitted from the mouth which could only mean it was just shot and finally, Mr K was still standing where he was earlier with his gun smoking too and a hole in his head.

She heard two bangs, and can see two smoking guns and just one gun hole in Mr K head, where did the second bullet go? She wondered.

As just as an answer to her question, John slopped right in front of her.

Jummy screamed and ran towards John. She knelt down beside him crying furiously.

“John please stay with me… Somebody help!!” Jummy yelled, using her statements to punctuate her tears.

John whole cloth was soaked with blood already and seemed to be loosing more blood than his body could handle.

“Jummy…” He tried to say as he coughed out blood.

“Shhhhh!!! Don’t say anything.” Jummy replied.

“Jummy!” He said a little louder. It was obviously he was struggling to talk.


“I Love you.” He finally said.

“I love you too.” Jummy replied.

A light smile formed on John’s face and he closed his eyes shut… Only a drop of tear escaped.

Jummy went hysteric. She wailed so loud the occupants of houses two streets away woke up from their sleep.

Zainab finally understood all that had happened. Probably Jummy called John who then called his only friend with military knowledge – Samuel.

Just as Mr K pulled the trigger, John had selflessly jumped in to take the bullet for Zainab and in response, Samuel had shot Mr K.

Zainab was speechless.


Taofeek who now had a little energy placed his arms on Jummy shoulder and lifted her up. He gave her a warm hug.

Henry and Samuel ran towards John’s body. Samuel ripped out John’s shirt and saw the bullet had pierced the right chest- very close to the shoulder. He placed his ears on John’s chest and with a beam of joy he looked straight at Henry and said “he is still alive.”

Just then, the sharp sound of the police siren could be heard and in a few minutes, John was placed in one of the police trucks and driven to the nearest hospital with two police escorts and Jummy beside him.

Henry told his DPO friend the where about of Mr Dayo and then told him the whole story.

He then walked to a slab near by and sat down, reflecting on the events of the day.

Zainab spotted Henry and to sit beside him.

For several minutes, they both said nothing until Henry broke the silence. “I guess this is the best date I’ve ever been to.”

Zainab giggled. “Do you always joke about everything?” She asked the question the second time that night.

Henry looked straight in her eyes and said “no.” Then he leaned forward and kissed her lightly. “That wasn’t a joke,” he said.

Zainab smiled. “That was errr…” She searched for words, “serious.” She finally said.

“So do you want me to stop joking around?” He asked.

Zainab just grinned in response.


PS: *A big thank you to all my loyal readers since day one. I appreciate all your comments and patience during the though times during the writing of this story.

*My next series titled “CELL 6 – Origin” would officially start around the second or third week of january but I may post the prologue earlier than that to get you guys first impression about it. The story falls majorly under three genres: action, comedy and thriller (this would be my first thriller story). I’ll pass further information about it later.

*The “School life” ebook I promise you guys is long over due, maybe I’ll finally get the time to compile and publish it.

*Check back on January 1st for a short story.

*Once again, thanks for reading and I wish you all a Happy new year in advance.


#B•I•T•C•H: different plans – Episode 41

So I’m proud to announce that, this amazing series has almost come to an end and guess what. The Finale of B•I•T•C•H comes up on saturday evening at exactly 10PM.
It promises to be intriguing, fairly unpredictable and worth the wait. Anticipate.




There are times in life where we feel all hope is lost. A time where everything goes wrong and our best friends seem to suddenly be our worse enemies. Its times like that we know who we truly are and we know our full capability.


John had lost it all. He had quited working for his father and the business he was trying to set up wasn’t growing as quick as he wanted, but all of that wasn’t really his main problem. His main problem was Jummy. He had lost her all because of his foolishness, he hadn’t always been bisexual and it took loosing Jummy to know that he can be straight… If there was one thing he was sure of now, it would be he sincerely loved Jummy with all his heart.

As he stared down from the roof of the GNP building, he realized committing suicide isn’t as easy as people portray it. His brain was fighting a war with his broken heart. While his heart told him to jump and he would feel no other pain again, his brain told him to go home and think about how to win Jummy back.

At a point, he climbed the pavement and just a step forward would have sealed the deal but his brain finally won the war. He stepped down from the pavement and decided to go home. He believed he still had a chance with Jummy if he was alive, but if he killed himself, then nothing can happen.

As he sat down on the chair, he realized he was crying and that was a very strange thing for him, considering he hadn’t cried in ages.

Suddenly, he heard a voice. The voice seemed to flow with the wind and he wasn’t sure until a heavy wind blew once again and asked him the simply question of faith.


John was so astonished to reply so he just nodded. And the next thing he knew, his heart was filled with joy. He didn’t know why, but he was smiling and all he could say was “thank you”.

At that spot, on the roof of GNP, John gave his life to Jesus.

He was truly saved.


Jummy was worried. After the dinner with John, she had gone straight home, showered and laid on her bed in an attempt to sleep, but Mr Sleep didn’t seem to be her friend so she kept on tossing and turning round the bed, thinking about no other person than John.

With a clear head, she saw things differently. She started thinking maybe she was too harsh on him. She couldn’t deny the fact that she loved him so much it hurt.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her ringing phone.

She glanced at the wall clock and silently cursed the person who was calling at such ungodly hour before picking up the phone and saw it was Zainab. She knew Zainab would never call at such a time without having a good reason.

She pressed the green button.

After the call, she only became more worried after hearing what Zainab had to say.

Toafeek had been kidnapped, the kidnapper requested for ten million naira, Zainab had less than half of that and she wanted to trick them with it and finally she wasn’t supposed to call the police.

Can tonight get any worse? She thought.

She knew she wasn’t meant to call the police but she had to help somehow, she need advice and only one person came into her mind.

She took a deep breath and dialed a number.


Henry drove like a thief being chased by the entire New York Police Department (NYPD). He knew he didn’t have much time to get to their next destination but he also knew that the kidnappers didn’t care about that so he drove like his life depended on it.

Although Zainab complained about his speed out loud and requested he reduced it before they ended up spending the rest of their night in a hospital or at worse a morgue, she silently prayed that he even increased the speed and silently thanked her stars that he was involved in the matter, she didn’t know how she would have kept herself together if she had done this all alone.

Eight minutes later, they drove past the Mile 2/ festac intersection and at exactly Nine minutes later, they were at Mile 2 – Oke as instructed.

Henry looked at Zainab and saw a kind of expression he had never seen on her before. Usually, he could read her facial expressions, but this time, she was blank. He knew playing the cracking-a-joke card at this time would be a bad idea, he decided to play a different card.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “your brother would be rescued, trust me.”

Zainab didn’t even act like she heard him. He continued. “When next they call, request to see your brother so that you would know he is still alive.”

A minute later her phone rang.

“Hello,” she said.

“Are you there yet?”


“Take one bag this time and get out of your car. Look around and you would see two buses parked besides each other, one red, one yellow. Drop the money beside in the red one and go back to your car.”

Zainab remember Henry’s words. “I want to speak to my brother now, I want to know that he is still alive and safe.”

Mr Dayo sighed. “Okay, I’ll do better than that. I’ll show him to you life and direct.”

Zainab ears opened wider as he said that.

“When you drop the money in the red bus, go to the back of the yellow bus and don’t try fast move.”

Zainab dropped the money in the red bus as she was told and walked to the back of the red bus. Through the glass, she saw her brother.

He was tied to a chair with his mouth taped together. Zainab walked closer and wanted to open the door when she saw a gun appear beside Taofeek’s head, she couldn’t see the face of the person because of the darkness.

She reluctantly went back to her car.

She had barely sat down when her phone rang.

“Now that that’s settled. Drive back to Oke-Afa now, locate St Pauls Anglican Church and wait for my call. You have twenty five minutes to get there and locate it.” Mr Dayo paused as if thinking of something then he added. “So far you have been pretty obedient and I like that, just do as I say, and you would see your brother. And don’t think I don’t know you brought a friend along even after I told you not to. I’m not angry yet… Don’t give me a reason to be.” Mr Dayo hung up.

Henry started the car and drove off, heading to Oke-Afa, the call had been on loud speaker and he heard everything.

As they drove, Zainab received a text message from Jummy: WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Zainab replied: ON OUR WAY TO THE LAST DROP (St Pauls Anglican Church, Oke-Afa). Please I know you want to help but don’t do anything silly.

Jummy had other plans of her own.


#B•I•T•C•H: this just got interesting – Episode 40



“Have they called?” Henry asked Zainab as she returned with the three million naira, he looked rather cool and relaxed compared to Zainab who looked like someone whose brother had just been kidnapped… Well, her brother had just been kidnapped.

Her mind was somewhere else and Henry had to ask the second time before she shook her head in response.

“Good! That gives us more time to get ready.” Henry replied.

“Get ready? They requested for ten million but we have just three million. They obviously don’t want the police to be involved and surprisingly, you don’t want the police to be involved too… I’m beginning to wonder whose side you are on.”

“Firstly, I didn’t say I don’t want the police to be involved. I said, I don’t you to call the police YET, we would involve them in the right time.” He replied and started walking out of the room. “Now, while I go get the bags, can make yourself useful and divided the money with you into three equal parts?”

Zainab really wanted to reply, but non of the responses that popped into her head made sense. She just closed her opened mouth and started doing as she was told.


“Are you enjoying the meal?” John asked.

Jummy had her mouth full so she had to quickly chew and swallow before she replied.

“Enjoy? That’s a modest word to express how good this food tastes. How did you know that I loved Pounded yam and Egusi with STRICTLY goat meat?”

Henry smiled, “when you date someone long enough and love her truly, everything she says is important and you don’t forget it even if you want to.”

Jummy couldn’t help but blush, but the thoughts of how much John had hurt her crossed her mind once more. She just couldn’t accept him because of a fancy dinner and the few changes he had made, after all what’s worse than walking home and catching your husband screwing his best friend who happens to be MALE.

“It would have been much better if it was a female.” She suddenly said out loud without even knowing.

“What did you say?” John asked looking confused, he heard her clearly but didn’t quite get what she meant at the time and was wondering what that had to do with the meal.

“Nothing.” Jummy replied and started rinsing her hand. “I’ve lost my appetite,” she added as she did so.

John was more confused now, what have I done wrong? He thought

“Jummy…” He called out her name.

“John… Please don’t even start. You know one funny thing, even after what you did to me…”

“Jummy…” He cut in.

She continued like he hadn’t said anything. “I still love you, and I hate it that I love you. But wiether or love you or not doesn’t matter anymore…”

“Jummy…” He cut in once again.

“I’m glad you have changed because that would make things easier for the next lady you meet. We can be friends but you and I can never be together again.” She picked up the napkin and wiped her mouth then stood up to leave.

“Are you done?” John asked.

“I’m going.” She replied as she fought back the tears that were in the mood to let loose.

“I know I’m a jerk and a huge idiot who doesn’t deserve you especially after what I did to you, and I also know no amount of ‘sorry’ can relief you of the pain I caused you. But there is a small problem, I just don’t want to be just your friend.” Henry paused, stood up and walked to the front of Jummy, he held her hands. “Jumoke, you are the one I see anytime I sleep, the one I can’t survive a minute without thinking about, the makes life worth living… I mean I think about you and its like nothing else matters, you bring me joy… Jummy…” He looked her straight in the eyes, “you complete me.”

Jummy was speechless. No one had ever said such beautiful things to her and she really wanted to kiss him on that spot and forget everything, but the ugly memories of what he had done crossed her mind once more.

“John, I wish it was that easy. I’ve forgiven you but like I said earlier, you and I can’t work. I’m going home, don’t bother about taking me home, I’ll find my way home.”

With that, Jummy stormed out, tears rolling freely down her cheek as she did so.

John sat on the floor confused. He finally realized something; he really meant everything he said to Jummy and he hated himself for hurting her.

He stood up and walked over to the roof’s slab and looked down. Without having Jummy, life didn’t seem worth living anymore to him.


A few minutes later, Henry reappeared with three identical bags but instead of them to be empty, they all seemed to be half filled with something.

He walked closer to Zainab and dropped the bag at her front grinning.

Zainab looked up at him and saw he was grinning. “What’s making you grin?” She asked.

“Never mind, just put one million into each bag and make sure the money covers the newspapers under totally.”

“Newspapers? What are you talking about?” Zainab inquired.

“You are a smart lady, you can’t possibly tell me you don’t get the idea of what we are going to do yet.” Henry said with a sigh.

“Wait… Wait… Wait!!! We are talking ’bout my brother here. We aren’t going to try and trick the kidnappers, they might get angry and I’m sure I don’t want them to throw their anger on my brother. When they call…”

Speaking about the devil, Zainab was interrupted as her phone suddenly started ringing.

She looked at the screen and saw the number was hidden just like the first time the kidnappers had called. She knew it was them. She picked the call and put it on loud speaker.

“Hello.” She said.

“Have you gotten the money ready?” Mr Dayo asked.

Zainab had to make a decision quickly. She could either say yes and hope Henry’s plan worked out as planned or say no and let her brother stay in the arms of people who could really ‘hurt’ him. She was still weighing her options when she suddenly heard a scream in the background which sounded a lot like Taofeek’s voice.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“Oh! So you are still there? I thought you had died while answering the phone so I decided to motivate you… NOW IS MY MONEY READY OR NOT!!!”

Without thinking Zainab replied “yes! Its ready.”

“Good, now we are talking. Here’s what you are going to do, get into you car now and drive to Cele express. Look around and you would see two bridges, a motor bridge and a pedestrian bridge. Carry the three bags and walk to the pedestrian bridge. I’ll call you in twenty minutes time so that means you have twenty minutes to get there.”

“Okay.” Zainab said with her voice shaking.

“I don’t think its necessary to tell you to come alone right?”

“Yes.” Zainab replied and a beep followed as the call was disconnected.

Without saying a word to Zainab, Henry unzipped one of the bags and started loading it with the money… Zainab paused for a minute, staring at him in silence.

“You have twenty minutes and you are admiring me?”

Zainab didn’t bother replying as she snapped back to reality. She unzipped another bag and started filling it up.


For someone who was in the hands of kidnappers who just opened a tool box filled with weird looking things that could really hurt someone, Taofeek looked pretty relaxed.

“Do you know what this is?” The other man who had walked in with Mr Dayo asked Henry as he held a tool that looked exactly like a screw driver.

“A screw driver?” Taofeek replied as if asking for some sort of confirmation.

The man pressed a button on the screw-driver and the tip of the screw-driver splited only to reveal two sharp looking pin-like objects that replaced the tip of the screw-driver.

“No my friend, this isn’t a really a screw-driver. Its more like an injection with two pins. The problem I have with it is that it doesn’t cause much pain.”

Taofeek opened his mouth in shock, why would he want it to cause more pain? He wondered.

“What do you plan on doing with that?” He asked.

“Just to motivate your sister.” Mr Dayo cut in and the dialed Zainab’s number.

Everybody was quite for a few minutes and then Mr Dayo spoke “have you gotten my money ready?”

Taofeek listened carefully and tried to understand the conversation. The next thing he knew, the weird looking screw-driver was stabbed into his laps and he let out and ear deafening scream.

The only tangible things he got out of Mr Dayo’s conversation was one: he definitely was somewhere about a place called Cele Express and Zainab had the money prepared.

He was going to be free at last! He thought to himself and smile formed on his face.

He forgot things don’t also go as planned.


In no time, the bags were filled and the newspapers were properly covered with the money.

“Let’s go, I’ll drive.” Henry said to Zainab.

“Didn’t you hear the part where I’m meant to deliver the money alone?”

“And you would deliver the money alone, but I’m driving you there, besides, I’m a better and faster driver.”

Zainab wasn’t in the mood to argue. She tried to pick up the the three bags and take them to the car, but they were too heavy. Henry folded his arms and watched her struggle with the bags in amusement. When he had had enough fun, he walked over and snatched the bags from and her hands, easily lifting then from the floor.

“And later, you females would say ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’, when you can just carry a few newspapers.” Henry said as he walked away.

Zainab smiled.

By the time they got to the car and were on the road, Zainab picked up her phone and dialed a number.

Henry saw that she held the phone to her ears and became curious, “who are you calling?”

“Someone. You don’t expect us to go without the police knowing and not even a friend in case thing go wrong?”

“Nothing would go wrong.”

“Well, I’m not taking any chances,” she replied and before Henry could reply, the recipient picked up.

“Do you know what time it is?” Jummy asked from the other end of the line.

“Shut up and listen, this is serious.” Zainab replied then when she got Jummy’s attention, she went ahead to tell her the whole story and made Jummy promise not to call the police… Jummy promised then Zainab hung up.

“Now, someone knows where we were last seen.” Zainab said to Henry.

They got to the bridge as instructed and Zainab walked out of the car alone, dragging the three bags along, she stood at the pedestrian bridge just as instructed.

Her phone went life at exactly twenty minutes.

“Are you there?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. Now, do as I say. Drop one of the bags beside the middle pillar of the pedestrian bridge the take the remaining two back to the car and drive to Mile 2 – Oke, you have ten minutes to do that.” The call went dead.

Jummy did exactly as told and went back to the car.

“Why did you drop one bag there and what would happen to the remaining bags?” Henry asked looking confused.

“That was the instruction, now drive to Mile 2 – Oke.”

“Wow!!! This just got quite interesting.” Henry said as he started the car.


#B•I•T•C•H: things get worse? – Episode 39



It was all Henry’s idea. Zainab didn’t like it at first and she even suggested the called the police but after convincing her, she had a rethink and decided to play along.

The time was about 9PM when Mr. Dayo called again. Zainab didn’t even let it ring for more than a second before she grabbed the phone, picked the call and put it on loud speaker for both Henry and her to hear.

“Hello,” she said.

“I’m going to be very blunt and straight to the point.” Mr Dayo replied almost immediately.

“I’m listening.”

“Good. If you ever want to see your brother again, you’ll have to pay ten million naira in CASH because I don’t think bank transactions would be safe for this kind of operation.”

To his greatest surprise, all Zainab replied was, “when, where and how do you want me to send the money?”

“Ah! I like you already. Straight to the point just like me.” Mr Dayo complemented. “Anyway, divide it into three equal parts and put it in three different different bags, I’ll call you later on tonight for further details. If you play your cards well, you’ll have your brother in your arms by ten AM maximum tomorrow morning… You have my word.” With that, Mr Dayo hung up before Zainab could reply, not like she had anything to reply though.

Henry looked at Zainab and asked, “how much do you readily have?”

“About three million, although I’m supposed to pay in two million of that sum into TOP account tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, that’s good enough. You are a rich woman oh! If I had know that, maybe I would have planned an exclusively expensive dinner instead of trying to cook out of my ‘Henry’s super cook book’.” He ended his statement with a wide grin.

For a second, Zainab smiled but the smile faded almost as quick as it came. “Do you joke every time? Asin, why don’t you take anything serious?” She asked.

“See… A wise man once said: if life shows you pepper, take it and make pepper soup. What I’m trying to say in essence is, life shouldn’t be taken too serious, that way, nothing would be able to surprise you.”

Zainab sighed in response, her brother was in the arms of kidnappers who might be get vicious and attempt to do drastic things but here Henry was, blabbing something about pepper and pepper soup.

Henry saw her reaction to his little speech and then finally spoke up, “okay, go and bring the three million you have, don’t worry about the bags, I’ll handle that.”

“What happens after that?”

“We wait.”


John still had it in him, or so it seemed. Jummy had always known him to be a very romantic person and so far so good, he had proved her right.

Few minutes ago, John had parked his beat-up beatle at the front of the ten story GNP building, then lead the way into the building through the back.

The security guards who all had suspicious smiles on their faces just waved as they passed by.

“What are we doing here?” Jummy asked.

“Just follow my lead and trust me.” John replied.

“You realize this GNP… Asin where I work right?”

“Yup… That why I even brought you here.”

“But you know that…”

“That you need to shut up and just follow my lead.” John cut in.

Jummy kept quiet until the got to the back of the building and watched John climb the fire escape.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Climbing a tree,” he replied sarcastically.

“Well, I’m not climbing that tree with you.”

“Why do you complain so much?” John asked.

“Say what ever you like, I.AM.NOT.CLIMBING.THIS.THING.WITH.YOU. Full stop!!!” Jummy yelled… Few minutes later, she was climbing it, John had his ways.

When they got to the top, Jummy started complaining about how much her legs ached before she rose her head and saw what was at her front.

A table clothed with a red table cloth and two chairs placed at both sides rested comfortably on the carpet which had the words: I LOVE YOU, written all over it. Rose flowers were littered all around the table and a candle was lit and placed at the middle of the table. Jummy was blown away.

“Shall we?” John asked seeing Jummy’s reaction

“Yes… We most definitely shall.” She replied and offered her hand for John to lead the way.

The table was still empty and for a moment, Jummy wondered if they were meant to eat the candle and table cloth but just as she smiled at the naughty thought, two people appeared from nowhere with one holding a huge tray with Jummy’s favorite delicacy and the other holding a bottle of red wine and two cups… Viola! Dinner was served.

“Perfect.” Jummy murmured inaudibly.


Taofeek heard foot steps just right outside the door and could also hear two people speak but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.

He tried to survey his environment but it was a pointless idea. He had seen all he needed to see: a chair, a light bulb, a bucket.

By this time, he was fully aware of his situation. He had been kidnapped by an IT company, or fake IT company as it now seemed and they had made contact with his sister, what he didn’t know was how much was requested as ransom and what was going to happen to him next.

Suddenly, the door sprung open and two people walked in. He recognized one as Mr Dayo but the other was new to him.

Without saying any word, the other person walked up to Taofeek and after looking at him for a while then turned back to Mr Dayo and asked, “is this him?”

“Yes… It’s him.”

“Oh! I see… And you are sure he is the one?”

“Very sure.”

“Okay then, let’s get this over with. Hold him down.”

Mr Dayo walked over and held Taofeek while the other person picked up a suitcase Taofeek hadn’t noticed was there before, he placed it on the table and opened it.

Taofeek couldn’t see the contents, but the look on the man’s eye, told Taofeek nothing favorable could come out from it.


#B•I•T•C•H: Romance gone wrong – Episode 38



True to his words, John appeared at the front of Jummy’s house by Nine PM. He did the sign of the cross and murmured a silent prayer before pressing the door bell. He waited for a few seconds and when he got no response, he pressed the bell once again… The door swung open just as he was about to press it the third time.

Jummy stood before John, looking the hottest she had ever been… Or well, that’s what John thought. She had on a custom made black Louis Vuiton dress that looked like it had been sown on her body because it fitted her perfectly. And just to complement her blue Gucci shoe, she held a small Prada purse of the same color as the shoe. In the purse was a few N1000 notes which she didn’t plan on spending unless the date goes totally wrong, in other words, it was her “Vex-Money”, meaning the money she would use to settle her bills and go home if John somehow got her vexed. Typical Jummy.

John stared at Jummy totally spell bound for over a whole minute, it took Jummy’s “are we going to stand here all day” statement to snap him back to reality.

“No… No… Pardon my manners. I was just…” John cleared his throat thinking of the right word to describe what just happened to him. “I was just wondering how I’ll protect myself tonight.” He concluded.

Jummy looked confused. “Protect yourself?”

“Yea, with your current dazzling looks, I’m sure people would stare at you all night long and get jealous and I don’t want that because the next thing they would plan is how to get rid of me so the can take over.” John kept quiet afterwards and turned on his best smile hoping Jummy would get his point. She did.

“Well the first step is getting me into your car quickly, so the neighbors won’t see me.” Jummy replied grinning.

“Oh! That’s true.” John replied and led the way to beat-up FORMERLY red Beetle or Tortoise Car as commonly called. The car had terrible scratches and needed a thorough body work, it looked like something that had just been picked from the dumpster. John opened a door and ushered Jummy inside.

“What is this?” Jummy asked. Not really sure if she should be annoyed or confused.

“What?” John asked, trying to look sincerely confused.

“Where is your car?”

“This is it na,” John replied, grinning widely and pointing at the car at his front.

“No! Asin where is your car, because if this is a joke, it ain’t funny anymore.” Jummy was clearly irritated at this point.

“Why don’t you enter first and I’ll tell you the whole story on our way to the restaurant.”

Jummy contemplated on his suggestion and even though she hated the whole idea, she decided to just give him the benefit of doubt. She entered the horrible looking car.

John quickly went over to the drivers seat and they were on the road within seconds, Jummy was surprised the car could even start.

“So what’s your story?” Jummy asked coldly.

John sighed. “Well, its a long story and it might sound stupid to you but the first thing you should know is, I’m sort of broke at the moment.”

Jummy laughed uncontrollably, with John’s family wealth and chain of companies, it was literally impossible for him to be broke. “What do you mean?”

“After our little situation. I kind of decided to make some changes in my life to prove to you that I’m a changed man.”

“I’m listening,” Jummy said.

“For starters, it was difficult but as I’ve stated before: I chased Samuel out of my place, then I moved out of the place too because I could afford to maintain it anymore.” John suddenly hit the brakes to avoid a reckless “Keke Marowa” (a tricyle) driver who obviously didn’t horn before trying to overtake the Beatle.

Normally, in such situation, Jummy would have cursed the living hell out of the driver but she was in a different world of hers, trying to understand what John was talking about. “What do you mean?” She asked, to urge him to continue his story.

“Well, I read on one gossip blog about how Zainab’s brother, Toafeek, left his palace at Canada to come and hustle in Nigeria all in the name of independence, and I was touched.”

Jummy sighed. She had no fucking idea how the blogs got to know about that even though only her and Zainab were meant to know. It was shocking and she made a mental note not to downgrade the quality of Nigerian Blog news anymore.

“Touched?” She finally asked.

“Yes. I mean, it was very stupid and unrealistic of the guy to do that and a fully breed Nigerian would never do such but I guess Toafeek isn’t really a Nigerian considering he had spent his whole life abroad so I guess that explains that.”

“You haven’t told me how or why you are broke yet.” Jummy said.

“Well I did something similar to him. I felt that all my life, I’ve been under my dads umbrella and I too, just like Taofeek want to be independent.”

Jummy opened her mouth in shock. “So you just dropped everything and …”

“Drop everything? No oh! I’m not as dumb as Taofeek. I took enough money to start a new business or so I thought. I wanted to invest in what I know how to do best which is Clothing and Textile so I literally stole a ridiculous amount from the family’s account and invested it in the company but I guess I undermined the cost of starting a company on my own. So I had to take loans and sell my car to balance the costs, that’s why I’m riding this thing now.”

Jummy was speechless. She was wondering what’s wrong with all these men who were going solo and leaving the family business without proper consultations. Is that the new trend? She wondered.

“Why didn’t you just go back to the family’s account and take more money?” She asked.

“My dad was mad at me so to make sure I don’t do what you just suggested, he made a few calls to the bank and I’m sure you know what that means.”

Jummy looked at John and somehow, she could see his sincerity and determination to impress her, although she didn’t quite get how he expected being broke to look impressive.

“I don’t care if you are broke or not. You are still going to pay for this dinner!” Jummy said and they both bursted out in laughter.


SPLASH!!! Was all Taofeek needed to wake up. He could feel something liquid on his face and entire body as a whole.

With his eyes closed, he started pondering what the hell was going on around him but he seemed to have forgotten everything, even his name so he had to focus on himself and started murmuring words to himself.

What’s my name? Tayo? No, Picnic? No, Trojan? Hell no! Jim Iyke? No! He smiled. It starts with a T, he thought and then it suddenly popped into his head. Toafeek!

Okay, good, so where the hell am I? He asked himself once again but before he could think about it… SPLASH!!! And bucket of water was poured on his face.

He instinvely attempted to open his eyes and it took a while for his sight to get accustomed to the dark room which only source of light was a 60 watts yellow bulb which seemed to be powered by a low current power source.

With a failed attempt at trying to see who was pouring water at him, he decided to at least look at his environment, sadly, there wasn’t much to see. All that was in the room was the chair he sat on, the bulb and a fan that made a loud squeaking sound and was spinning at an annoyingly slow speed… He wondered why they even bothered to switch on the fan.

“Hello Taofeek.” He heard a voice say and for a moment, he thought it was just his imagination.

“How are you doing?” The voice said again, this time, Toafeek was sure it wasn’t his imagination.

“Where am I? Who are you?” Toafeek asked, he intended to yell, but didn’t have enough energy to do so.

“Straight to the point hun? I like that. Anyway, I’m Mr Dayo, like I stated a few hours ago and I can’t tell you exactly where you are because that would spoil the fun.”

“What am I doing here?”

“I thought you were smart? You have been kidnapped but don’t to worry, I’ll make sure you aren’t harmed… Well, that’s if you cooperate with us. And firstly, you have to tell me your phone password so we can make contact with your celebrity sister so she can send the ransom and we can let you go.”

Suddenly, Taofeek recalled everything, starting from when he was seeking a job to him walking into a suppose Ginger Net and the a Mr Dayo placing a handkerchief on his nose… That was all he could remember. The last words of Mr Dayo rang in his head “welcome to hell” so he tried to stand up from the chair, it was only then he realized he was tied down to the chair. He struggled and struggled but the rope seemed to be getting tighter.

It was clear he had no other option. “The password is 3210.”


The day ended pretty well for Zainab. She and Henry had spent almost the whole day together at work and she had enjoyed his company, he had a good sense of humor so she ended up laughing till tears rolled down her cheeks.

As she stepped into her car, Henry had reminded her of their date later on that night and she tried asking him for the details but he had refused to tell her, saying it was a surprise and she should dress simple.

She sighed and drove home in anticipation of what Henry had planned.

She got home by 6PM which only meant she had less than two hours to prepare for the date. She walked into the bathroom and took a long thirty minutes shower, making sure she scrubbed every sweat pore properly, then she went to the kitchen and fixed herself a cereal, she didn’t take anything heavy just in case Henry’s surprise plan involved eating dinner.

She was for the date ready within the next hour and by 8:00PM sharp she was already with her purse and waiting for the bell to ring, signifying Henry’s arrival.

By 8:05PM the door bell went life and Zainab ran to the door and unlocked the door.

“You are late!” She said.

“Yea, I was at your door post by 7:50PM, I didn’t want to seem to desperate so I decided to wait a few minutes before I pressed the bell.” Henry winked.

Zainab couldn’t help but smile, the date was just starting and Henry was already cracking jokes. She had a good feeling about the date.

“Well, now that you’ve told me your intentions, you look pretty desperate. So I guess you plan didn’t work.” Zainab replied grinning.

“You make it sound like you aren’t in my shoes too.”

“How?” Zainab asked.

“Look at you! I didn’t have to even press the bell twice before you opened the door. It was as if you were standing at the door waiting for me to arrive.”

Zainab cheeks went red in embarrassment. “May we proceed?” She said to change the topic.

“No!” Henry replied abruptly.


“You are over dressed for where I’m taking you to. I told you to dress simple and by simple, I meant just a jean and a top not a fancy Made-In-Tokyo dinner dress.” Henry replied looking serious.

“You know you are a pain in the butt right?” Zainab said as she walked back into the house and let Henry through.

“Yes, I know I am. Now, can you do me a favour and go and change into a simple jean and top?”

Zainab didn’t bother replying. She just did as told, obviously pissed… Normally she would have cancelled the date on that spot, but there was just something about Henry she couldn’t resist and then she was really curious about what he had planned for the night.

Few minutes later, Zainab materialized before Henry wearing a jean and top. “Shall we?” She asked.

“How do you do It?” Henry asked.

“Do what?”

“I told you to wear a jean and top thinking you would look less fabulous but here you are, looking more fabulous than ever. Can you do me a small favour?” He asked.

Zainab was now over blushing, her cheeks were fiery red and she could literally feel her head swelling… Like literally.

“What favour?” She asked, hoping Henry didn’t notice her blushing.

“Can you change back into the gown?”

Zainab couldn’t hold it anymore, she bursted into an uncontrollable laughter and Henry joined her.

“Just kidding,” he said. “Now can we start going?”

“Sure… Of course.” She replied puntuating her laughter with the response.

They both left the house and entered Henry’s car. He switched on the car and did something very strange. He drove for a few seconds and pressed the horn at the front of his home gate. The security guard came out almost immediately and opened the gate for him to drive in.

Zainab couldn’t help but stare in confusion. “Are we changing cars or what?” She asked.

“Nope… I have just one car na. What gave you that impression?”

“Errr… Shouldn’t we be heading to wherever you are taking me to and not parking your car in you compound?”

“This is ‘wherever I’m taking you to. Just follow my lead.” He said.

Zainab wanted to protest but didn’t. This date just got quite interesting she thought.

The both walked into the house and Henry took her to the kitchen. She sat on a chair staring at him as he filled a pot with water and placed it on the fire.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m boiling the pot.” He said sarcastically.

“No, seriously? Shouldn’t we be on our date by now?”

“This is the date,” Henry said. “I’m going to cook for you now then we would go to the dining table and eat.” Henry replied grinning.

“This is what you had planned!” Zainab exclaimed.


“Can you even cook?” Zainab asked.

“I’m not entirely sure but I plan on finding out now…”

“What do you want to cook?”

“Promise me you won’t laugh and I’ll tell you.” Henry replied with a wink.

“I promise.”

“Well, I’m cooking Indomie Noodles and Egg.”

For the second time that night, Zainab bursted out into an uncontrollable laughter. “And you filled the pot with water? Do you plan on cooking one carton?” She asked between laughters.

Henry scratched his head in response. “I thought that…”

“Get away from there let me teach you how to cook Indomie.” Zainab cut in as she stood up and walked towards the gas cooker.

She emptied half of the water from the pot into the sink and place it back on the fire. “Where is the Indomie?”

“Wait… Wait… Wait oh! I plan on cooking for you and I plan on doing that, you can tell me how to cook it but you ain’t cooking it. So tell me what to do next.” Henry said with a false serious face, trying his best not to smile.

“You know you are a clown right?” Zainab replied.

Before Henry could think of a reply, Zainab phone went life as it rang.

She went to purse and brought out her phone.

“Hello?” She asked and listened to caller.

Henry watched as the smile on her face faded.

Immediately as she dropped the phone she slumped to the floor.

“What happened?” He asked.

“My brother… My brother… My brother…” Was all she kept on repeating as if in shock.


PS: *lies on floor apologising* I’m so so sorry for my long absence, its a long story… A very long story. Had phone issues + laptop issues + time issues etc. But I think I’m cool now. I don’t plan on letting this story see 2014 so it would definitely end this year and the only way I can do that update as frequent as I can.
I purposely made this update longer so as to make up for my long absence. Once again I’m sorry.
On a brighter note, Xmas is in two days time, so MERRY XMAS IN ADVANCE. I’ll be expecting my goodies from you guys oh 🙂 ;).

#B•I•T•C•H: Oh! poor Taofeek – Episode 37

Hey guys, how have you all been? Haven’t updated in a while, no thanks to school. I also made slight adjustments to the blog design, kindly tell me what you all think about it and finally, enjoy today’s episode of B•I•T•C•H as things go sour for Taofeek.



They say change is the only thing in life that’s really constant… How true is that? Do people really change?

* * * * *

Jummy was shocked. Even though she had been putting up the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and acting like she didn’t care about John, the feelings she had for him hadn’t faded.

John at the other end of the line smile at how Jummy reacted when he said he had chased Samuel out of his house… Truth be told, he really did.

“I said I’ve chased Samuel out of my house, he was a bad influence to me and it took nearly loosing you to realize that. Jummy I can’t really tell you how much I’m sorry, but please you’ve got to let me show you.” John said and waited for a response but got non.

Jummy kept quiet.

“How about dinner? Say tonight?” John suggested.

In Jummy’s head, she was thinking hard. Has he truly changed? Should I forgive him? What would Zainab say? Should I risk this? Were the questions she asked herself in quick successions without even attempting to answer anyone.

“Okay.” She finally blurted without even thinking.

“Great! I’ll pick you up from your place by nine.” John said and before Jummy could reply or rethink her reply, he hung up.

* * * * *

Taofeek wasn’t smiling anymore. The Ginger net agent he called had told him to wait just for a few minutes for a car to come and pick him, but he had already waited for nothing less than fourty-five minutes and no sign of the car yet.

If this is the way they truly operate, I don’t think I’ll want to work here anymore, he said to himself as he started trying to wave down the cab that was already coming so that he would go home.

The supposed cab stop alright but something different happened. The driver wore a blue pant trouser and white packet shirt, he certainly didn’t look like a regular taxi driver.

“Mr Taofeek?” The driver asked as Taofeek bent over to tell him where he was heading to.

“Urmm… Yea, how did you know that?” Taofeek asked, totally forgetting about Ginger net.

“I’m the driver sent from Ginger net to take you to our main office.” The driver said. “Sorry for being late, there was a little police road block when I was coming, I’m sure they would have gone by now though, so don’t worry about the traffic anymore.”

Taofeek ‘hmmmed and haaaed’ as the driver explained. “Okay, it alright. I understand.” He finally replied.

“Okay, please get into the car.” The driver said with a smile Taofeek found so warm and inviting. “I’m Bruce by the way.” He said as Taofeek opened the door for the right back seat, or ‘owner’s seat’ as commonly called.

“Nice meeting you Bruce.” Taofeek replied.

A few small talks and twenty minutes, was all it took for them to arrive at their destination.

Bruce parked the car just across the street and waited for Taofeek to step out of the car to come and join him at the other side of the road.

Before coming out of the car, Taofeek scanned the building with his eyes.

It was an unpainted one story building with a ‘tipper’ of sand at the front which signified the building was still under construction even though he could see a couple of light bulbs through some windows. The only sign that made him know he was in the right place were the two hand bill which were pasted on the gate. Both hand bills were identical and written in red Romans-new font was – WELCOME TO GINGER NET.

Taofeek felt something was wrong but before he could actually think much about it, Bruce saw his facial impression and explained.

“We are a new company and haven’t really even started operations. We don’t want to waste much time that’s why we are already employing even though we are yet to finish our building, but as you can see, very little work is left.”

The explanation made sense to Taofeek, “okay, very well, may we proceed?” He asked and followed suit as Bruce lead the way into the building.

* * * * *

Boniface wasn’t surprised when instead of replying him on his offer to take her to dinner, Zainab had sent him a ‘cwyl’ reply.

Women! He sighed. Why aren’t they never straight forward?

He dropped his phone and went down to business. He was making a research for a new case he had in his palm. After Zainab’s case which spread round the media like wild fire, his clients multiplied by two and more technical cases started coming in.

The particular case he was handling at the moment wasn’t so technical as it involved just land ownership so he assumed it was the best time to get in touch with the one lady he just couldn’t get why she was in his head – Zainab.

He leaped for joy as he saw the light led on his phone blink a light blue light, just as he had set his BBM messages.

He minimized the screen on his computer and grabbed his phone with high hopes.

“Sorry, but I’ve got other plans for tomorrow night.” Was the reply he saw from Zainab on BBM.

He wanted to push it and ask more questions, but he thought it would be better to let this time go and take it slow, after all he had all the time in the world, or so he thought.

“Okay, cool. So what are you doing now?” He asked, trying to change the topic.

“Nothing much. Just staring at the actors wearing funny looking costumes as the act a movie.”

“Sounds interesting. You are a director at TOP right?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“I know a lot of things… I have my ways.”

Zainab sighed, Boniface hadn’t changed much after all just like she had thought. He was still cocky and so full of himself.

“Okay oh. How about you? What are you doing?” Zainab asked.

“Nothing interesting. Just googling some people to have a basic background knowledge of them.” He replied.

Zainab was about to type a reply when Henry walked up to her. “Are you going to be pinging all day?” He wasn’t smiling.

“What na? You wanted me to come here even though you had everything under control and I obliged.” Zainab complained.

“I wanted you to come here and see what we were doing so I can get your professional opinion on the movie. This is my first movie and I don’t want to mess it up.” Henry replied.

“Oh! I see. You should have just said that na. I thought you just liked see my cute face.” Zainab said with a wink and the dropped her phone, she looked up at Henry, “are you sure you want my PROFESSIONAL advice on this movie?”

“Of course!” Henry replied.

“Okay then. For starters, why is the crown of the supposed king and ruler of the world so ugly?” Zainab asked mischievously.

Henry turned to look at the crown which was still on the head of the actor and back at Zainab. “Hmmm… You have a good point.” He said. “But if that is just for ‘starters’ I’m not sure if I’ll want to hear the other PROFESSIONAL advice.” He said, emphasizing on professional.

* * * * *

The inside of the building was quiet impressive in contrast to the unpainted exterior. It was tiled all through, but it was painted white as if it was an hospital and not a regular IT company.

Bruce took Taofeek to where looked like an hospital reception with the long rows of chairs at the front of a counter and he then instructed Taofeek to take a seat while he went to call his boss.

Taofeek sat and in the few minutes he was alone, he looked around and the building looked indeed more like an hospital. He could sense something was wrong but he another part of him suggested maybe the building was formally intended to be a hospital but bought by Ginger Net or maybe it was just the work of a horrible architect.

Few minutes later. A man in jeans and polo materialized before Taofeek. He looked a few years older that Taofeek and his smile was warmer and more welcoming than Bruce’s.

He stretched his hand forward to Taofeek. “Hello… Good afternoon.” He said.

“Good afternoon.” Taofeek replied as he waited for an introduction. He had been here for quite some time and all he had seen was Bruce, a new face was welcomed.

“I’m Mr. Dapo or may just call my Mr Ginger if you wish.” His smile grew wider as he felt what he just said was smart.

“Hmmm… Nice to meet you sir.” Taofeek replied.

“Okay, enough of the talk, let’s head down to my office and get this over with.” Mr. Dapo said, and lead the way.

They walked into a long corridor with nothing less than four doors at both sides and finally stopped at the third door by the left. Mr. Dapo opened the door and walked in.

The office was nothing spectacular. A table, three chairs and a desktop computer.

“Have your seat please.” Mr. Dapo said and Taofeek gracefully sat down after saying thank you.

“Just so you know, I’m the owner of this company and I want it to succeed so I interview all staffs myself so as to be sure what I want is what I get. And I like to know all I can about my staffs so kindly answer all my questions truthfully. Understood?”

Taofeek nodded in response.

“So what’s your full name?”

“Dauda Taofeek.”

“Where are you based?”

“I just moved into the country, but I currently stay with my sister at festac.”

“Where were you based?”


Mr. Dapo shrugged at smiled at the mention of Canada but he quickly straightened his face before Taofeek noticed.

“Why did you move back to Nigeria?”

“I’m truly Nigerian and thought it was best to come back here and help in the growth of my country rather than another’s man country.”

“What did you work as in the Canada?”

“I was the manager of the IT branch of D**** company.”

Mr. Dayo rose an eyebrow. His brain just gave him a thought. “Wait a minute,” he said doing a horrible job at disguising the surprise in his tone. “I’ve heard about the D**** company and its owned by a Mr. Dauda. And you told me your surname is Dauda too, is it just a coincidence?”

Taofeek was getting uncomfortable with this line of questioning. What has all this got to do with him working in Ginger Net? He wondered.

“No… Mr. Dauda is my father actually.” He replied.

Mr. Dayo nearly jumped out of his seat as he had just won a lottery. He had gotten more than enough information and was convinced the Taofeek was the right man for the job… The problem is, it wasn’t the kind of job Taofeek was expecting.

Mr. Dayo stood up from his seat and went over to the back of Taofeek. He brought out his handkerchief from his breast pocket and without any warning, he placed it on Taofeek’s nose and held on tight to him.

The handkerchief was drugged and in no time Taofeek became drowsy and stopped struggling. Before he passed out, he caught a glimpse of Mr. Dayo still smiling face and he heard three words.

Welcome to hell.


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