How To Propose To A Lady The Proper Way.




Hey there! You are welcome to the first episode of “Relationship Talks” and you can call me Ruby.

Basically, what happens in this section of this blog is simple. I bring up a new topic each week and give you guys tips concerning it, in response, you guys can drop comments, questions or what ever you like by using the reply button, you can send in your comments anytime during the week and I’ll reply ASAP.

So enough talking, let’s get down to the episode of today,

“How To Propose To A Girl The Normal Way”.

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Some days back, I was reading posts on my Facebook wall and an update caught my attention. It was a question by friend and he asked;
“Dear friends, how do I propose to my lady?”

He got a lot of replies, the good the bad and the ugly, but the one that caught my attention and made me laughed out my ass was something that had to do with taking the girl on a helicopter ride which she wouldn’t refuse and when you are on the air and the mood is all good, you give her an ultimatum I.e ask her to marry you or leave the helicopter, of course, she wouldn’t say no to you but gladly agree.
In the real sense, if you force a girl to marry you, you would also have to force her to stay happy in the marriage. Nuptial rites are sacred and should be taken into great consideration before performing the rites.
Obviously, ladies have a very twisted idea of marriage with the fuzzy happily ever after picture glaring brightly in their heads but it isn’t always like that.
Well, sorry for straying to far away from the main topic.
To propose to a girl, you have to follow some steps;

• Be sure you love the girl in question to the extent that you see yourself preferring to hang out with her more often than with your guys.

• Make sure she feels the same way.

• Then popping the question.

Guys proposing, is a usually huge deal to the ladies. Each lady fantasize about this event for a long time before it even takes place. A lot of it has knights in shiny armors, kneeling down on one knell with huge rocks of diamonds attached to the ring, the type of diamond you might need sun shades to look at so that you don’t go blind.
Well, that is all fairy tales and B.S because more often than not, it never happens that way.

And that’s where the guys come in.

You don’t have to have so much money to make it happen, just make it romantic and the timing should be perfect, lock it in when she least expects and when she is less likely to say “NO” (we wouldn’t want that, do we?) *giggle*.

Let me give you a scenario;
Tom and Jane have been dating for a while and they were obviously so much in love. Jane had always had a mental idea of how she who have loved Tom to propose to her but she couldn’t really say anything because it would be too cliche so she let him do it his way. Tom knew her likes and dislikes having dated her for a while, so he used that to his advantage.

He invited her to a simple outdoor picnic which involved a fancy mat, a chilled bottle of sparkling wine and few pastries, he had initially asked the bakery to put the ring in a pastry, and as Jane ate, she bit something hard and there it was – the ring and he popped the question.
He had prepared a short poem which he recited to her and Jane nearly cried because of his romantic gesture, she definitely said “Yes”

FINAL BULLET – So what am trying to say basically, is you don’t have to spend a lot of money, if the girl ain’t feeling you that much, she would say no. Just make it right and romantic to add a little spark to the event because she would be remembering the event for a long time. You would be shocked by the stuffs and detail ladies store in their head. So I say “good luck” to the brothers with the right chicks in their hands, please don’t wait too long before you pop the question to the soon to be mother of your kids.

Okay, so that’s all I have for you in today’s episode of “Relationship Talks”, remember you can drop your comments and questions by using the reply button.

NEXT WEEK TOPIC – “How A Woman Can Tell A man Is In Love With Her And Thinking Of Marrying her” … Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “How To Propose To A Lady The Proper Way.

  1. walewunmi

    Sure was a nice write up,u are xo very much on point though,aint ready 2propose 2any gal rite naw bt dis is sure a gud lesson 4 future…salutation ruby *winks* 😉

    1. The writer, Ruby, has been away and dead busy… She’s got a new job now and its highly demanding. I’ve contacted her and after much threatenings(lol) and begging she promised to write something btw now and tomorrow..

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